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					        DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY               *CASCOM&FL Pam 25-32
        AND FORT LEE
        FORT LEE, VIRGINIA 23801-6000
        1 July 2001

                            Information Management: Publishing and Printing

         Summary. This pamphlet provides a        (ATZM-IML). Send comments and
        current list of Fort Lee administrative   suggested improvement on DA Form
        publications.                             2028 (Recommended Changes to
                                                  Publications and Blank Forms) through
        Applicability. This pamphlet applies to   channels to Commander, Directorate of
        the Active Army, the Army National        Information Management, ATTN:
        Guard, and the U.S. Army Reserve.         ATZM-IML, Fort Lee, Virginia 23801.
        Specifically, it applies to proponents of
        numbered publications assigned/attached   Availability. This publication is
        to Fort Lee.                              available on the FT LEE Homepage at
        Suggested improvements. The
        proponent of this pamphlet is the
        Director of Information Management

        Chapter 1
Introduction…………………………………………………………..Page 2

        Chapter 2

Numercial List of Current

CASCOM&FL Memorandum………………………………………Page 2
CASCOM&FL Pamphlets…………………………………………..Page 2
CASCOM&FL Regulations…………………………………………Page 3
CASCOM&FL Supplements………………………………………..Page 4

*This pamphlet supersedes CASCOM&FL Pam 25-32, 31 October 2000.

                                                                                            CASCOM&FL Pam 25-32

Chapter 1

1. Purpose. The purpose of this pamphlet is to provide a current listing of Fort Lee numbered

2. Reference. Related publication. AR 25-30 (The Army Integrated Publishing and Printing Program).

3. Responsibilities. The Information Services Assistance Branch, DOIM, will maintain an index of all publications
for which Fort Lee activities are the proponent. Activity action officers will conduct a periodic review (at least every
18 months) of all command publications for which they have preparation responsibility to determine if information is
still current.

4. Distribution and Resupply.

   a. Fort Lee numbered publications are distributed by the distribution formulas contained in CASCOM&FL Memo
25-30 (Distribution List). Proponents must ensure when preparing publications that distribution is accurate and that
interested parties receive copies.

   b. Proponents must maintain adequate stocks of publications for which they have preparation responsibility.

Chapter 2
Numerical List of Current Publications

2-1. CASCOM&FL Memorandums.

  Number                                  Title                                 Proponent                    Date
MEMO 1-5          Flexitime                                                   CPAC                                     3/15/92
MEMO 1-6          Temporary Duty, Local, & PCS                                DRM                                      2/25/92
MEMO 220-90       Utilization and Supervision of 392d Band                    DOPS                                     3/13/90
MEMO 25-30        Distribution List                                           DOIM                                     2/10/97
MEMO 25-50        Staff and Correspondence Procedure                          DOIM                                      6/1/93

2-2. CASCOM&FL Pamphlets.

  Number                                   Title                                Proponent                    Date
PAM 11-1          Quartermaster Hall of Fame                                  OQMG                                   11/25/85
PAM 11-2          Quartermaster Hall of Fame                                  OQMG                                   11/25/85
PAM 145-1         Quartermaster Corps                                         OQMG                                    2/13/92
PAM 25-30         Index of Ft Lee Forms and Form Letters                      DOIM                                     2/1/01
PAM 25-31         Ft Lee Command and Admin Pubs                               DOIM                                     4/1/93
PAM 25-32         Index of Ft Lee Numbered Pubs                               DOIM                                   10/31/00
PAM 360-1         Public Affairs Program                                      PAO                                      4/1/92
PAM 600-3         Annual Trng Instructional Pamphlet                          DOPS                                     2/1/99
PAM 690-1         Guidelines for Hiring Interviews                            CPAC                                    6/16/80

CASCOM&FL Pam 25-32

2-3. CASCOM&FL Regulations.

     Number                               Title                         Proponent   Date
REG 1-33             Memorial Programs                                DMWR                   3/1/00
REG 1-4              Official/Unofficial Visitors to QMCEN            OQMG                  8/31/76
REG 10-1-E           Mission, Org & Functions                         DRM                    6/1/01
REG 15-1             Equal Employment Opportunity Committee           EEO                   1/31/85
REG 190-1            Instl Juvenile Offenders                         DOPS                   4/1/03
REG 190-2            Physical Security of POW, Ammunition, Explosives DOPS                   9/5/95
REG 190-3            Juvenile Curfew                                  DOPS                  7/01/03
REG 190-4            Noise Abatement                                  DOPS                 11/30/93
REG 190-5            Ft Lee Traffic Code                              DOPS                   4/1/99
REG 200-3            Hunting Activities                               DOPS                   4/9/99
REG 210-11           Schedule of Calls                                DOPS                  3/13/00
REG 210-14           Post Support                                     DOPS                  6/25/97
REG 210-21           Riots and Demonstrations                         SJA                   1/15/82
REG 25-1             Info Mgt Support Control                         DOIM                  11/1/94
REG 28-2             Ft Lee Sports Program                            DMWR                   4/1/93
REG 350-2            Ammunition Management                            DOPS                   9/5/86
REG 350-5            Training Areas                                   DOPS                  4/15/87
REG 351-1            Indiv Military Educ and Trng                     DOPS                   1/6/87
REG 385-2            Nonionizing Radiation                            DOPS                   6/1/90
REG 385-3            Ionizing Radiation                               DOPS                   6/1/90
REG 40-1             Occupational Health                              KAH                   8/19/85
REG 405-1            Utilization of Facilities                        DEH                   2/28/88
REG 420-1            Facilities Engineering Work Requests             DEH                   7/16/87
REG 420-3            Fire Prevention and Protection                   DEH                   4/15/94
REG 420-4            Energy Conservation Program                      DEH                   9/30/88
REG 420-7            Operation of Swimming Pools                      DEH                   5/15/87
REG 420-8            Erection/Utilization of Signs and Signposts      DEH                   8/15/87
REG 600-17           Reviews and Ceremonies                           DOPS                  1/20/81
REG 600-27           Improper Relationships W/IET Soldiers            SJA                   5/18/98
REG 600-6            Off Limits Areas & Establish                     DOPS                   6/3/77
REG 608-1            Home Alone                                       DMWR                   5/4/01
REG 670-1            Wear of Uniforms, Insignia and Civilian Attire   AG                     1/2/98
REG 690-1-1          Merit Promotion and Internal Placement           CPAC                   5/1/80
REG 690-3            Basic Pay-Fixing Regs                            CPAC                  9/26/84
REG 690-5            Flexitime Policies                               CPAC                  9/30/91
REG 690-6            Alternative Workplace Arrangement (Flexiplace)   CPAC                   4/1/95
REG 690-7            Administrative Grievance System                  CPAC                  10/1/97
REG 700-2            Ammunition Supply Procedures                     DOL                   8/30/86
REG 700-3            U.S. Govt National Credit Card                   DOC                  10/28/85
REG 700-6            Storage/Inspection/Use and Maint of NBC Def      DOPS                  3/12/86
REG 715-1            Supply
                     Procurement Instructions                         DOC                   2/15/89
REG 750-3            Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment            DOL                   3/16/93
REG 750-4            Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Lifting  DOL                  11/21/87

                                                                                      CASCOM&FL Pam 25-32

2-4. CASCOM&FL Supplements.

     Number                                      Title                             Proponent                     Date
SUPP 1 to AR 190-5      Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision                        DOPS                                   11/10/81
SUPP 1 to AR 220-45     Duty Rosters                                             AG                                       4/1/96
SUPP 1 to AR 340-9      Office Symbols                                           DOIM                                     2/1/01
SUPP 1 to AR 350-1      Army Training                                            DOPS                                    5/30/94
SUPP 1 to AR 40-905     Veterinary Health Services                               KAH                                    11/25/87
SUPP 1 to AR 405-90     Disposal of Real Estate                                  DPW                                     11/5/86
SUPP 1 to AR 420-22     Preventive Maintenance and Self-Help Programs            DPW                                     4/20/79
SUPP 1 to AR 420-81     Custodial Services                                       DPW                                     8/15/86
SUPP 1 to AR 530-1      Operations Security (OPSEC)                              DOPS                                    7/28/80
SUPP 1 to AR 670-1      Installations                                            AG                                       7/1/93
SUPP 1 to AR 870-20     Historical Proponents and Museums                        OQMG                                     7/1/93
SUPP 2 to AR 210-7      Commercial Solicitation on Army Installations            SJA                                      7/1/95
SUPPL 1 to AR 210-1     Private Organizations on Dep of the Army                 DMWR                                    8/15/81
SUPPL 1 TO AR 350-      InInstallations and Training Area
                        Ft Lee Range                                             DOPS                                     8/7/00

        The proponent of this pamphlet is the Directorate of Information Management. Users are invited to send
        comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and
        Blank Forms) directly to Commander, USACASCOM&FL, ATTN: ATZM-IML, Fort Lee, Virginia


OFFICIAL:                                                   PETER B. MACK
                                                            COL, QM
                                                            Garrison Commander
Director, Information Management