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									Where we are now
Project Milestones                          Consulting with          Benefiting local business
to date                                     landowners and residents The project alliance is fielding enquiries
July 2007: Sugarloaf Pipeline Project       Consulting with the community remains     from companies, businesses and
announced as part of the Victorian          central to preparing for the pipeline.    individuals interested in working on the
Government’s Water Plan and Food Bowl       Project team members are visiting         pipeline or providing support services
Modernisation Project                       landowners regularly along the recently   during the investigation and
                                            announced preferred corridor route.       construction periods.
First round of community information
sessions                                                                              A database of local businesses is
                                            The team, including designers and
                                            engineers, provide landowners and         currently being assembled. Those
Nov 2007: Environment Effects
                                            residents with information about the      wishing to be involved can register their
Statement, Referral to Minister for
                                            project, seek permission to access        interest by contacting us on a dedicated
                                            private property and explain the next     toll free number: 1800 631 713.
Dec 2007: Planning Minister calls for       steps in the process.
preparation of Project Impact
Assessment                                  By visiting landowners in person the
                                            team has been able to incorporate new
Jan 2008: Environment Protection and        ideas into pipe design and hear
Biodiversity Conservation Act Referral      suggestions relating to mitigation.
submitted to Federal Minister for           Conversations have also addressed the
Environment, Heritage and the Arts          issue of compensation and the
Negotiations with landowners for land       independent role of the Valuer-General
access and compensation commence            in the process.

Feb 2008: Submission of Project Impact
Assessment (PIA) Report (now on             Studies continue
exhibition for public comment until 18
                                            Field teams are continuing to undertake
                                            studies, adding to information already
Federal decision on EPBC Referral:          collected on:
The pipeline is a controlled action under
the EPBC Act, and the Federal Minister      •   Flora and Fauna
will make his final decision on the         •   Cultural Heritage
project based on the advice provided by     •   Geotechnical
the Victorian Advisory Committee,           •   Surveying
appointed by the Victorian Minister for
                                            These ongoing investigations provide
                                            fundamental information for pipeline
March 2008: Sugarloaf Pipeline              engineers and designers. For example,
Advisory Committee to begin                 recent work by the Cultural Heritage
considering PIA documents and public        team has examined evidence
submissions.                                of Aboriginal occupation.

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