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					Junk Email Filtering- Outlook 2002

Unfortunately spam has become an everyday nuisance for many email users, however
there are some steps that you can take to minimise how much you get. It is
recommended that you are very careful where your email address is published on the
internet, many organisations will sell your email address on. If you do find you get
spam, then either delete it or filter it out, but never reply to it or use their unsubscribe
option, this merely indicates to them that your address "live".

You have two choices on what to do with spam email, one is to delete them or you
can set up a junk mail filter. Please be aware that this may go some way to reducing
the problem, but if the senders change their address then you will have to take the
same steps with the new sender. See below for instructions:

Open Outlook

Click on Tools and then Organise

This will bring up the box below:

Click on Junk E-mail

Select from the drop down boxes so that the top line says: Automatically move Junk
messages to Deleted Items

Click the Turn on button.

The rule for dealing with junk mail has now been set up. Now all you will have to do in the
future is add the relevant senders to the list of unwanted senders. Do this by:

Right click the relevant message in your inbox and select Junk email and Add to Junk
Senders List.

If you ever want to delete an address from the list of unwanted senders, click on Tools and
then Organise.

Click on Junk E-mail tab and then click on click here link to bring up Options.

Click Edit Junk Senders and you will then be able to delete items from the list.

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