ERP Implementation RFP_ Business Intelligence by malj


									ERP Implementation RFP: Business Intelligence
The Budget and Financial Control department (and other departments) will rely heavily
on the analytical and reporting functionality typically provided through an integrated
Business Intelligence (BI) application. Please provide a thorough description of the BI
functionality offered as part of your solution. Be sure that your response addresses all
of the following:

    What is the level of integration with the ERP (i.e. is the BI universe optimized for the
     ERP database? Is the optimization complete and ready for use out-of-the-box, or
     are additional consulting services required? Explain fully, including pricing);
    Describe the expertise required to add non ERP universes and modify existing
    Explain the relationship between the Vendor and the BI application (i.e. proprietary
     application owned by the vendor, authorized reseller of 3 rd party application, etc.;
     include complete description of support and training;
    Provide the details of your „dashboard‟ functionality including customization;
     a) Can dashboards be defined by user “role”?
     b) Can dashboard information be drilled down?
    Describe standard Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and user definable/custom
     indicators functionality
     a) KPIs can be identified to one, several, or all reporting entities
        (campus/department), and the District as a whole
     b) Can KPIs be computed using data from 3rd party systems (i.e. student systems,
        public utility database, etc.)?
    Are automatic email alerts based on performance at defined trigger points
    Describe reporting, including export/distribution functionality and format (.ppt, .xls,
     .csv, .txt, .pdf)

      VENDOR    
    BI Proposed 
        Vendor / BI
        relation 

    Optimization   

           KPIs    

 Dashboard   
 Reporting   

Additional 

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