Number Title Composer 0 11 34 inch (30cm) Symphonion Disc Titles by csgirla


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									Number    Title                                                  Composer
      0   11 3/4 inch (30cm) Symphonion Disc Titles (not in 1908 Catalog).
   3015   Oostenrijks Volkslied.                                 ?
   3040   Standchen Leise flehen meine Lieder. [Serenade].       Schubert
   3168   Mountain Stream, The.                                  Baker, Fred
   3256   Komm, mi bella. Air from Operette.Gasparone.           Millocker C.
   3267   Z Aymen poza row. Polish Song.                         not given in cat
   3270   Krakowiak. Polish Dance.                               not given in cat
   3271   Boze cos Polske. Polish National Anthem.               not given in cat
   3290   Xepybhmckaa Cbch [approximate to Russian letters]
   3292   I'pekuahhkh. (Russian). The Buckwheat Cake. song. Worotnikoff
   3304   Hail Smiling Morn! (English song).                     Spofforth R.
   3327   Auld Robin Gray. song                                  Nilsson M.
   3433   Royal Navy, The. Polka Hornpipe.                       Bonheur, Th.
   3449   Te Deum Laudamus.                                      Baumbach Ad.
   3450   Killarney.                                             Balfe M.W.
   3604   Band Played On, The.                                   Ward, Charles B.
   3648   Down the Road                                          Gilbert, Fred
   3716   In the Sweet Bye & Bye.                                Webster J.F.
   3717   Beulah Land.                                           Sweney F.R.
   3732   Fra Diavolo, Overture.                                 Auber
   3741   It's a Great Big Shame.                                Le Brunn, George
   3751   I Dream't I Dwelt in Marble Halls.                     Balfe
   3786   My Old Dutch.                                          Ingle, Charles
   3790   Sonner af Norge. Minstrels Awaken.                     Blom C.
   3889   The Heart Bowed Down, from Bohemian Girl.              Balfe M.W.
   3912   Mistletoe Bough. song.                                 Bishop
   3999   this is highest number in 1st series (got this one
  35073   this number and all higher are missing
  35076   Dollarwalzer. [aus Die Dollarprinzessin]               Fall, Leo

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