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					Beaufort (Marine Hornet):
    Living situation:
     a. Very small town feel; will really connect with military ―family‖ as support
         and look to those people for things to do. Half of the town is military, so you
         are bound to run into someone you know (park, gym, school)
     b. Habersham: quaint, but pricey neighborhood with pool, playgroup, etc. (15-20
         minute commute)
     c. Battery Point (aka Pilot’s Point): great prices for an established neighborhood;
         particularly nice during deployments because of tight knit group—get
         togethers, kids play, girls’ night (20 minute commute)
     d. Royal Pines: nice, modest homes; some can be pricey, but good finds,
         pool/golf memberships (30 minute commute)
     e. Cat Island: very nice homes, pricey; also has pool/golf membership (20-25
         minute commute)
     a. Beaufort Elementary (Blue Ribbon certified) is located downtown; Coosaw
         Point Elementary is also another good school located on Lady’s Island
     b. St. Helena’s Episcopal is a very popular preschool and has a MDO program;
         very military friendly offering 40% discount on tuition
     c. Sea Island Presbyterian and E.C. Montessori are also really good preschool
     d. Hobbit Hill is more of a daycare for working moms
     a. Most with children spend a lot of time at the water front park downtown
     b. Toddle Town is a children’s gym with summer classes and a mommy-and-me
         class for children under two
     c. YMCA is a great gym to join for childcare/playground and a way to meet
         civilian/military people
     d. Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club offers military discount—has pool, sailing,
         tennis courts, camps, etc.
     e. Close proximity to Charleston and Savannah, GA; even Atlanta is not too
         far—all are great for food, partying, historic areas
     f. Hunting Island Beach—tour the lighthouse, nature trails, restored beach
     a. Officer’s Club is the epicenter of the pilots’ social scene
     b. Some wives found it helpful to join the OSC, whereas others did not
     c. There is a Naval Hospital but very limited on services; will be seen out in
         town for most things

Cherry Point (Marine Harrier and Prowler):
    Living Situation:
     a. Havelock (Cherry Point): really close to base; 5-10 minute commute; a couple
         of grocery stores and Wal-Mart; some good restaurants
     b. Downside to Havelock-Cherry Point, you are surrounding by military
     c. New Bern: 20-25 minute commute to base; nice homes to choose from in the
         area; good restaurants and places to shop
              Close to regional airport which flies to Atlanta and Charlotte
              Can rent airplane from Tradewind Aviation
              Also a hospital (however, saturated with nurses presently)
     d. Downside to New Bern: Long drive to Camp Lejeune for FAC tour; housing
         prices very inflated
     e. Between New Bern and Havelock (base location): houses range from
         $1000/month to $1400/month depending on what you are looking for; most
         house are nice size with good back yard
     f. Morehead City: 25-35 minute commute to base; new construction everywhere;
         good housing options; very close to the beach
     g. Downside to Morehead City: seasonal—a lot of things shut down in the winter;
         not much to do except parks/water; no many job options for spouses
    Activities: A lot of travels around Cherry Point:
     a. Ocracoke Island
     b. Greenville, NC- Eastern Carolina University, malls, restaurants
     c. Close to Raleigh
     d. A lot of get-togethers with house parties and dinner parties makes up the
     e. A small mall with JC Penny’s and Belk, and a Target
     f. There is a train to DC for only $90
Japan (all platforms):
     a. Be prepared to stay in the Navy Lodge
     b. If you want to live on base, wait is about two months waiting on housing to
         open up
     c. If you want to live out in town, stay at the lodge is a little shorter
    Living situation:
     a. With kids: most lived on base due to ease of having familiar amenities
     b. Married without kids: a bit more adventurous and lived out in town; got you
         closer to the Japanese culture, but had to get used to houses
     c. Single: most lived on base for two reasons 1)amount of time away 2)always
         had someone down the hall to go out of town with
     a. MWR travel office allows you to sign up for daily trips to the hot spots
     b. Besides standard trips, you have a better opportunity to visit
         spouse/significant other in ports during cruises: Australia, Hong Kong, Guam,
         and South Korea
     a. Becomes very close due to guys/gals long absence from home
     b. Often will get together to ride trains for shopping or eating out
     c. Some even take trips to South Korea for its cheap shopping
    Child care:
     a. There is a CDC; however, some experiences were not pleasant—still try it out
     b. In-home providers are very popular and are certified with the American Red
    Job opportunities:
     a. These is a base school if you are a teacher
     b. You can teach in home or at the cultural centers—and the pay is AWESOME
     c. Very easy to get into—emails about it all the time
     a. Squadron will designate a ―sponsor‖
     b. You should be in contact with this person before you leave the States
     c. Will be there to answer questions i.e. how much furniture to pack and what to
     d. They should be there to help transition go smoothly—including but not
         limited too:
              Arrange for pick-up
              Navy Lodge room booked
              A day’s worth of groceries in room
              Various courses booked i.e. introduction to Japanese life/culture,
                 driving class and test
    A word to the wise:
     a. It all seems overwhelming and to tell you the truth, it was. You have to
         remember to stay strong when your loved one is away from home and to keep
         yourself busy! The one piece of advice I can give is to get out there and
         experience the Japanese life. Don’t get stuck just doing things on base. You
         will regret it later. More importantly, you are not alone. You have a great
         group of people who are going through the same experiences and those bonds
         will last forever.
     b. Have a blast!

Lemoore (FRS/RAG, Hornet, and Super Hornet):
    Living Situation:
     a. A volatile housing market has made it tricky to purchase a home at this time.
         You are probably best to rent. Prices are still high, due to the fact that people
         purchased at the height of the market.
     b. There are four places people have been known to live: Lemoore, Hanford,
         Fresno and sometimes Visalia.
     c. Lemoore has a decent rental market, but the schools are not that great. The
         commute is easiest on your spouse. It takes roughly 15 minutes to get to the
         base, about a seven mile drive. With that said, the schools are not desirable.
         If you can manage to get your children enrolled into either two of the
         elementary schools on base, this is your best option. The base has excellent
         housing. You are supplied with an attached garage. Most homes are two
         stories. There are parks for the kids to play and when there is a squadron
     function at the O-Club, you can simply walk home. The O-club provides pool
     side drink/food service during the summer months, which makes it child and
     adult friendly.
 d. Hanford has a better housing situation than Lemoore. There is a decent rental
     market. Be cautious when buying. As mentioned before, some people have
     bought when the market was very high. Their homes have depreciated in
     value. If possible, it is best to get your children into the Pioneer School
     District, which has the best reputation. The commute is 20 to 25 minutes and
     roughly 15 to 20 miles from the base.
 e. Fresno is not necessarily practical. However, some people have/do live there.
     The commute is a little under an hour and roughly 45 miles (to the North part
     of town). The Clovis school District is the best, but this adds even more
     mileage and time to your commute.
 f. Visalia is about a 40 minute commute, but not recommended. The road to and
     from Lemoore is two lane and during the winter Tule Fog is bad! There are
     MANY accidents on the road. Please visit this link to understand the severity
     of the driving conditions during the winter months in the Central Valley (you
     will be living in the San Jaoquin valley):
 a. Be happy you are stationed in CA. The activities are limitless - and if you
     don’t mind traveling a couple of hours by car during the weekends you will
     never go bored!
 b. Camping and park recreation. Yosemite National Park and Seqouia/Kings
     Canyon National Park have excellent camping. You can hike, bike and fish.
     Beware of the bears (no joke). There are food lockers, so you can properly
     store your food to detour the furry visitors. The air is clean, the scenery is
     beautiful and you are guaranteed to have a great time. Another great place to
     go is Shaver Lake. For those that seek adventure, you can summit Mt.
 c. Wine tasting in Paso Robles. Only about an hour and forty-five minutes away
     is an array of wineries and they cater to the military. Known to be a favorite
     activity among those who have lived in Lemoore. Be sure to stop by Tobin
     James, he is somewhat of a legend in those parts and LOVES the Navy pilots!
     You are likely to see your squadron picture hanging on the wall while there
     for a tasting (and enjoy the 20% discount).
 d. San Francisco. Drive three hours and you are able to enjoy the Golden Gate
     Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, Alcatraz and Lombard Street. Ride the cable cars
     and enjoy a great dinner by the water. This will become one of your favorite
     weekend getaways. Stay at the Marine Memorial. Excellent location and great
     price! In the Fall drive to Half Moon Bay to the Lemos Farm to experience the
     BEST pumpkin festival. The kids will LOVE it! Check out the link:
 e. Los Angeles. Drive 3 ½ (four in traffic) and you are able to do all kinds of
     activities. Disneyland, the beach communities, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
     This is a tourists dream!
     f. Monterey. Great place for kids. About a 2 ½ hour drive. The acqurium is
        FANTASTIC for kids. You can stay at the Post Graduate School.
     g. Fresno. Fresno continues to grow and add newer and better shopping and
        restaurants. The mall offers all of your favorite stores. In addition you can eat
        at the Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs. A Southern California treat is In-n-
        Out, be sure to get a double with cheese – animal style!
     h. Hanford. Hanford is a quaint community. There is a fairly new Target and a
        small mall. There is also a Michaels. In addition you can pick up a Jamba
        Juice or a Starbucks coffee. Be sure to stop by Superior Dairy and get an ice
        cream Sunday on a hot Lemoore day!
     i. San Diego. Drive about an hour and ½ south of LA and you can do an array of
        things. Lego Land, The Zoo and Sea World are a great way to spend the
        weekend with the kids. Coronado is a wonderful place to stay. The base has a
        wonderful hotel with a private beach!
     j. Reno/Lake Tahoe. When your spouse is on their month long DET to Fallon,
        make the trip to visit them! On the weekends you can drive to Reno. You can
        shop or check out one of the local casinos. If you are visiting during the winter
        months you can ski Tahoe!!!!
     a. Tricare Prime: If you live in Lemoore or Hanford you will be seen at NAS
        Lemoore. They have a nice new hospital and an Urgent Care that is open
        during the weekends.
     b. If you live in Fresno or Visalia, you will be seen by civilian physicians.

Norfolk (E2 and C2):
    Living situation:
     a. There are several places you can live if stationed in Norfolk—downtown
         Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, even Suffolk
     b. Depending on commute, housing prices, neighborhoods, and schools, there is
         a lot to consider
     c. Most rent during FRS (about a year) and decide where most of their activities
         are located—then buy in that particular area
     d. Commute from Norfolk to NAS Norfolk- 10 minutes; Virginia
         Beach/Chesapeake (great family and suburbia feel)- 30-45 minutes;
         Portsmouth (tunnel delays)- 35-45 minutes; Suffolk (tunnel delays)- 45
         minutes-1 hour
     e. Lakewood, Larchmont, and Talbot Park- nice neighborhoods in Norfolk
     f. Norfolk housing -- a great resource for locating military friendly and military
         owned rentals is through the Automated Housing Referral Network which can
         be found at This is a great site that we used to find a rental and I
         actually have a few friends who own and list their properties on this site. I
         think it works for other areas as well but we specifically used it for the
         Hampton Roads area (Norfolk, VB, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Hampton, and
         Newport News).
     a. Not known for public schools; Larchmont Elementary is good
     b. A lot of good, but pricey, private schools- Norfolk Academy, Norfolk
         Christian, St. Patrick’s Catholic School
     c. Several Mother’s Day Out programs usually affiliated with a church
     a. Norfolk Zoo, Botanical Gardens, McArthur Mall play area, downtown public
         library children’s floor, water park on base, YMCAs all over the city with
         good child care
     b. Several good restaurants in the downtown, water front area
     c. Ghent is also a very artsy, eclectic part of town (great food)
     d. Day trip: Busch Gardens (free admission for military member and up to four
         family members) and Williamsburg (great outlet shopping)
     e. Weekend trip: Washington, DC and Outer Banks, NC
     a. Tricare Prime: will be seen at Portsmouth Naval Hospital
     b. Offers childcare to drop off little ones while you have appointment

Point Mugu (E2):
    Living Situation:
     a. Probably the best base in the Navy
     b. One hour north of LA and one hour south of Santa Barbara
     c. Pt Mugu is located right on the water and the on base housing is very nice
     d. Most single guys live off base in different towns (Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo,
         and Thousand Oaks)
     e. Expect to pay more for a house—most rent, very few buy
     f. BAH, for LT, is around $2100 which will get a 1800-2000 sq. ft. condo near
     a. Point Mugu—the base where most live
     b. Port Hueneme—few live on this base; bigger than Pt. Mugu; has the bigger
         exchange and only commissary
     c. California State Channel Islands University offers housing to military
         members. They have just opened up purchasing (not sure about rentals)
         opportunities for military members. The homes are absolutely beautiful and
         the sale rates are actually controlled so the housing prices are much lower than
         folks would find in Camarillo, Ventura and Oxnard. Our friends bought a
         beautiful home out there for $400,000 which is actually a steal out there.

San Diego (Marine FRS/RAG and Hornet):
    If good public schools are a priority, then live in Poway Unified School District
     a. Drawback: 30-45 minute commute to base
     b. Drawback: Not near San Diego proper or ocean
     c. Perk: You can purchase newer, bigger, nicer houses
     d. Living inland gets HOT
     e. Most activities are centered around suburb you live in
    Living in the city proper (schools in mind)
     a. La Jolla: still good schools, but smaller, older houses that cost a fortune
     b. Coronado: same as La Jolla, expensive and a very long commute to Miramar
     c. Del Mar: great schools, just as expensive as above, and bit of a commute to
        base but not too bad
     d. Besides these three, San Diego schools are crappy; just no way around it
     e. 10 degrees cooler than inland
     a. $2500—which might sound like a lot; however, 3-4 bedroom rentals run
        anywhere from $3000 to $4700
     b. Review base housing below; fills up very quickly
     c. Most people live out in town, not in PPV (Public-Private Venture) housing
    Base housing
     a. Very nice, good location
     b. Bulk of it is off base and scattered throughout the community
     c. Problem is the schools around housing aren’t too good

    Living without kids/single
     a. Pacific Beach: tons of fun and great beach, lots of bars/restaurants, reasonable
     b. Downtown: for those who like to be near fun restaurants, nightclubs, high
     c. Hilcrest, North Park and areas around Balboa Park are great for those who
        don’t care about schools
     d. DON’T live in Mission Beach: seedy and dangerous even though it’s in a
        good geographic location
    Things to do
     a. Knock yourself out—a BLAST!
     b. Lots of guidebooks of things to do with or without kids
    Other things to consider
     a. Not much socializing on weekends with others from the squadron because you
        are so spread out
     b. Some try to clump in the suburbs and they get together some on the weekends
     c. Someone living here should make an effort to make friends with those she
        will see regularly regardless if they are military or not
     a. VMFAT-101 (FRS in San Diego) does not have an OSC; CO’s wife tries to
        do get-togethers once in a blue moon; not tight-knit group
     b. MCAS Miramar does have a wonderful OSC with really neat activities and
        events—if you want to get tapped in to military people, start there

Virginia Beach (FRS/RAG, Hornet, and Super Hornet):
    Living Situation:
     a. Housing is centered around high schools—in regards to what is good/bad
     b. DO NOT live in the Green Run district—although there are some nice houses
         and affordable, resale is terrible and is known for a lot of gang activity
     c. Most popular areas (based on quality high school):
              Princess Anne HS-older part of town with nice housing, but incredibly
                 pricey; centrally located to the strip (downtown VA Beach) and the
                 new Towne Center (considered the new VA Beach); 10-15 minute
                 commute to NAS Oceana
              Cox HS- also older part of town with larger homes and gated
                 communities; pricey; located closer to the beach; 10-15 minute
                 commute to NASO
              First Colonial HS- just like above; 15-20 minute commute to NASO
              Landstown HS- south side of base; most popular neighborhood is Red
                 Mill Commons; 5-10 minute commute to NASO
     d. Prices are incredibly inflated; tons available—just have to do a lot of looking
     e. There is base housing, which is nice and has its obvious perks—close to work,
         gym, parks
     f. Single/without kids—tons of town houses; recommend living near the beach
         (VA Beach, Chick’s Beach) or in Ghent if you don’t mind the commute
     a. Gymboree Learn and Play—a couple of different locations depending on the
         area you live in and a military discount
     b. YMCAs are a good gym to join for pricing and childcare
     c. Kindermusik offers a wonderful program with a military discount
     d. The aquarium has really neat activities and nature walk on top of the daily
     e. Beaches—the strip is very touristy but a lot of fun, particularly at night; if you
         want more of a quiet, family beach experience, go to Dam Neck Annex
         (allows pets in the off-season) or Sandbridge (here you might get a glimpse at
         the wild mustangs); both are very clean
     f. Night Life: VA Beach strip is not the safest (see ―Beaches‖); Towne Center
         with a lot of restaurants and bars, as well as some shopping; Chick’s Beach
         with a lot of smaller, quieter restaurants and bars and very casual atmosphere
     g. Day trip: Busch Gardens (free admission for military member and up to four
         family members) and Williamsburg (great outlet shopping)
     h. Weekend trip: Washington, DC; Outer Banks, NC; Smith Mountain Lake;
         Baltimore, MD
     a. Tricare Prime: most likely will be seen at NAS Oceana
     b. Sometimes its too full so you will go to Dam Neck
     c. Portsmouth Naval for the bigger items

Virginia Beach (FRS/RAG and E2):
    Living Situation:
     a. Due real estate decline, loads of rentals in Virginia Beach
     b. Military by Owner (which has its own website) as well as local real estate
        agencies will have many listings
     c. Norfolk, Virginia Beach, & Chesapeake (aka Hampton Roads); eclectic mix
        of neighborhoods—one neighborhood will be very coveted and safe then two
        streets over can be very run down/shady
     d. Downtown Norfolk— intriguing, walking to distance to nightlife, shops and
        restaurants; however, some streets can pose safety concern
     e. Most popular areas (based on personal needs):
             Chicks Beach- fun beach, lots of bars and local small restaurants,
                higher price range for living (townhouses/condos) due to instant beach
             Town Center- very newly constructed, large chain restaurants and
                specialty shops
             Kempsville- about 15 min from Oceana and about 20 to Norfolk,
                family-oriented part of town, lots of parks, easy access to interstate
             Ghent-Very hip and trendy, great for young couples or new families;
                great restaurants and college-geared attractions within walking
                distance; arts and culture is very prominent
             Red Mill Commons- great area about 30 min from Naval Station
                Norfolk, family oriented larger homes, close to beach
             Pembroke- safe area and close to Town Center, not much else in that
                direction; 20 minute commute to base

     a. Tricare Standard- most non-military physicians in this area accept standard
        with co-pay.
     b. The best may to find a non-military doctor is to ask members of your OSC
     c. Portsmouth Naval is the Naval Hospital in the area; it’s a far ride from
        Virginia Beach and the bridge /tunnel can great extremely backed up
     d. Dentists- There are a lot of dentists in the Pembroke area that accept United
        Concordia; recommendations from OSC members will be your best bet

Whidbey Island (FRS/RAG, Prowler, and Growler):
    NAS Whidbey Island:
     a. Located in the town of Oak Harbor
     b. Ault Field: squadron location
     c. Seaplane Base: Commissary/NEX, base housing and Family Services location
    Child Development Center (CDC):
     a. Located off base
     b. Long waiting list for full-time child care
     c. Hourly care is challenging since full-time care is priority
    Certified Home Daycare Providers:
     a. Alternative when looking for part-time or full-time care
 b. Stay-at-home moms use CHDP for hourly childcare option when needing to
     run a few errands
MWR provides a multitude of activities and holiday festivities throughout the year
 a. All are deploying squadrons, except VAQ-129 (FRS)
 b. Families usually engage in assigned squadron functions which are plentiful
 c. Prowler community hosts its own ball, like other communities
 a. Seek care from Naval Hospital Oak Harbor
 b. Clinic size—rather small
 c. Other hospitals to consider are Whidbey General in Coupeville, located south
     of base
 d. Dental is through United Concordia—hospital does not have dental care, so
     you will seek out a civilian dentist
 a. Base housing is worth considering; it’s all about timing
 b. Some units have amazing views of Mt. Rainier
 c. For those who want to live off base, try Anacortes or Coupeville
Living off base (Anacortes):
 a. Sought out area to live
 b. 30 minute commute to NASWI
 c. Cooper Pond is a popular neighborhood, with most properties being water
 d. Costs are generally more than in Oak Harbor
 e. Close proximity to Mt. Vernon, Bellingham and Seattle
 a. Most Pre-K programs have waiting lists
 b. Must be present to register child
 c. Schools in Oak Harbor and Anacortes are reputable
 d. The city offers a variety of youth sports and extracurricular activities
 e. The Oak Harbor ―Moving and Grooving‖ Inc. offers several music, arts, crafts
     to children 6 months to middle school
Town of Oak Harbor:
 a. Small-town feel with holiday parades and events, which are well-attended
 b. Continues to be expanded with enticing options to its residents
 c. Downtown area has several mom and pop restaurants and cafes, as well as a
     couple of boutiques
 d. Larger attractions (Target and a mall) requires a 45 minute drive to Mt.
Activities and Attractions:
 a. In order to ―leave the island‖, you must cross the scenic Deception Pass
     Bridge; in the summer months, this can really be slow traffic due to it being a
     tourist spot
 b. The Mukilteo Ferry (auto-transport) runs daily and hourly, providing an
     alternate way to get to Seattle instead of driving
     c. Shopping hotspots are University Village in Seattle, Bellevue Square, and
     d. The Canadian border and optimal ski resorts are just north of Bellingham
        (northernmost US city!)
     e. Port Townsend and the San Juan Islands, both a ferry ride away, are worth the

Yuma (Marine Harrier):
    Living situation:
     a. Small, border town – however, it has grown significantly over the past few
         years. It is a small military community as there are only 4 harrier squadrons.
     b. Foothills: 10-20 min drive, closer to the college/university.
     c. Yuma (city): 5-15 min drive, closer to the mall, restaurants.
     d. On-base housing: (From the 2 wives I talked too – the community was really
         tight –knit)
             a. I don’t know anything about schools other than Arizona has some of
                 the worst public schools in the nation. A few years back it also had the
                 highest teen pregnancy rate in the country.
             b. There is a Catholic school – yet I do not know what ages it serves.
     a. There is a wonderful new park (similar to Benny Russell Park in Pace, FL or
         Cole Park, in Corpus Christi) called West Wetlands Park, and several other
         parks that have walking trails around the park area.
     b. ―The Dunes‖ (15 min west of Yuma) or Glamis (2 hours NW) for dirt biking
         and 4-wheeling
     c. YMCA is one of the few clubs that offer childcare – however, talk to see the
         ―rules‖ – a bit of a hassle (it also is full of patients from the hospital doing
         rehab). The Yuma Raquet club (older) offers childcare for $3/hr and is across
         from base. World Gym is the nicest and newest gym, however as of ’09 they
         did not have childcare (they were talking about reinstating it). 4th Ave Gym is
         an older gym, no childcare.
     d. Lake Martinez (20 miles away): fishing, canoe, skiing, camping,
         hiking…(You can rent equipment from on base from the MWR)
     e. Close proximity to Tucson (2.5 hrs), San Diego (2.5 hrs), Phoenix (3hrs) – be
         prepared to stop multiple times by Border Patrol leaving Yuma. (All they ask
         is where are you coming from, where are you going too….but there can be
         lines up to 10 mins – usually not)
     f. Cocopah Casino, Quechan Casino (they were in the process of building a new,
         HUGE one in ’09) (just outside of town 10 mins or so)
     g. Arizona Western College (community college – associates, certificates) and
         Northern Arizona University (satellite campus – bachelors, masters)
     h. Lake Havasu (4-5 hours away)
     i. Yuma Territorial Prison (historical landmark – however, really small)
     j. New open air mall with restaurants, shopping, movie cinema
       a. There is a Naval Clinic but very limited on services; will be seen out in town
          for most things.
       b. There is an O-Club and ―Infinities‖ for Enlisted personnel
       c. They were in the process of building a new NEX that should open in a year or
          two, have a 7 day store, auto shop repair area, car wash area, baseball fields,
          stables (last I saw several years back), movie theater (not great cleanliness-
          wise, but free and not bad when compared to the Rio!), gym.
       d. Child Development Center on base has a room set for ―drop-in/hourly care‖
          $3/hr per child.
       e. In the Youth Center they do have PreK starting at 3 years and must be potty
          trained. The charge is minimal and it is p/t.

*During the late fall-late spring ―Snow Birds‖ come to Yuma. These are elderly people
from the north that bring in the RVs and trailers. Beware of their DRIVING!!! Traffic
gets bad, restaurants are full etc.
*Be warned that as it is a border town – there are many drivers without insurance.
*Multiple fun events throughout the cooler months: Silent Drill Platoon comes to
practice and you can watch that, WTI, Yuma Air Show, annual Colorado River Balloon
Crossing, Desert Talon, Blue Angels in El Centro during the winter months

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