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UK Transport and Social Inclusion Past, Present and Future

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									The Transport and Social Inclusion Committee
Inaugural Seminar Invitation

UK Transport and Social Inclusion:
Past, Present and Future
                                              By Ms Miranda Carter
                                              Head of the Mobility and Inclusion Unit
                                              Department for Transport UK

   Date:         Wednesday 23 August 2006
   Time:         2.30 pm—4.00 pm
                 Registration from 2.00 pm
                 (tea and coffee upon arrival)

   Where: The Canberra Room
          Hotel Windsor
          103 Spring Street
          Melbourne, Victoria
   RSVP:         By Monday 14 August 2006
                 To Ms Merryel Perera, Public Transport
                 Division, Department of Infrastructure.
                 Telephone (03) 9655 6500
                 or email
                 with your name, title, organisation and
                 full email address.

The Transport and Social Inclusion            (ii) encourage debate and discussion            Prior to joining the UK’s Department for
Committee recently held the 2006 Transport,        in this area.                              Transport in 1990, Miranda worked in the
Social Disadvantage and Well-being                                                            trade union movement and the charity
                                              The Committee is delighted that the
Conference to increase understanding                                                          sector. She currently chairs the Women’s
                                              inaugural seminar UK Transport and Social
and awareness of the impact of transport                                                      Committee Transportation Research Board
                                              Inclusion: Past, Present and Future will be
disadvantage on people’s well being,                                                          (US National Research Council).
                                              given by Ms Miranda Carter, Head of the
and to identify how transport provision
                                              Mobility and Inclusion Unit (MIU), Department   Miranda will discuss the role of transport
contributes towards inclusive communities.
                                              for Transport, United Kingdom (UK).             and social inclusion, how the government
(See website for further information:                                                         policy of the UK has developed over time
                                           MIU’s key aims are to make policies                                                        and where it could be heading.
                                           and provision for public transport users,
The Committee (comprising of the           pedestrians and motorists that are
Department of Infrastructure, Monash       inclusive, accessible and safe and to
University, the Brotherhood of St Laurence promote diversity in transport policy.
and the Bus Association of Victoria)
                                           MIU has a wide-ranging research
will host a seminar series to further:
                                           program to identify the transport issues
(i) raise the awareness and understanding  and requirements of different social groups
    of the impact and links between        including: the disabled; people with young
    transport disadvantage and people’s    children; different ethnic and cultural
    well being; and                        groups; younger and older people.

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