Unemployed On a Centrelink Benefit Want to start your own business

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					 Unemployed? On a Centrelink Benefit?
   Want to start your own business?
                                                                                              NEIS Program
                                                                                              Small Business Centre

 Then RMIT NEIS can help you. It offers you:                                                  CBD Campus:
                                                                                              Building 37, Room 308
    • Free Training in Small Business Management                                              411 Swanston Street
    • Assistance in Business Plan Development                                                 Melbourne 3000
    • Free Business Advice & Support                                                          Telephone: (03) 9925 2933
                                                                                              Facsimile: (03) 9925 2707
    • Income Support for 52 weeks
                                                                                              Bundoora West campus:
                                                                                              Telephone: (03) 9925 7500
 If you are interested in turning your business idea into a reality,                          Facsimile: (03) 9466 8094
 the following steps show you how:

 1.       Attend:            Information Session for the RMIT NEIS Program
 2.       Submit:            Formal NEIS Application and attend an Interview
 3.       Commence:          Business Training and Business Plan Development
 4.       Successful:        Assessment of Business Plan
 5.       Commence:          NEIS Income Support and Mentoring

1)        RMIT NEIS program has an information session every Friday at 9.30am in our city campus
          (see Orange Flyer). It runs for approximately 1½ hours and explains the NEIS Program in
          detail. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and collect relevant information,
          including the NEIS Application form. (Appointments for interview can be made at the end of
          the information session.)

 2)       You attend an interview equipped with your completed NEIS Application and any additional
          information relevant to your business idea. The person conducting the interview will assess
          the potential viability of your business idea based on the information you provide at the
          interview. (A decision on approval or otherwise will be advised at the end of the interview.)
          If approved, you are immediately put on the waiting list for the next NEIS Business Training
          Course. RMIT NEIS staff will send you a letter 1 to 2 weeks prior to the commencement of
          your NEIS course advising you of the start time, venue and what items to bring.

 3)       You attend the free NEIS Business Training Course (this is a full-time and accredited
          Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management). The NEIS course is 7 weeks in
          duration and runs from Monday to Friday, 9.30am till 3.30pm. Please Note: During the NEIS
          course you are required to prepare a “Business Plan” for your proposed new business (this
          business plan must be completed by the end of the course). Assistance and support is
          available during all stages of the business plan development.

 4)       At the conclusion of your NEIS Course your business plan is assessed by the NEIS
          Advisory Committee (NEISAC). The NEISAC thoroughly review your completed business
          plan to assess if they consider the proposed new business to be viable. The NEISAC then
          recommend all new businesses they consider viable to the Department of Employment and
          Workplace Relations (DEWR) for final approval.

 5)       Following confirmation of DEWR final approval of your business plan you sign a “Participant
          Agreement” with DEWR which entitles you to 52 weeks of NEIS Income Support from
          DEWR and quarterly Mentor Support provided by RMIT (i.e. a professional business person
          who gives you business advice and support).

 The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) is funded by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR)

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