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					Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                       July 23, 2007

Regional Rail Phased Implementation

The evaluation of systemwide alternatives resulted in the identification of recommended options
to address regional markets with improvements selected to suit corridor-specific conditions
while providing systemwide consistency. The resulting plan provisions on a corridor-by-corridor
basis are as follows:

   BART – Reinvest in existing system to improve reliability and make the following

    o   Improve Core Capacity by making modifications to vehicles and stations as well as track
        and signals to accommodate passenger growth over the long term

    o   Implement connectivity improvements to connect BART with standard railroad services
        and regional bus lines in various corridors

    o   Construct 4th track through Oakland to facilitate throughput and improve transfer
        convenience between East Bay and Transbay lines

    o   Develop Infill stations at various locations keyed to local land use opportunities in
        accordance with BART station planning policies

    o   Further define “Metro” service plan to increase capacity, coverage and reliability to inner
        Bay Area including the Oakland - Transbay – San Francisco zone

    o   Pursue in the long term construction of a second Bay Crossing with new subway line to
        improve coverage to San Francisco

   US 101 North – Implement SMART project and make capacity and operational
    improvements over the long term to support ridership levels

   North Bay – Preserve corridor in near term and develop north-south and east-west services
    using standard equipment in the long term

   I-80 & East Bay – Expand the East Bay rail network from San Jose to Sacramento to 3
    tracks with 4 track sections from Oakland to Richmond and in Solano County to support
    operation of standard higher speed railroad equipment compatible with freight traffic

   Transbay – Provide near term investments in BART Core Capacity including provision of
    higher-capacity cars, track and signaling and operational improvements; provide new
    transbay tube and San Francisco BART line paired with rail tunnel in long term future

   Peninsula – Expand Caltrain to 3 or 4 tracks where feasible and operate with lightweight
    electric multiple-unit equipment to for rapid acceleration and frequent express and local
    service on the Peninsula

   South Counties – Develop rail services in South Bay cities and provide rail connections to
    various Monterey Bay Area destinations by accommodating expanded standard services
    south of San Jose through Gilroy

Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                     July 23, 2007

   Dumbarton – Enhance the connection across the Dumbarton Bridge to support operation of
    lightweight compatible with Peninsula train operations over the longer term

   Tri Valley / I-680 – Expand the Altamont and Tri Valley corridor lines by adding trackage to
    the existing UPRR line and/or putting segments of the abandoned SPRR back in service to
    support expanded and improved passenger service along the ACE rail corridor and to
    accommodate regional freight trains; develop regional bus options in I-680 corridor

   Central Valley – Extend and expand rail service in the Central Valley to provide a regional
    corridor service between Sacramento and Merced over the long term, interlined with ACE
    services and complementing the San Joaquin long haul trains

The Regional Rail Plan is financially unconstrained, and funding availability is an important
consideration when determining phasing. For purposes of this plan, considerations for phasing
include the size of the potential market for various services in each corridor, the development of
the systemwide network over time, and the potential to defer high-cost options until later
phases. The phasing plan included herein will help to inform the investment decisions to be
made in both the financially constrained and vision elements of MTC’s long-range Regional
Transportation Plan (RTP).

Resolution 3434 defines various improvements in the Regional Rail corridors which are
potentially fundable by Year 2030. The Regional Rail plan includes provisions which would
result in greater investment in regional services over a timeframe extending to Year 2050. In
addition, the Regional Rail plan also identifies near term provisions which would be desirable in
conjunction with development of projects defined in Resolution 3434.

In general, services and improvements which are high priority and potentially fundable in the
near term given existing Resolution 3434 commitments were indicated in the near term. Projects
which are very high in cost and which could potentially be deferred or which appear to have
promise but are not needed in the near or intermediate term were included in the ultimate plan
under the Year 2030 – 2050 category.

A possible phasing plan including brief description of the corridor services is presented in the
following table. The phasing plan is for Regional Rail without High Speed Rail. This plan is
provided to show how the system could be improved in phases; development of projects and
services would be tied to future project development activities to confirm travel market
demands, project descriptions and costs as well as project and service implementation

      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                                July 23, 2007

Corridor          Synopsis                           Present – Year 2015                Year 2015 – Year 2030               Year 2030 – Year 2050

BART System          Core Capacity investments         Warm Springs extension            Silicon Valley extension           New Transbay Tube and
                      to accommodate passenger                                              including San Jose airport          subway line Oakland –
                      growth and system                 Oakland airport connector          connector                           Alameda – San Francisco
                      expansion                                                                                                 (specific alignment to be
                                                        eBART service between             Peoplemover connection to           studied further)
                     Resolution 3434 projects:          Pittsburg and Byron (vehicle       new West Oakland Capitol
                                                         technology to be                   Corridor station
                      o   Warm Springs Extension         determined)
                      o   Silicon Valley Extension                                         Fourth BART track and
                      o   eBART                                                             Oakland subway lower level
                      o   Oakland Airport                                                   platforms Mac Arthur –
                          Connector                                                         Oakland Wye

                     Infill stations                                                      Livermore BART extension
                                                                                            and ACE intermodal
                     Operating plan refinements                                            Dublin/Pleasanton –
                      potentially including skip-                                           Isabel/Stanley (actual
                      stop and turn-back service                                            phasing to be determined by
                                                                                            more detailed ridership and
                     Livermore extension to                                                engineering analysis)
                      connect with ACE
                                                                                           Infill Stations (developed in
                      Completion of Oakland 4                                               accordance with BART
                      track                                                                 policies)

                     New transbay tube and SF
                      subway line

      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                                July 23, 2007

Corridor           Synopsis                            Present – Year 2015              Year 2015 – Year 2030              Year 2030 – Year 2050

US 101 North          Sonoma-Marin Rail Transit          Track, signal and station       Operational improvements          Operational improvements
(Marin – Sonoma)       Project (SMART) is                  Improvements to support          to support expanded                to support expanded
                       implemented (Resolution             Larkspur – Cloverdale            operations                         operations
                       3434)                               service (SMART startup)
                                                                                                                              Potential extension to San
                      SMART service operates                                                                                  Quentin ferry terminal with
                       with compliant equipment                                                                                I-580 bus link
                       allowing some freight traffic
                       during off-peak periods

North Bay             Napa-Solano rail services          Corridor preservation plan      Track, signal and station         Track, signal and station
(Marin – Solano)       are developed connecting                                             improvements to support            improvements to extend
                       between SMART line and                                               initiation of Vallejo – Napa       north-south service to
                       Capitol Corridor                                                     service                            St. Helena

                      Service operates with                                                                                  Track, signal and station
                       compliant equipment                                                                                     improvements to support
                       compatible with connecting                                                                              initiation of east-west
                       lines                                                                                                   service between San Rafael
                                                                                                                               and Fairfield/Vacaville with
                                                                                                                               Napa Junction timed

      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                               July 23, 2007

Corridor          Synopsis                            Present – Year 2015               Year 2015 – Year 2030              Year 2030 – Year 2050

I-80                 Capitol Corridor regional          Third main track Oakland –       Fourth main track Oakland –       Revise passenger alignment
(Auburn –             services between Auburn             Richmond                          Richmond                           Richmond – Ozol to add
Oakland)              and San Jose are extended                                                                                third track and improve
                      to Colfax with long-haul           Operational improvements         Relocate BNSF / UPRR               operating speeds
                      service to Reno/Sparks;             to support extension of           junction from Stege to North
                      capacity and operational            service to Colfax                 Richmond                          wBART type service on
                      improvements as well as                                                                                  UPRR (actual phasing to be
                      new stations and grade             Hercules station                 Third main track Benicia –         determined by more detailed
                      separations are developed                                             Auburn                             ridership and engineering
                      to support improved                Fairfield/Vacaville station                                          analysis)
                      operation of corridor shared                                         Dixon station
                      with high levels of freight        Colfax station                                                      Bridge replacements at
                      traffic (Resolution 3434)                                            Swanston station                   Martinez and I Street
                                                         Outer Harbor Intermodal                                              bridges
                     Investments are made in             Terminal and new freight         Peoplemover connection to
                      UPRR main line between              leads (Port of Oakland)           new Capitol Corridor station
                      Port of Oakland and Nevada                                            at West Oakland
                      to support activities of Port      Donner Summit tunnel
                      of Oakland, California trade,       improvements to allow            Bridge rehabilitation for
                      and to allow long-haul              operation of double-stack         Martinez and I Street
                      freight service to be               freight movements                 bridges
                      concentrated on the “Central
                      Corridor” to free up other
                      lines for regional passenger
                      and freight movements

                     Peoplemover connection to
                      new Capitol Corridor station
                      at West Oakland

                     Overlay services are
                      provided operating on
                      passenger tracks in the East
                      Bay between Hercules and

      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                                   July 23, 2007

Corridor          Synopsis                             Present – Year 2015                Year 2015 – Year 2030               Year 2030 – Year 2050

East Bay             Capitol Corridor services are       Purchase Oakland                  Track, signal and grade            Second main track on Coast
(Oakland – San        expanded and improved                Subdivision Oakland – Niles        separation improvements on          Subdivision Newark – Alviso
Jose)                 with capacity and                                                       Oakland Subdivision for
                      operational improvements            Restore track connection           passenger-only operation           Extend third main track
                      as well as new stations for          along Oakland Subdivision          Union City – South Hayward          between Market Street and
                      services operating between           between Melrose (High                                                  Jack London Square in
                      Oakland and San Jose                 Street, Oakland) and East         Construct separate                  Oakland; revise roadway
                      (Resolution 3434)                    Oakland yard for short haul        passenger tracks within             configuration and waterfront
                                                           freight (interim operations)       Niles Subdivision between           access and circulation
                      Oakland Subdivision is                                                  South Hayward and 5
                      purchased; passenger                Union City station, Shinn          Avenue, Oakland
                      services are shifted to it           and Industrial connections
                      south of Industrial Parkway          and second track on               Route freight traffic over
                      in Hayward providing new             Oakland Subdivision for            Niles Subdivision between
                      intermodal with BART and             passenger-only operation           Oakland and Niles Junction,
                      Dumbarton at Union City              Hayward – Niles                    then either to and from the
                                                                                              south via Warm Springs
                     Niles Subdivision is                Second main track on Coast         Subdivision to Milpitas or to
                      improved to handle all traffic       Subdivision Alviso – Santa         and from the east via the
                      between Oakland and South            Clara                              former SPRR line through
                      Hayward; the line becomes                                               Niles Canyon
                      freight-only south of               Second main track on Coast
                      Industrial Parkway in                Subdivision Alviso – Santa
                      Hayward                              Clara

                     Regional freight operates
                      over existing UPRR lines
                      between the Port of Oakland
                      and Niles / Newark; in
                      longer term, freight trains
                      use Niles Subdivision south
                      of Industrial Parkway in
                      Hayward and former
                      Southern Pacific through
                      Niles Canyon

                                                                           -6-
      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                  July 23, 2007

Corridor          Synopsis                            Present – Year 2015      Year 2015 – Year 2030         Year 2030 – Year 2050

Transbay             BART Core Capacity                 BART Core Capacity      BART Metro improvements      New BART Transbay
(Oakland – San        improvements are                    improvements             (to be defined)               crossing and San Francisco
Francisco)            accomplished to address                                                                    subway (alignment to be
                      Transbay demand in early                                                                   defined)
                                                                                                                New standard rail Transbay
                     Additional BART “Metro”                                                                    crossing (service plan to be
                      provisions are implemented                                                                 defined)
                      to increase service in core

                     In long term, new Transbay
                      BART tube and San
                      Francisco subway is
                      developed to reduce
                      demand on Market Street
                      subway and to improve
                      coverage in San Francisco

                     A four-track central segment
                      is constructed to provide a
                      conventional rail connection
                      between Oakland and San
                      Francisco; ultimately
                      Caltrain and Capitol Corridor
                      services may interline with
                      signal improvements and
                      revised regulations

      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                       July 23, 2007

Corridor           Synopsis                            Present – Year 2015           Year 2015 – Year 2030          Year 2030 – Year 2050

Peninsula             Caltrain develops over time        Grade separations and        Grade separations and
(San Francisco –       into a three and four track,        third/fourth main track       third/fourth main track
San Jose)              grade separated, railway to
                       support operation of                                             Electrification and
                       lightweight electrified                                           lightweight EMU consists
                       multiple-unit consists                                            San Francisco – Tamien
                       between San Francisco and
                       Tamien Station in San Jose                                       Transbay transit center
                       (Resolution 3434)

                      Service to Gilroy is handled
                       with standard equipment
                       shared with freight operating
                       on Coast Subdivision

      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                                July 23, 2007

Corridor          Synopsis                             Present – Year 2015              Year 2015 – Year 2030              Year 2030 – Year 2050

South Counties       Service between San Jose            Second main track San Jose      Modified service plan to          Track, signal and station
(Santa Cruz,          and Gilroy is extended to            – Gilroy                         serve San Jose – Salinas           improvements to support
Monterey, San         Salinas and Monterey; in                                              territory using standard           passenger shuttle to
Benito)               longer term, when Peninsula         Track, signal and station        equipment operating on the         Hollister meeting all trains at
                      converts to lightweight              improvements to support          Colfax – San Jose line             Gilroy
                      electrified equipment, the           service extensions to
                      South Counties may be                Salinas                         Line restoration, track and
                      served by Capitol Corridor                                            signal upgrades and
                      trains using standard                                                 stations to support Santa
                      equipment shared with                                                 Cruz – Monterey service
                      freight on Coast Subdivision                                          and Monterey corridor trains

                     “Wharf to Wharf” service
                      between Santa Cruz and
                      Monterey is implemented
                      using standard equipment
                      connecting to the Salinas
                      trains with timed transfers at
                      Pajaro and Castroville

                     A shuttle connection is
                      provided between Gilroy and
                      Hollister to meet all corridor

      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                             July 23, 2007

Corridor          Synopsis                           Present – Year 2015                 Year 2015 – Year 2030            Year 2030 – Year 2050

Dumbarton            Dumbarton Rail project is         Bridge, track and signal           Passenger only tracks
(Redwood City –       implemented (Resolution            improvements are made to            constructed between
Union City)           3434)                              support initiation of service       Newark and Niles to allow
                                                         between Redwood City and            operation of lightweight
                     The service operates with          Union City across the               consists between Peninsula
                      standard equipment in the          Dumbarton Bridge                    and East Bay
                      near term; separate
                      passenger trackage is
                      developed in the Centerville
                      line over the longer term
                      allowing operation of
                      lightweight equipment
                      between points along the
                      Peninsula and the greater
                      East Bay

                                                                          - 10 -
       Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                                July 23, 2007

Corridor             Synopsis                            Present – Year 2015             Year 2015 – Year 2030               Year 2030 – Year 2050

I-680 & Tri Valley      Near term investments are          Track and signal               Restore SPRR to service            Construct second main track
(Contra Costa &          made to Oakland                     improvements to Oakland         Niles – Hearst (Pleasanton);        between Vasco Road
Southern                 Subdivision to improve              Subdivision Niles – Tracy       use to provide direct freight       (Livermore) and Lathrop to
Alameda)                 reliability of ACE services                                         connection to Niles                 improve reliability of
                         sharing with freights; in the      Regional bus in I-680           Subdivision                         operations
                         longer term, sections of the        corridor
                         former SPRR are put back                                           Construct passenger-only           Track, signal and station
                         into service west of                                                tracks between Hearst               Improvements to West Side
                         Pleasanton allowing freights                                        (Pleasanton) – Vasco Road           Line to extend service from
                         to be separated from                                                (Livermore) to improve              Tracy – Patterson
                         passenger lines                                                     reliability of operations

                        Regional bus services are                                          Livermore BART extension
                         developed in I-680 corridor                                         and ACE intermodal
                         connecting with regional rail                                       Dublin/Pleasanton –
                                                                                             Isabel/Stanley (actual
                        An intermodal connection is                                         phasing to be determined by
                         made by extending BART to                                           more detailed ridership and
                         meet ACE in Pleasanton                                              engineering analysis)

                        Regional freight operates                                          Extend eBART to Tracy with
                         between the San Joaquin                                             intermodal connection to
                         Valley and Bay Area over                                            ACE
                         the Altamont lines

                                                                             - 11 -
      Regional Rail – Corridor Synopsis & Phasing Plan                                                                              July 23, 2007

Corridor          Synopsis                           Present – Year 2015                 Year 2015 – Year 2030            Year 2030 – Year 2050

Central Valley       ACE services are expanded         R/W plan for Central Valley        Extend passenger-only line      Extend passenger-only line
(Sacramento –         in stages along a new              lines                               along UPRR Fresno                along UPRR Fresno
Merced)               passenger-only line                                                    Subdivision Lathrop –            Subdivision Modesto –
                      constructed in phases along       Construct passenger-only            Modesto                          Merced
                      the UPRR Fresno                    line along UPRR Fresno
                      Subdivision between                Subdivision Stockton – 65           Develop rail/rail grade
                      Sacramento and Merced              Street, Sacramento                  separation between north-
                                                                                             south UPRR line and east-
                                                        Construct new passenger             west BNSF line in Stockton
                                                         platforms for San Joaquin           to improve capacity and
                                                         trains at Stockton diamond          operations; relocate
                                                         and provide rubber-tired            Stockton passenger
                                                         shuttle to Channel Depot            platforms for UPRR and
                                                         (Stockton)                          BNSF trains to crossing to
                                                                                             provide vertical transfer

Grade Crossings      Staged, prioritized               Grade separation studies to        Construct second priority       Construct grade separations
and Grade             improvements are                   define improvements and             grade separations along          needed for high speed
Separations           implemented in accordance          required r/w (corridor              principal lines                  operation along principal
(All Lines)           with train and highway             specific)                                                            lines
                      conflict levels to improve
                      grade crossing safety and         Construct high priority grade
                      implement “Quiet Zones” in         separations along principal
                      the near term and to provide       lines
                      grade separations where
                      needed in the long term           Construct “Sealed Corridor”
                                                         safety improvements and
                                                         implement “Quiet Zones”
                                                         along crossings which
                                                         remain at grade

                                                                          - 12 -