Master Synchronization License Representation Agreement by talperry


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									                             REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT

       This agreement sets forth the material terms of the agreement between
______________________ (hereinafter “you” and “your”) with an address of
____________________________, and _______________________________ (“Company”).

1.        REPRESENTATION: You hereby authorize and appoint Company to be your representative for
the purpose of locating and exploiting, on the terms set forth herein, commercial licensing opportunities
for the master recordings set forth on Schedule “A” (attached hereto and made a part hereof, hereinafter,
the “Masters”). Such licensing opportunities shall include, without limitation, use of the Masters within
films, television productions, commercial advertisements, soundtracks, documentaries, cellular
ringtones/master tones, compilation albums, interactive media and software, and video games. The
territory for which Company is authorized to represent the Masters hereunder shall be North America
(i.e., the United States, Canada and Mexico, and their respective territories and possessions (the
“Territory”)). The rights in the Masters to be licensed hereunder, together with the right to license the
non-exclusive use of your name and approved likeness in conjunction with such rights, are collectively
referred to herein as the “Rights.”


         (a) During the Term of this agreement (as defined below), Company will actively seek
opportunities for the exploitation of the Rights. Company cannot guarantee that any such opportunities
will materialize. In order to facilitate Company’s efforts to license the Rights, you shall provide, free of
charge, all promotional materials (i.e. CDs, MP3s, singles, photographs, etc.) as are reasonably requested
by Company.
         (b) For each prospective licensing opportunity, Company will provide you with a written term
sheet setting forth the proposed material terms (the “Term Sheet”). Within three (3) business days of
receipt of a Term Sheet, you will provide Company with written notice of your approval or rejection of
the terms set forth on such Term Sheet. For each approved Term Sheet, Company will be authorized to
enter into a licensing agreement on your behalf (the “Licensing Agreement”), containing terms from the
Term Sheet (or terms more favorable to you) as well as the terms set forth in Company’s standard
licensing agreement, a copy of which Company will provide to you.
         (c) (i) It is understood and agreed that, prior to the date on which Gross Income (as defined
below) generated from Licensing Agreements resulting from Company’s efforts exceeds the sum 
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