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                                     Observer                                         Hollywoodland                                                               Green Room Awards
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                                     Showbiz                                         From Tommy Garrett
                                                                                                                                                            Stage/Video Design: The Black Lung Company - Avast
                                                                                                                                                            I and II (Malthouse Theatre presents The Black Lung).
                                                                                                                                                            Dave Jones - Advent Calendar (Insite Arts/Federation

                                                                   WHAT’S OLD
                                                                                                                                                            Sound or Music: Kelly Ryall - Coop (Black Hole The-
 ★father figurelookingmustadifferenceforinhow alifelov
      Irene in Time is a
      ers who are
                  can make a
                             see film movie
                         for film about
                                                                                                                                                            Lighting: Ben Cobham - Coop (Black Hole Theatre)
 a young woman.

                                                                  IS NEW AGAIN
     My friend Tanna Frederick stars in the Henry                                                                                                                                CABARET
 Jaglom film that is being released in America on
                                                                                                                                                            Cabaret Production: Die Roten Punkte: Super
 US Father's Day, June 11 and please check out:                                                                                                             Cabaret Artiste: Yana Alana
 www.ireneintime.com for future release in Austra-                                                                                                          Cabaret Ensemble: Mutzenball (Mutzenball)
 lia.                                                                                                                                                       Musical Direction in Cabaret: Iain Grandage - Vamp
     I was the first journalist to see the preview last                                                                                                     Original Songs in Cabaret: Jacob Diefenbach - Mas-
 year and it's a tear jerker. It is a film that every parent                   THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL                                                   ter of Disguise
 should see.                                                   ■ For B&B fans in Aus-                                                                       Innovative Use of Form in Cabaret: No Success Like
     Tanna Frederick who I co-star with later this year        tralia: You'll soon see                                                                      Failure (The Fondue Set)
 in "Queen of the Lot" is playing a role she's never           Stephanie Forrester los-
 played before. She is also features in my upcoming            ing it all. S                                                                                                         DANCE
 book "Hollywood Stars, Yesterday, Today and For-                  he'll arrive by the                                                                      Male Dancer: Marc Cassidy - A Suite of Dances (The
 ever" due out on June 11.                                     beach but gets help from                                                                     Australian Ballet)
                                                               a surprising source in                                                                       Female Dancer: Sarah-Jayne Howard: Inuk 2 (Sydney
                                                                                                                                                            Dance Company)
 ★andofshowsand wife ofofactor, film37makerweek
     Actress Jennifer Garner turned last

 mother two
                no signs slowing down. The
                                                               Nick Marone.
                                                                   The very next week we
                                                               saw Stephanie rising to
                                                                                                                                                            Dance Ensemble: Underground (Dancenorth)
                                                                                                                                                            Music Composition & Performance in Dance: David
 Affleck is busy working on four films and says she's          greater heights than she's                                                                   Chisholm - Axeman Lullaby (Balletlab)
 looking for more. Jennifer and Ben are a couple               seen in two decades, as                                                                      Concept & Realisation in Dance: Blazeblue Oneline
 who make a difference in the world. Ben has been              she takes control of                                                                         (Antony Hamilton)
 traveling to Darfur the past few years trying to bring
                                                               Jackie M. Designs and                                                                        Betty Pounder Award for Choreography: Phillip
                                                               uses the opportunity to                                                                      Adams - Axeman Lullaby (BalletLab)
 attention to the plight of those people, but the couple       show her ex-husband                                                                          Lighting Design in Dance: Ben Cobham @ Blue-
 also can be seen around Hollywood with their kids             Eric and his new younger                                                                     bottle3 (design/lighting) - Sunstruck (Helen Herbertson
 on a regular basis. Whether it's the park or going            wife Donna that they                                                                         and Ben Cobham)
 to the pediatrician, they are Hollywood's favorite            made a big mistake in let-                                                                   Set and/or Costume Design for Dance: Bluebottle3
 parents.                                                      ting her leave Forrester                                                                     and Paula Levis (set/costume) - Blazeblue Oneline
                                                               Creations.                                                                                   (Antony Hamilton)
                                                                   But in typical Susan
 ★arefollowersexposed.husband Ashtonsocial net-a
      Demi Moore and her

         too over
                  on Twitter, the latest
                          The couple which touts               Flannery style, she
                                                               shoves the point down her
                                                                                                                                                            Opera Production: Arabella - Opera Australia. The
 working craze is driving their publicists crazy for sure.     nemesis's throats. Susan                                                                     Coronation of Poppea - Victorian Opera
    It's tough enough to contain clients who tend to           Flannery                plays                                                                Direction in Opera: John Cox - Arabella and A Masked
                                                               Stephanie with such                                                                          Ball (Opera Australia)
 talk too much or give bad interviews. But now their           amazing dignity, style and
 publicists are concerned that the couple is telling too       grace. But fans can be                                                                       Female in a Leading Role: Cheryl Barker (Arabella)
 much to fans, to the world on the social networking           assured that Bradley                                                                         - Arabella (Opera Australia)
 site and it sure has caused them to lose their mys-           Bell's storytelling the next                                                                 Male in a Leading Role: Jonathan Summers (Iago) -
 tique with the public.                                        few months will be rivet-                                                                    Otello (Opera Australia)
    Now Ashton's telling fans/followers on Twitter             ing and a roller coaster                                                                     Female in a Supporting Role: Amelia Farrugia (Os-
 when Demi is in the bathroom, she's been credited             ride for sure.                                                                               car) - A Masked Ball (Opera Australia)
 with saving the life of a Twitter follower who claimed            "B&B" is one of the                         ● Susan Flannery                             Male in a Supporting Role: Kanen Breen (Cassio) -
 she was going to commit suicide.                              greatest series because                                                                      Otello and (Elemer) Arabella (Opera Australia)
    Then the survivor went on the national talk show           they are never unsure of            Ronn Moss proves         divas battle it out on          Conductor of an Opera: Peter Tregear - Erwin and
                                                               their star's abilities. Susan   that he can make Ridge       screen.                         Elmire (iOpera)
 circuit to thank Ms Moore.                                                                                                                                 New Operatic Work: Through the Looking Glass - Alan
    Call me suspicious but if you were at the stage of         Flannery hasn't won four        as exciting as ever. After       Jeanne Cooper may
                                                               Emmys because she's             over two decades, he's       be over 80, but she's proof     John/Andrew Upton (Malthouse Theatre and Victorian
 suicide wouldn't you need to worry about getting help         boring.                         still going strong.          that age is only a number.      Opera)
 not publicity?                                                    She's anything but.             Don Diamont is about     She has carried "Y&R"           Set and Costume Design in Opera: Robert Perdziola
    Brittish star Keira Knightley however is from              Lesley Anne Down may            to appear of Bill Spencer,   the past six months with        (Scenery and Costume)- Arabella (Opera Australia)
 the old school of Hollywood and believes that stars           be beautiful, but as the        Jr. Oh, Bill doesn't like    the amnesia storyline and       Lighting Design in Opera: Donn Byrnes - Arabella
 should be people that fans wonder about and she has           new Jackie you'll be see-       Junior. Sorry.               I can assure Aussie view-       (Opera Australia)
 no interest in alerting the world when she's shopping         ing, I can assure you that           Then on "The Young      ers that she only im-
 or going to the restroom.                                     you'll find her even more       & the Restless" you can't    proves.                                       ASSOCIATION AWARDS
    Good for you, Keira. Probably why you are such             fun and amazing.                imagine it.           But        A Hollywood insider         New Writing for the Australian Stage: Red Sky Morn-
 a big star and a greater actress than most today.                 Jackie's new boy toy        Katherine and Jill de-       who usually is on the           ing - Tom Holloway (Red Stitch Actors Theatre)
                                                               Owen played by Bran-            clare War for the 5,009      money when it comes to          Lifetime Achievement Award: Marilyn Jones OBE
                                                               don Beemer is not only          time. Sure I'm exagger-      Emmy nominations de-
 ★Oscarvery unkindBillyFoxx isisunder fire. HeCyrus
            winner Jamie

 recently and her dad
                      statements about Miley
                           Ray livid over them.
                                                               sexy but a strong actor as
                                                               well. This new duo
                                                                                               ating. But the characters
                                                                                               have been going at each
                                                                                                                            served told me last week,
                                                                                                                            "Tommy, If there's any
                                                                                                                                                                Presenters included Julia Zemiro, Caroline
                                                                                                                                                            O’Connor, Miriam Margolyes, Casey Bennetto,
                                                               Jackie/Owen may be-             others throats for over      justice in this industry,       Silvie Paladino, Kevin Harrington, Suzanne
     Many scratched their heads in shock over Foxx's           come television's hottest       three decades.               Jeanne Cooper will be
 words and wondered what he could be thinking by                                                                                                            Johnston, Dame Margaret Scott, Deputy Lord
                                                               Cougar Couple.                      But Maria Arena          given the Emmy this year        Mayor, Cr. Susan Riley, Abbe Holmes and Neil Pigot.
 telling a 15-year-old to do the things he suggested.              Yes, Cougar? That's a       Bell, who is Head Writer     as she was last. And any-
     However, my take on it is, Jamie's always had                                                                          one who is against her in           On the VIP invitation list were Rachel Berger,
                                                               new saying that describes       and Executive Producer                                       Sharon Millerchip, Amanda Harrison, Lucy Durack,
 too big of a mouth and Miley's always been too big            an older woman who likes        reversed the biggest mis-    the category should just        Penny McNamee, Mike McLeish, All Billy’s (from
 for her britches.                                             younger men. At my age,         take made in daytime his-    remove their name and let       Billy Elliot), All Michael’s, Genevieve Lemon, Rich-
     I say to Billy Ray tone down the criticism and            it's difficult to keep up       tory.                        her have what she so            ard Piper, Luke Mullins, Judi Connelli, Kelly Aykers,
 take a look at what you are doing by bringing a child         with all the new phrases            Making Kay and Jill      justly         deserves!"
                                                               and terms in Tinseltown.        mother and daughter was      Michael, you are right!         Roy Best, Alison Bell, John Adam, Kellie Jones ,
 into the realm of Hollywood and trying to make her                                                                                                         Adrian Collete and Rob Brookman from the Sydney
 a star. It's no place for kids!                               But be sure not to miss         her predecessor's mistake.       Then there is Days of
                                                               this super couple's debut       Since taking over the        Our Lives which is bat-         Theatre Co.
                                                               soon.                           show, Bell has made very     tling the ratings game and
 ★has written aa deafwho won Children in 1986best
     Marlee Matlin
     her role as      mute in
                               an Oscar
                                        of a Lesser
                 book that's bound to become a
                                                for                 Then there's Ronn
                                                               Moss and his enemy, step
                                                                                                   Jess Walton may have
                                                                                                                            recently decided to kill off
                                                                                                                            Tony DiMera yet again.
                                                                                                                            Actor Thaao Penghlis is
                                                               brother Rick Forrester          had some tense times re-
 seller. She reveals in her autobiography that she             who has stolen the heart        cently during contract ne-   one of the shining stars of
 was molested in high school and the night after she           of Ridge's daughter             gotiations but she and       daytime television and it's
 won the Oscar for her role in Lesser God, her then            Steffy. Rick is played by       longtime costar and friend   a big mistake to kill off the
 boyfriend actor William Hurt assaulted her.                   Kyle Lowder who is              Jeanne Cooper who            show's best actor.
    Though she also credits him with getting her off           nothing like his character.     plays Katherine Chan-            But don't count
 cocaine which she was hooked on during the time                   The young actor is one      cellor sat down and dis-     Penghlis out yet. Fans
 she was making the film and getting her award.                of the nicest guys in Hol-      cussed what the State of     have seen characters on
    I file this under, "Too Much Information Given."           lywood, but his role as         the Industry is.             Days of Our Lives come
 But at least she is being honest and hopefully she can        Rick has him getting lots           And Jess decided aptly   and go and come again!
 deter other young women from a life of drugs and              of dirty looks lately.          that now is not the time     Here's hoping that Days
                                                                   Rick may be going too       to be out of work in Hol-    producer Ken Corday
 what comes with it.                                           far, but it sure is a lot of    lywood or any other          sees the error and brings
       Your friend, Tommy
                    Tommy                                      fun to see Lowder and
                                                               Moss at each other's
                                                                                               place. Good news! She
                                                                                               signed her contract and
                                                                                               we'll be seeing the two
                                                                                                                            Tony back on board.
                                                                                                                                   - Tommy Garrett                          ● Marilyn Jones

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