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					                           Course Description Spring 2009
                         Researching Ancestry
Instructor: B. Stuck
3 weeks/ 1 hour per week

Week 1
How to Get started:
  • Talk with relatives for names, ask for stories.
  • Start with yourself, parents and grandparents.
  • Ask for pictures of relatives.

Materials needed:
   • Composition book for notes, date notes taken, who gave
       information. (ask questions where family decended from and
   • Large Folder for compiling information.
   • Internet access (Library or Home computer) looking up US Census
   • U S Census (taken every 10 years) spelling may have changed, errors are made in census
   • Digital camera, tape recorder.
   • Write down sibling names for verifying information.

Information Resources:
    • State Library (for marriage, divorce, wills.)
    • Circuit Court Clerks Record Rooms deeds, trials etc.
                              -               —

    • Internet: (membership)
    • Gravesites
    • Mormon
    • Church Vestrys
    • History books
    • Newspapers (articles and obituaries)

Information to Record:
Your interests. Siblings of parents, grand-parents, g-g-parents etc. Births, deaths, marriages, occupations,
bible recordings (digital pictures) stories and family traditions (example) My fathers’ family would stop
the “House Clock” when they had a death in the family, the clock would be started back once the
deceased was buried.

Week Two: Review material collected and answering questions.

Week Three: Organizing material, preserving information and class sharing stories.