Laptop Troubleshooting for English department laptops

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					Room 001, 106, and 201 Department Laptop Troubleshooting


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This video will show you how to solve English department laptop problems while in
rooms 001, 106, and 201. Also, see our instructions on how to setup your laptop and
desktop computers in these three rooms.

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Note that with ANY laptop, it may be necessary to press the FN-F8 keys to output the
image to the LCD. The laptops on the carts should automatically recognize they are
connected to the LCD; however, if they do not, the steps above are necessary to get the
laptop to recognize that it is connected to an LCD. Also, note that the clone feature
outputs the video image to both the LCD and the laptop screen.

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   1. If no image appears, press the FN and F8 keys at the same time, wait 10 seconds.
      If no image appears, press these keys one to two more times and wait a bit to see
      if the image appears from the LCD.
   2. If no image has appeared, shut down the laptop, then shut down the LCD and wait
      for it to cool down, two to three minutes. When the red light on the LCD has
      disappeared, start the LCD again. Then check/re-snug all cables. Then go
      through steps four through seven again. If no image, continue to step three below.
   3. If no image appears, go to the laptop’s Start button, then Settings, then Control
      Panel and select the Display icon.
   4. Then select the Settings tab, choose the Advanced button.
   5. Select the nView tab, and choose Detect Displays.
   6. Check the Clone radio button.
   7. Then go to “Device Settings” button, “Primary Display” should be checked. Then
      choose “Select Output Device.” “Digital Display” should be checked. See
      Picture below for correct settings:
   8. Shut down all systems when done. It is critical that both the LCD and laptop are
      turned off properly. The LCD, when on, costs $10-20.00 per hour and the laptop
      can be damaged if it is on and moving. If you need help shutting down, contact
      the English computer tech.

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