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Opening Ceremony Speech Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome I

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Opening Ceremony Speech Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome I

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									Opening Ceremony Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Welcome. I would like to extend a particularly warm
welcome to the Deputy Mayor of Bournemouth who has graciously agreed to perform
our opening ceremony. Welcome to invited dignitaries and guests; welcome to you

I feel privileged to be standing here today as witness to a new era for Brook Road
Allotments. The new facilities we have would probably be the envy of most
allotments in the country were they to know about it. We have a lot to be thankful
for and I would like to take this opportunity to voice those thanks to those who made
it possible.

Firstly I would like to thank Bournemouth Council for enabling this project to take
place, in particular I would like to thank Ed Alexander who oversaw the work and
who, I am sure, went far beyond his professional remit to bring us what we wanted.
Thank you Ed.

Secondly thanks go to Dyer and Butler the contractors who carried out the work and,
again, a special vote of thanks to Matt the contract manager who worked tirelessly to
overcome the outcome of previous mistakes and inadequacies.

Thirdly I would like to thank the councillors who supported the project of allotment
upgrades in Bournemouth and who were also there for us in a moment of need.

Lastly, but not least, a vote of thanks goes to all members of the Brook Road
Allotment Association who persevered with patience, endurance and never ending
optimism with only the barest minimum of intolerance surfacing on occasions. I
must draw your attention to one member in particular, our secretary, Keith Dibden,
who has laboured on ceaselessly for what seems like forever as our liaison with the
Council. Thank you. Thank you one and all.

After the ceremony please join us in a toast to the Borough of Bournemouth.
Logistics may make it impossible for us all to raise our glasses at the same time but
please bear this intention in mind. We have a team top flight chefs busy preparing
food at the barbeque – please enjoy and, also, someone will be passing among you
with raffle tickets – draw at 3.30 – for a brand new wheelbarrow – every girls dream
gift. Please support us in our fund-raising.

Feel free to wander and explore the site. In the office there is a small display of
photos and a laptop presentation. If you have any questions ask our site manager
Ted Moore or any committee member. They don’t have any labels but are the ones
who look as though they should know something.

And now I would like to invite The Deputy Mayor of Bournemouth, Mr Ted Taylor, to
perform the ceremony and declare Brook Road Allotment well and truly open.

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