spanish Course Description Spring 2009 Spanish Instructor Mia Johnson by chrstphr


									                         Course Description Spring 2009
Instructor: Mia Johnson
5 weeks/ 2 hours per week on Tuesday & Thursday evenings

Description: This class is intended for individuals seeking basic Spanish skills. Students will
learn Spanish numbers, alphabet, days of the week, months, colors, seasons, directions, common
greetings, and present tense conjugations of common verbs.

Goals: Students will be able to hold basic conversations in Spanish.

Objectives: Students will be able to:

•   Greet people
•   Give directions in Spanish
•   Write a short essay on their hobbies
•   Talk about their favorite seasons
•   Hold short conversations in Spanish


•   Students will be given handouts that correspond with each lesson
•   Students will be given worksheets to help them apply the material that has been presented to
    them in class


•   Pens/pencils
•   Paper (Notebook)
•   3x5” index cards


•   Week One: Begin with the basics: Alphabet, Numbers, Days of the Week, Months, Seasons,
    and Colors
•   Week Two: Introductions and basic conversation: Greetings, Personal information,
    Adjectives and Pronouns
•   Week Three: Common Verbs: Conjugating verbs in the Present Tense, Jobs, and Hobbies
•   Week Four: Forming sentences
•   Week Five: Review of the course and preparation for test
Assessment: The students will be given quizzes periodically to determine whether or not they
are retaining the material. The quizzes will focus on the previous lesson’s material. In addition
to periodic quizzes, students will be given worksheets in order to help them learn the material.

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