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					Tips to Help You
1.   If you don’t think you are exercising the right muscle, put
     one or two fingers in the vagina and try the exercises to
     check. You should feel a gentle squeeze if you are
     exercising the pelvic floor muscle.
                                                                                Pelvic Floor Muscle
2.   Get into the habit of doing your exercises

                                                                               Exercise Programme

                                                                   For further information and advice please contact:
                                                                   Women’s Health Physiotherapy Team
                                                                   Urodynamics Department
       Created by: Women’s Health                                  Airedale General Hospital
       Approved by: Helena Tudhope                                 Steeton
       Date: 29/05/07 Version: 1 Review: 29/05/08                  Keighley
                                                                   BD20 6TD
                                                                   Tel 01535 293657
Do you have a problem with:                                          How to Perform the Exercises
•    Loss of urine control (incontinence)? This may occur when
     laughing, sneezing, running, jumping, doing aerobics,           Squeeze and Hold
•    getting up from a chair or not getting to the toilet in time.   This exercise will build up your deep endurance muscles.
•    Keeping a tampon in place?                                      •    Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet slightly
•    Vaginal or rectal wind?                                              apart.
•    Prolapse in the vagina?                                         •    Imagine you are trying to stop yourself from passing wind or
                                                                          trying to stop the flow of urine.
Pelvic floor muscle exercises can help you to improve your           •    The feeling is one of squeeze and lift, closing and drawing
bladder control.                                                          up the front and back passages.
                                                                     •    Hold the squeeze for 10 seconds
                                                                     •    Gently let go allowing your pelvic floor muscle to relax
                                                                     •    Progress the exercise by performing it sitting or standing up.
                                                                     X Daily
Pelvic floor muscles are a large sheet of muscles between the
pubic bone and tail bone which support the bladder, bowel            Signature
vagina, uterus and bowel. If these muscles are weak they can
sag like a hammock. The muscles do not provide enough                Fast Contractions
support for your internal organs if they are weak.                   This exercise will build up your superficial fast muscles.
                                                                     •    Quickly tighten and pull up your pelvic floor muscles.
The pelvic floor muscles can be divided into two groups:             •    Relax immediately. Do not try to hold the contraction.
•    Slow muscles which provide continual support. These             •    Repeat quickly 10 times.
     muscles require endurance and stamina.                          •    Progress the exercise by repeating more times.
•    Fast muscles which supplement the action of the                 Date
     urethral sphincter when coughing or sneezing. The urethral
     sphincter stops the flow of urine. These muscles need to be     Repeat
     strong and fast.                                                Signature
                                                                     It may take 3 to 6 months of regular exercise to get results but
                                                                     persevere with the exercises as it will be worth it in the end.

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