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					      Commonwealth Games Athletes
                      Project Manager: Iain D Hall

                           SCLF Presentation
                           15 September 2009

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  1. Model Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination
     CLR11: Risk Assessment
     CLR11: Options Appraisal

  2. Approach towards Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Using CLR 11
      ‘The Model Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination are
      intended to provide the technical framework for structured decision-making
      about land contamination. The basic process can be adapted to apply in a
      range of regulatory and management contexts, subject to any specific
      constraints arising from these contexts’ (p.6)
      ‘Generic framework to show key technical activities that may apply’ (p.11)
      ‘They are not intended to present rigid technical requirements’ (p.11)

   Specific to Commonwealth Games Athletes Village
      ‘During the voluntary [not Part IIA] investigation and remediation of land
      affected by contamination’ (p.11)

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

        Risk Assessment

        Options Appraisal

    Design and Implementation of
       Remediation Strategy

                                                 Ref: CLR11, DEFRA/EA, 2004

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village


      East End of Glasgow
      Up to 8,000 Athletes and Housing
      Brownfield site, 33ha size
      Mixed land use:
           Dye works
           Water works
           Avoided heavy industry use
           Up-filled ground

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Key Activities Required
      Desktop Data Collection (all disciplines)
      Contaminated Land and Geotechnical Ground Investigations
      Ecology Surveys
      Ground Investigation Reporting
      Conceptual Site Model and Quantitative Risk Assessment
      Options Appraisal
      Support Planning Application
      Design Remediation Strategy
      Support Contract Documents and Management
      Implement Remediation Strategy (includes CDM Coordinator)
      Remediation Validation Reporting

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village
  Risk Assessment

  Site Characterisation
       2 Phases of SIs
       ~20-30m grid; a few gaps
       ~300no. locations (rotary, cable
       percussion, trial pits, hand pits,
       surface water)
       Up-gradient and down-gradient wells
       identified for WE characterisation
       Average of 3no. soil samples per
       location analysed
       Historic SI data available – use is
       age/method dependent

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Need for Good Characterisation
      Regulatory confidence
      Developer confidence
      Appropriate risk assessment leads
      onto confidence within overall
      Remediation Strategy Design
      Minimise/Remove Contractual Risk

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village
  Site Characterisation

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Quantitative Risk Assessment
      DQRA Tier 3
      CoCs are core to RPL – Relevant
      Pollutant Linkages
      Overarching remedial aim considers
      source removal; a conservative
      approach utilises lower of HH or WE
      criteria (i.e. adopt more stringent CoC
      based RPL)
      Understand nature of CoCs (e.g.

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

                 Copper                          Aromatic C12-C16

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Risk Assessment
      All CoCs
      Applicable technologies need to
          Site-wide distribution
          Potential for substantial earthworks
          Development Plan

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Risk Assessment – Key comments to acknowledge

      Geographic spread of CoCs influenced by model parameters (e.g. dilution
      Need robust sensitivity analyses on parameters used
      Lengthy process for size of site!

      Distribution of CoCs is variable
      Distribution has strong influence on applicability of remedial technique

      Development Plan requirements

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village
  Options Appraisal
  Three main stages to an Options Appraisal:
      Identify feasible remediation options for RPLs: prioritise these
      Identify most appropriate option for any particular linkage
      Allow production of a remediation strategy that addresses RPLs, where
      appropriate by combining remediation options

  Key areas to consider:
      Cost of the technology (range per technology)
      Degree to which risks need to be reduced (consider starting concentrations)
      Time constraints
      Practicability, effectiveness and durability
      Sustainability of the strategy (environmental impacts etc.)
      Legal and commercial considerations

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Key Objectives:
      Meet time constraints
      Establish Best Practicable Technique for dealing with RPLs
           Robust, able to vary treatment rate (time constraint)
      Provide for suitable Contract (simplify where appropriate)
      Regulator and Developer Confidence
      To achieve Remedial Target Criteria
      Sustainable (Low Carbon Games)

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Key Sustainability considerations:
      Minimise requirement for disposal, maximise on-site reuse
      BREEAM consideration: Multi Residential 2008 (up to 19 credits)
      Carbon foot-printing (e.g. PAS 2050:2008). The foot-printing exercise will be
      used to identify areas where carbon savings can be maximised, helping to
      meet the aim of a sustainable low carbon Commonwealth Games
      Net Waste Tool:
      Demonstrate appropriate remedial requirements via Risk Assessment

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Preferred Approach (Combined Approach):
      Physical screening and sorting
      Soil washing
      Excavation and Disposal
      Facilitate Cover material

      Options Appraisal do not guarantee successful outcomes. Other matters such
      as Contract Management will be key
      Carry Preferred Approach forward to Remediation Design

Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

  Thank You
  Any Questions?

  Contact Details:
  Iain Hall BSc, MSc, CGeol FGS, AIEMA
     0131 550 6300


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