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									Title: Aquasana filters – drinking healthy water!

Generally speaking, water filters are used to remove impurities from a water supply. A
wide range of products is available on the market, all promising to remove harmful
substances such as various chemicals and metals. Aquasana filters are top-of-the-line
products, allowing for tap water to be filtered and harmful substances eliminated. With
these devices, you can take good care of your health and improve the taste of the drinking

Aquasana filters have already gained a reputation for offering the best water filtration.
Customers who have used these devices declared that Aquasana filters made the water
taste better. The difference with these filters and other products existent on the market
lies in the quality provided. You do no want to settle for the cheapest water filtration
systems, products that allow chemical and other toxic substances to pass into water (even
though the levels are barely traceable, then can still affect your health). Aquasana filters
are a sure way to have healthy, clean drinking water.

The main purpose of using a water filter is to have water that is clean. When we say
clean, we think about drinking water that does not contain chemical, pollutants and other
contaminant substances, while retaining its natural properties. Aquasana filters are made
by the best specialists in the field, the patented technology being extremely efficient
when it comes to water filtration.

The following list of substances and harmful contaminants are reduced with the aid of
Aquasana filters:
    Chlorine – affecting the taste of the water but also our health;
    Lead and other heavy metals – recent statistics have shown that tap water contains
       higher concentrations of such substances, despite continuous efforts to reduce
       these levels;
    Synthetic chemicals – VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), THMs
       (trihalomethanes) and MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether – part of drinking water
       contaminants, member of a group of chemicals also known as fuel oxygenates,
       often causes nausea and other unwanted side-effects);
    Sediments;
    CYSTS (chlorine resistant parasites) and giardia (protozoan responsible for
       causing acute diarrhea).

   Aquasana filters are often the first choice in water filtration systems given the fact
   that they are able to eliminate so many toxic substances from drinking water. The
   taste of the water is greatly improved and all mineral constituents are maintained.
   Many people prefer to use Aquasana filters instead of purchasing bottled water,
   considering the obvious benefits. These filters are also popular among those who
   want to protect the environment, trying to reduce the number of plastic bottles and
   other containers that pile up and increase the level of pollution. After being purified
   by Aquasana filters, water not only tastes better but it’s definitely healthier.
No matter if you have used a water filter or not, you should know that Aquasana
filters are installed rapidly and without wasting too much effort. One only has to push
a button and tap water is quickly filtered through the system. Aquasana filters come
with dual units for water purification, reducing the levels of chlorine, lead and other
substances that were mentioned above. Minerals that are normally found in water are
kept and the quality of the water is definitely improved. The technology under which
Aquasana filters function is advanced and highly functional, offering the best
alternative to other sources of drinking water.

Apart from dual filtering units, Aquasana filters come with a faucet diverter and they
are able to offer 30 gallons of water per hour. The water can be used for drinking but
also for cooking and other purposes as well (preparing various beverages and even
watering the plants). It’s filtered and healthy. There are no contaminants that will
affect your health, causing to serious problems and even to serious epidemics. For
superior customer satisfaction and added quality, Aquasana filters come with a
lifetime warranty.

The water filtration system based on a patented technology features superior water
filters made from carbon and they provide the best purification you have ever seen
(0.5 microns). It can be easily installed following the given instructions into the
kitchen sink, to the faucet. The carbon filters are replaceable, lasting from 500 to
1000 gallons, depending on how much water you use. There are many other types of
Aquasana filters available, including the Aquasana under Sink water filter system.
This particular type offers advanced filtering properties, including in the package a
specific faucet and other elements needed for installation.

When choosing a water filtration system, you have to think about the quality of the
products offered. Aquasana filters are a good choice, given the high performance and
functionality offered. They filter out harmful and bad-tasting substances, allowing for
you and your family to maintain your health and vitality. The filters are easy to install
and even easier to use. Protect yourself from toxic contaminants that can affect your
health. Offer your body only natural, healthy and great tasting water.

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