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					                                        University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
                                          Curriculum Proposal Form #3
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Effective Term:              2047 (Fall 2004)

Subject Area - Course Number: PEGNRL 178                                          Cross-listing:
(See Note #1 below)

Course Title: (Limited to 65 characters)     Advanced Tae Kwon Do
25-Character Abbreviation:                   ADV TAE KWON DO

Sponsor(s):                  Jeffrey C. Barnett
Department(s):               Health, Physical Education, Coaching & Recreation
College(s):                  Education

Consultation took place:                   NA                 Yes (list departments and attach consultation sheet)
Programs Affected:                     None
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                NA                  Yes                       will be at future meeting

Prerequisites:                   Intermediate Tae Kwon Do PEGNRL 176 or Consent of Instructor

Grade Basis:                           Conventional Letter                     S/NC or Pass/Fail

Course will be offered:                Part of Load                            Above Load
                                       On Campus                               Off Campus - Location

College:                        Education                                Dept/Area(s): Health, Physical Education,

Instructor:                     Trent Norrell
                                Note: If the course is dual-listed, instructor must be a member of Grad Faculty.

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Credit/Contact Hours: (per semester)
Total lab hours:                0      Total lecture hours:              32
Number of credits:              1      Total contact hours:              32

Can course be taken more than once for credit? (Repeatability)
    No          Yes       If "Yes", answer the following questions:
No of times in major:                                                    No of credits in major:
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Proposal Information: (Procedures can be found at
Course justification:
Students completing Beginning and Intermediate Tae Kwon Do have asked for this course to be able to
continue their study of martial arts.

Relationship to program assessment objectives:

Budgetary impact:
Handled within department.

Course description:
The course is designed to enhance skills learned in the beginning and intermediate classes along with
developing more advanced skills. Students will discuss and practice various advanced techniques, skills,
strategies and philosophies in the martial arts, along with a constant focus on sound structural basics.

Course requisites:

Beginning and Intermediate Tae Kwon Do or consent of instructor.

If dual listed, list graduate level requirements for the following:
         1. Content (e.g., What are additional presentation/project requirements?)

          2. Intensity (e.g., How are the processes and standards of evaluation different for graduates and
          undergraduates? )

          3. Self-Directed (e.g., How are research expectations differ for graduates and undergraduates?)

Course objectives and tentative course syllabus:
See attached

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pages in length. Indicate current library holdings by placing an asterisk [*])

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2. The 15 and 25 character abbreviations may be edited for consistency and clarity.
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Pegnrl 178 Advanced TKD/I

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                                  Advanced Tae Kwon Do
                     FALL 2004                   Credit – 1.0

Instructor:      Mr. Trent Norrell, 3rd Degree Black Belt
Office:          2030 Winther Hall
Phone:           608-295-8768
Course Prerequisites: Beginning & Intermediate TKD

Course Description

A course designed to enhance skills learned in the beginning and intermediate
classes along with develop more advanced skills. We will discuss and practice
various advanced techniques, skills, strategies and philosophies in the martial arts,
along with a constant focus on sound structural basics.


This course is designed to give the students an outlet to follow up on the training
they have received in the first two classes. It will also give the students a chance to
polish their techniques and improve and enhance their skills and knowledge. The
course will be activity-based and will involve rigorous workouts. Hands-on
application will be practiced in every class. A chance for possible rank
advancement is an option. See evaluation section.

Major Objectives

     1. Students will develop a broad understanding of the martial arts.

     2. Students will polish techniques, skills, strategies, and philosophies and
        improve on these with more advanced concepts.

     3. Students will be able to demonstrate martial arts skills appropriate for their
        skill levels.

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Advanced Tae Kwon Do syllabus                                 Page 2

The course will be taught using a traditional martial arts class structure. Each class
will consist of physical conditioning and stretching, drills, demonstrations,
discussion, and application. Students are encouraged to ask questions regarding
techniques, methods, or martial arts in general.

Required Equipment

All students are required to have and wear a mouthpiece.
All male students are required wear a tuck-under cup at all times.
Students are encouraged to wear a uniform (Gi/ Dobalk). While it is not mandatory
for class, it is required if belt promotion is desired.
All equipment can be purchased from Mr. Norrell.
Students are also required to wear the appropriate protective sparring equipment.
This will be covered by Mr. Norrell.
This equipment will be provided, but students are encouraged to purchase their
own. This can be done through Mr. Norrell.


Class attendance is mandatory. We will cover different topics in each class, and
we will build upon prior weeks’ lessons. Due to the nature of the classes, absences
may not be made up. If you have to miss a class for any reason, you must contact
Mr. Norrell in advance. Students will receive a reduction in one letter grade for
each unexcused absence. Participation, attitude, effort, & attendance make up
40% of the final grade.

Students will be given homework assignments designed to develop conditioning
and to improve the execution of the techniques learned in class. These assignments
make up 20% of final grade. Students are also expected to practice outside of
class on their own, with other students, or with the Warhawk Karate Club.

The Final Exam will be skills-based. Exams will be observed in class by formal
exam. Students will be graded based on their own performance, skill level and
improvement. The final exam will make up 40% of the final grade. Belt rank
promotion is attainable, but not mandatory. Mr. Norrell will discuss all aspects of
belt test procedures.
Class Rules

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In order to maintain a safe and positive learning environment, the following rules will be
observed. Failure to obey these rules could result in a failing class grade or dismissal.

     1.     No hats or bandanas may be worn. However headbands are allowed.

     2.     No jewelry (rings, watches, dangly earrings, bracelets, chains, etc.) may be worn in

     3.     No gum-chewing during class.

     4.     No foul language or swearing is permitted.

     5.     Disruptive behavior and attitudes will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly

            and appropriately.

     6.     Be on time to every class.

     7.     Students will demonstrate the utmost respect for the study of martial arts, the
            instructor, other members of the class, and themselves at all times.

     8.     Students must ask permission to leave during class. If you cannot attend a class for
            any reason, please let Mr. Norrell know in advance. See above regarding the policy
            for missed classes.

     9.     “What is learned in class will stay in class.” Students will not engage in showing
            techniques developed in class, outside of the class.

     10. Students will inform the instructor of all illnesses and injuries that might affect their
         class performance. This includes taking medication that might slow reaction tie or
         affect balance.

At all times, students will listen to the instructor and do exactly what the instructor directs.
This includes executing techniques at the specified speed and height. Any deviation from
these directions will considered safety violations and will not be tolerated.

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Advanced Tae Kwon Do

Week 12

Warm ups and Stretching.

Training and Conditioning.

Review of techniques

New Techniques:
Step In Crescent Kick
Skip in Crescent Kick

Olympic Style Rules

Review Self Defense

Palgue 1 Advanced

Breaking (rebreakable boards)

Breaking demonstration
Multi station board break or cement break

Students Decide if they wish to advance in rank.
Training for belt test starts
Testing date and time is set

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Advanced Tae Kwon Do

Week 13

Warm ups and Stretching.

Training and Conditioning.

Review of techniques

New Techniques:
Turning Reverse Kick
Spinning Hook Kick

Bag Work
Basic Punches
Basic Kicks
Advanced Kicks
Jump Back Roundhouse
Jump Back Snap
Jump Spin Back
Turning Reverse
Spinning Hook

Open Spar

Palgue 2

Sabaki Challenge

Revised 10/02                7 of 12
Advanced Tae Kwon Do

Week 14

Warm ups and Stretching.

Training and Conditioning.

Review of techniques

Floor Drills
All techniques

Chowder line
Self Defense drill (NO Pads No contact)

Open Spar

Palgue 2

Video clip
Final fight scene from Best of the Best

Movie Review
Watch one Martial Arts Movie
Review the movie
Describe if plot was worthwhile
Good fight scenes (choriography)
Any practical techniques
Rate movie 1-5 stars

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Advanced Tae Kwon Do

Week 15

Warm ups and Stretching.

Training and Conditioning.

Review of techniques

Review for Final Exam
Self Defense

Teacher Evaluations

Discuss test with students that wish to advance in rank.

Revised 10/02                        9 of 12
Advanced Tae Kwon Do

Week 16

Final Exam
Test taken individually in formal testing mode in front of instructor.

Test for advancement in rank is scheduled for another time period.

Revised 10/02                        10 of 12
                          Advanced Tae Kwon Do Final Exam
Stances                                         Score_________(10)
Horse                     ____
Front                     ____
Back                      ____
Cat                       ____
Fighting           ____

Punches                                         Score_________(10)
Backfist          ____
Reverse Punch             ____
Ridge Hand                ____
Spinning Backfist ____
Other misc.               ____

Kicks                                           Score________(30)
Snap                      ____
Side                      ____
Roundhouse                ____
Spinning back             ____
Crescent Kick
Inside & out              ____
Spinning                  ____
Jump spin back ____
Turning reverse ____
Spinning Hook ____
Running roundhouse        ____
Step in Side              ____
Skip in Side              ____
Jump back round ____
Jump back snap ____

Self Defense 1-8                         Score_______(10)

Forms                                           Score_______(30)
Chun Gi            ____
Palgue 1           ____
Palgue 1 Adv              ____
Palgue 2           ____
Palgue 2 Adv              ____
Pinon 1            ____

History Questions                               Score_______(10)
1.                        ____
2.                        ____
3.                        ____                  Total________(100)

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                       Advanced Tae Kwon Do Daily Homework Sheet

                Monday       Tuesday       Wed.          Thurs.         Friday   Sat.   Sunday

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16

Write in the number of each activity that you completed for each day.

1.        100 push ups.
2.        100 sit ups.
3.        100 backfists each side
4.        50 reverse punches each side
5.        50 rear hand ridge hands each side
6.        50 front snap kicks each side
7.        50 roundhouse kicks each side
8.        50 side kicks each side
9.        50 crescent kicks each side (either kind or both)
10.       10 forms(kata/poomse)
11.       Run 1 mile
12.       25 Jump kicks each side (Any type of jump kick)

1 point for each completed entry.
110+ points      = A
100-109 points = B
80-99 points     = C
70-89 points     = D
69 and below = F

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