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Guide to selecting a good window company


Guide to selecting a good window company

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									       Guide to selecting a good window company.

• Ensure that the company that you select are FENSA registered (or equivalent)

• Ensure that they provide a 10 year parts and labour guarantee

• There are many products on the market but the main benefits of a good window system are:
  70mm profile
  Internally glazed
  Fully welded joints
  28mm Double glazed units
  Multi point locking

• Check the experience of their fitters (A window is only as good as it is fitted)

• Be very careful about paying a deposit (avoid if possible)

• Only pay the balance when the work is finished to your satisfaction

• Ask to visit work that they have done

• Use a company that has Testimonials from satisfied customers

• Don't be fooled by a fancy showroom (showrooms always look good)

• Don't be rushed into a decision by 'High Pressure Sales'

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