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									Interactive Notebook

         The purpose of the Interactive Notebook is to engage students in learning while
teaching them valuable organizational skills. It is not just about keeping organized though;
it is about organizing the learning process. A student is asked to access prior knowledge or
preview new ideas on the left side of the notebook; this is known as “input”. They are asked
to complete activities that will give them the science content required by national, state,
and district standards on the right page of the notebook. (This could be as simple as notes
or handouts). The “output” portion of the lesson will go on the left side of the notebook and
requires students to process what they have learned. This is the part, which challenges the
student to make the content his/her own, and allows the content to sink in. The student
may get a choice of their processing activity or at the very least will get to be creative in
the way that he/she completes it. The left side of the notebook will look different from
every other student’s in the class.
         NEVER remove any pages from your Interactive notebook. If handouts or
photocopies need to be added to the notebook, glue or tape then attach them to the pages
bound to wire.

Chapter Title Page: Each unit of instruction (this is a chapter in the book) will have its own
introductory page or title page in the notebook. Students will preview the unit and find
three images that reflect the information in the chapter. The cover will include the
following information:
        1. Title of the chapter
        2. The standards covered
        3. Three images that represent the chapter
Students will use a minimum of four colors (black and white not counting as colors) and the
entire page should be colored. Not showing any white. If the page is being glued in on top
of the binder paper you may use markers. Colored pencils are always accepted and crayon
may never be used because it comes off on the other pages when you write in the notebook.

Table of Contents: Begins on page one of the notebook. It is where all assignment
(INPUT/OUTPUT & THROUGH) are listed and scores recorded. Each of the assignments
listed should be finished and located on the page listed in the Table of Contents. Through
this method, you can also find out what work you missed if you were absent from class.

Parent Input Page: On the inside back cover of the notebook is an opportunity for parents
to respond to their child’s work and notebook organization. Students will be asked to share
the work with their parents/guardians and explain to them what is being learned in class.
The parent/guardian will make a reflection on the learning and sign their name to the
It is important for the student to communicate about their learning as a step in processing
the science content covered in class.

Keeping the notebook!!
Students must take care of these notebooks for the entire school year in order to fully
experience the value of completing an interactive notebook at the end of the year. Your
notebook MUST be brought to class EVERYDAY! If you do not have your notebook in
class on a day it is being graded, you will not receive full credit.

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