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									                        ANNAPOLIS to NEWPORT RACE


                  PO BOX 908, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21404   TEL: 410-263-9279   FAX: 410-269-8905   WEB:

                                      SAILING INSTRUCTIONS
      1.1 This regatta shall be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)
             2005-2008, the International Navigation Rules (COLREGS), the Inland Navigation Rules, the
             2007 IRC Handicap Rule, Sections 1,2 and 3 shall apply, the 2007 PHRF of the Chesapeake
             Regulations, the 2006-2007 International Sailing Federation Special Regulations Governing
             Offshore and Oceanic Equipment and Preparation for Category 2 including US SAILING
             prescriptions (ISAF Special Regs), except as any of these are modified by the Notice of Race or
             by these Sailing Instructions and any amendments thereto.
      1.2 The applicable COLREGS or Inland Navigation Rules replace RRS Part 2 between 2030 and
             0545 EDT. Competitors are reminded that the Chesapeake and Narragansett Bays are
             restricted channels and that sailing vessels do not have right-of-way over a vessel under power
             that may be restricted in her ability to maneuver.
      1.3 In the event any lifesaving equipment is lost overboard, it should be retrieved. If recovery is not
             possible the loss of any equipment that floats shall be reported immediately to the Coast Guard
             and to the Race Committee in Newport.
      2.1 Before the start notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located on the
             lower deck of the Annapolis Yacht Club clubhouse.
      2.2 After the start notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board at New York
             Yacht Club’s Harbour Court.
3   CHANGES TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS – Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted on the
    official notice board by 2000 hours Thursday 31 May 2007.
4   SIGNALS MADE ASHORE – Signals ashore will be made at the yard arm of the staff at the Annapolis
    Yacht Club clubhouse. Flag L over a numeral pennant means notice to competitors number “numeral”
    has been posted.
5   STARTING SCHEDULE - The first class will start at 1200 on Friday 1 June 2007. Class divisions and
    the starting sequence will be posted, and announced at the Captains' Meeting at 1630 hours on
    Thursday 31 May 2007.
6   CLASS FLAGS - The race committee signal boat will display numeral pennants identifying the next
    class to start. Yachts need not display class flags but all yachts shall carry flag N from their backstay
    while in the starting area.
7   STARTING LINE - The start will be near the outer end of the Annapolis Harbor Channel between the
    orange flag on the Committee Boat and an inflated orange mark.
      8.1 The race committee may attempt to notify premature starters by announcing their racing
             numbers on VHF 73. Failure to transmit or receive such notification will not be grounds for
             redress. This changes RRS 62.1(a).
      8.2 A recalled boat, which fails to return, will be penalized by having 60 minutes added to her
             elapsed time. This modifies RRS 29.1 (Individual Recall).
      9.1 The northern island of the Chesapeake Channel of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel shall be
             left to port.
      9.2    The Chesapeake Light Tower (Fl (2) Wh 15 s 118 ft) shall be left to port.
      9.3    Block Island may be left on either side.
      9.4    Warning: The Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Coast contain a number of fish traps which
             constitute a hazard to yachts.
       10.1 The finish will be in the East Passage Narragansett Bay on a line bearing 300 degrees Magnetic
             from the Lighthouse (Iso R 6s 39ft)) on Castle Hill, Newport Neck, Rhode Island.
       10.2 The finishing line shall be crossed not more than 200 yards from the Lighthouse.
       10.3 A yacht crossing the line at night shall use a bright light to illuminate her sail numbers. A
             handheld flashlight is not sufficient for this purpose. Whether conditions of visibility require it or
             not, a yacht shall identify herself to the race committee by calling on VHF Channel 73 when
       10.4 A yacht shall take her own finishing time and report this to the Race Committee at its Newport
             Headquarters at Harbour Court either in person or by telephone within two hours of her finish
             (401-846-1000). The penalty for failing to comply with this requirement will be the addition of 30
             minutes to the yacht’s elapsed time.
11   PENALTY SYSTEM - RRS 44 (Penalties for Breaking Rules of Part 2) does not apply. In accordance
     with RRS 64.1 (Penalties and Exoneration) the penalty for breaking a rule shall be at the discretion of
     the protest committee and may be either time added to a yacht’s elapsed time or disqualification.
       12.1 There is no time limit.
       12.2 Boats which have not finished by 0800 on Wednesday 6 June 2007 shall use every means at
             their disposal to report their positions and their estimated times of arrival to the Race Committee
             (401-846-1000) or the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG – Castle Hill: 401-846-3676).
       13.1 Yachts abandoning the Race shall notify the Race Committee at Race Headquarters at
             Newport, or the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16 as soon as possible. Due to the
             possibility of a U.S. Coast Guard search for a missing yacht at immense cost and risk to
             personnel, prompt notification of abandonment is mandatory.
       13.2 Yachts abandoning the Race shall complete and forward to the Committee a copy of the US
             SAILING Questionnaire Concerning Withdrawal.
       14.1 Attention is drawn to the responsibility imposed by good seamanship and RRS 1.1 (Helping
             Those in Danger).
       14.2 Yachts are reminded to log positions and times when stopping to render assistance in
             compliance with RRS 1.1. A request for redress by a yacht rendering assistance shall be made
             as soon as possible after reaching port.
15 PROTESTS - Protests shall be lodged in writing with the Race Committee at the Newport Headquarters
   at Harbour Court as soon as possible after reaching port.
16 GPS TRANSPONDER - Each boat is required to carry a GPS transponder, supplied by the organizing
   authority and sponsored by Corum USA, LLC. The unit shall be mounted in accordance with the
   instructions supplied and a good faith effort made to maintain its operation throughout the race. The
   unit shall be returned to race headquarters at NYYC Harbour Court as soon as practical after finishing
   for refund of the deposit.
                                                                                                 2007A2N_SI's Final.doc

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