; Create a dial up connection on laptops
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Create a dial up connection on laptops


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									Create a dial up connection on laptops

1. connect your phone cable to your laptop in the phone port (on the left of the laptop the small socket
next to the ethernet socket)
2. Go to Start > Settings > Network Connections
3. Go to File Menu > New Connection
4. Click Next
5. Select connect to the internet > Next
6. Select Set up my connection manually > Next
7. Select Connect using dial up modem > Next
8. Enter the name of your ISP Account > Next

9. Enter the ISP Dial up number (89524586) > Next

10. Enter your username and password. Untick make this the default dial up connection. Ensure that
Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection is ticked > Next

11. Tick add shortcut to this connection to my desktop > finish
click on the icon on desktop that looks similar to this to connect

12. You will be presented with a Dial-up connection window, to connect, click dial.

Note: If you are connecting from a hotel or company where you need to dial zero or another to access an
outside line you need to prefix your dial-up number. Ring up the appropriate company to access these

13. When at home open Mozilla Firefox. Click on tools > options > general > connection settings >
Direct connection to internet > OK. When back at the school make sure the Manual proxy
configuration is ticked.
to disconnect double click on   and a screen will pop and click disconnect.

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