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									Moorhead Basketball Association--MBA is Fantastic--2008-2009

Moorhead Basketball Association is sponsoring a Basketball League for boys and girls in the 5th
and 6th grade.

Mission Statement: MBA was founded to provide an increased opportunity for boys and girls
to actively participate in the game of basketball within a structured program.

Organization: All players will be assigned to a team and will have the opportunity to practice
twice a week and participate in a regular game with officials on saturday mornings.

Practice: Boys-tues. and thurs. nights 6 to 7:30--Girls 6 to 7:30 mon. and thurs nights.
Games: Saturday mornings Nov. 8, 15, 29, Dec. 6, 13, 18th (thursday--final MBA day)
(Scrimmage where teams will be drafted--Nov. 1 in the fieldhouse)

Cost: 65 dollars
Price includes: Reversible Jersey, practices, and games that are scored with officials.
First Practice: October 27th (girls) October 28th (boys)--Moorhead High Fieldhouse

MBA Notes:

-Last year we had a great group of coaches. The Spud players and coaches start the season and
the volunteer coaches finish the job. This worked great last year and we will looking for people
that are willing to work with the players. The MBA will provide training for volunteer coaches.

-Players work on skills, team play, offenses and get game experience in the MBA program.
They also get exposure to the High school coaches, players and the facilities.

-The MBA is currently exploring the idea of adding traveling teams to their regimen.

-We would like all Moorhead players in this program and have them start their traveling teams
tournaments after the MBA season finishes. There is plenty of tourneys and time to play in Jan.
Feb. March and April.

-You could still play park board basketball after MBA finishes.

-Players will play in front of crowds at spud games--

Spread the word--Lets hoop it up in the MBA
Moorhead Spud Coaching Staff and the Moorhead Basketball Association
                                      Registration Form

Child's Name:___________________________________________ Sex: M____F____

Parent/Guardian:_____________________ Phone: Home______________Cell___________

Address: ___________________________City:_____________ Grade: (08-09) _____ Age:___

School Currently attending: ________________

Circle Division: 4th Boys 4th Girls 5th Girls 6th Boys 5th Boys 6th Girls

Liability Waiver
No. 1: In consideration of your accepting me or my child or ward's entry, I hereby, for myself,
my child or ward, my spouse, heirs and successors or assigns, waive and release any and all
rights and claims that I, my spouse, or my child or ward may have against the Moorhead
Basketball Association, its servants, agents, or employees, for any and all injuries or other
damages arising out of or connected with participation in the above activities. I further agree
and consent to emergency treatment of my child or ward by a physician or hospital in the event
that I cannot be reached.

_______________________________________________               _____________________
Parent or Guardian Signature                                  Date

No. 2: I hereby grant authorization for my child's name and or home phone number to be
published on a team roster, which will be made available to coaches, staff, team, and others
deemed necessary. I understand that if I choose not to sign this waiver, my child's name and
phone number will not appear on any team roster but will be given to the coach and appropriate
Moorhead Basketball Association Staff member.

________________________________________________ ________________________
Parent or Guardian Signature                        Date

Please send check payments to:
Moorhead Basketball Association
PO Box 651
Moorhead, Mn. 56561-0651

                                  For office use only
Paid Cash____ Paid Check#__________ Date Received___________ Initials_____________
               Practicum Coaching

               Boys and Girls Youth Basketball
Moorhead Basketball Association

MBA is Fantastic

Looking for Practicum Students to coach and earn credit!!!!
****We will train and supervise you and you can earn your respective credits.
****Boys Coaches Contact Chuck Gulsvig @ Moorhead High School 284-2418
****Girls Coaches Contact Jim Kapitan @ 284-4484

MBA sponsors a basketball league for 5th and 6th graders they practice twice a week and play a
game on saturday--Program starts Oct. 27 (girls) Oct. 28 (boys) through Dec. 18!!
Boys practice tuesday and thursday 6 to 7:30--game saturday morning
Girls practice monday and thursday 6 to 7:30--game saturday morning
(no practice or games during thanksgiving break)

Practices and games are held at Moorhead High School fieldhouse.

Visit website:
If you have any questions feel free to call--we have had some great students that have worked in
our program the past few years and hopefully we can keep up the tradition. This is a good
program that we have started and we have tried to keep it affordable for the kids of Moorhead.
Thanks for your efforts and if we can help with a little talk in one of your practicum classes
down the road we would be more than willing to oblige!!!

Yours in hoops--
CR Gulsvig

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