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									                                                                               Hammock Bay
                                                                             Golf & Country Club
                                                                                                     The work begins
                                                                                                      by Stacie Zinn & Rich Redles

                                                                                                        PART TWO IN A SERIES

                                                                                        ith this the second article in our       was at once somber and celebratory.
                                                                                        ongoing series on the redevelop-            During the luncheon that followed,
                                                                                        ment of the new golf course at           Director of Golf Jim Williams spoke to the
                                                                           Hammock Bay Golf & Country Club—                      crowd.
                                                                           located on a peninsula framed by the Ten                 “It will be a sad thing to see it all turn
                                                                           Thousand Islands near Marco Island in                 brown in a couple of days. It’s been a way
                                                                           southwest Florida—the old course closes,              of life for us,” Williams said. He praised
                                                                           the turf is killed off, a greens mix amend-           those he’d worked with for so long,
                                                                           ment is agreed upon, a new superintendent             including the superintendent.
                                                                           joins the club and work begins in moving                 “Our greenskeeper is one of the best
                                                                           soil on the golf course.                              ever,” Williams said. Knocking his knuck-
                                                                                                                                 les on the furniture in front of him, he
                                                                           April 20, 2002                                        added, “Ken Noble could grow grass on
                                                                             More than 150 golfers participated in a             this table.”
                                                                           Farewell Golf Tournament on this the last
                                                                           day of Marco Shores Country Club.                     May 9, 2002
                                                   PHOTOS BY RICH REDLES

                                                                           Representatives from the new develop-                    Spray-out of the turf was underway. Dick
                                                                           ment company WCI, plus the old Marco                  McCoy, president of Golf Turf Applications,
                                                                           Shores team including the golf pro and                operated a Raven Controller (SCS440MM
                                                                           Superintendent Ken Noble, along with                  system) with a herbicide mixture of
                                                                           long-time patrons of the club, gathered               Glyphosate Pro and Fusilade II. The Raven
Heavy machinery digs at the site.                                          one last time to play the course. The event                                     Continued on page 34

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                                           SUPERINTENDENT • September/October 2002                                                                                        33
Hammock Bay
Continued from page 33

Controller was equipped with a foam-making system, which
McCoy used to outline the perimeter of the area prior to spray-
out.The spray rig was also equipped with a drift reduction sys-
tem to minimize excess solution.
    Prior to Thursday, May 9, McCoy had already sprayed 60
non-golf acres and planned to complete 100 acres by day’s
end, covering approximately 18 to 20 acres per hour. Two
more applications will be sprayed on the turf before it is
tilled under.
    Also on this date, WCI announced that they had “made
a commitment to the next five golf construction projects”
including Hammock Bay, to use “baked clay”in greens con-
    Charles Graham, president of Agronomic Systems                  Above, Clay Elkins of Jacobsen Hardy, left, and Dean
Design Group. (ASDG), has been instrumental in the                 Watkins, CGCS, new superintendent and project man-
development of inorganic soil amendment additives for             ager for WCI and Hammock Bay, right, stand by on the
putting greens. Graham explained the process:                      site as a large crane digs down to check for soil quali-
    “The montmorillinite clay-based material can be heated                              ty—soil they hope to use as topsoil.
to temperatures of 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and this             Right, from 20 stories up in a crane, piles of large trees
process transforms these granules into a true porous                are visible that are being removed from the site. Most
ceramic. The end result is that these soil additives will not           of the downed trees are exotics. An effort is being
decompose. [Instead, they will] provide a positive influence                  made to preserve as many trees as possible.
to the soil for 30 to 40 years. In our early research, we dis-
covered that the porous ceramic amendments allowed us to          systems are getting us back a little closer to Mother Nature’s
positively influence the physical, chemical and biological        grand plan. The basic agronomic and environmental
aspects of soils. By allowing soils to drain properly, we were    impacts of these systems are significant and important to
able to design a well-oxygenated soil system. The benefits        the other members of the world community. The product
associated with a well-oxygenated soil system included            name is Perm O2 Pore Ceramic Granules.”
healthy beneficial microbial populations that decrease the           From an environmental standpoint, a WCI spokesman
need for fungicide applications. Disease pressure is reduced      said the baked clay process was attractive to the developer
significantly.                                                    for the following reasons:
    “The ability of these ceramic granules to attract nutrients      • Less leaching of nitrogen in groundwater
have led to a decrease in basic fertility requirements. What         • Less fertility required
we have basically created is a high flow, well-oxygenated soil       • Less water required
system with the ability to hold and store nutrients. These           • Less fungicide chemical application required

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34                                                  SUPERINTENDENT • September/October 2002
                                           June 6, 2002                                                   June 13, 2002
                                              WCI arranged to have a crane set up on the prop-               Dean Watkins, Hammock Bay’s new superintendent
                                           erty to allow prospective condominium buyers to see            and project manager, met with Clay Elkins of the golf
                                           what the view out over Marco Island and the Gulf of            course design firm of Jacobsen Hardy and WCI’s Scott
                                           Mexico would look like from the high-rises that will           Hamm, CGCS, on the site of Hammock Bay.
                                           be built on the property. Photographers were also                 Hamm revealed that Ken Noble, former superin-
                                           invited to get strapped into a harness, squeezed into a        tendent at Marco Shores, opted not to join WCI and
                                           bucket and hoisted some 20 stories into the air.               was promoted to vice president of operations by
                                              Along with island and water, the view from above            Master Link, a golf industry management and staffing
                                           revealed a vista of dead turf that once was green. The         company.
                                           bulldozers had moved in and were tilling under the                “He was here until the day we closed this off, actu-
                                           old golf course. The unexpected result of the soil dis-        ally a couple of weeks after that,” Watkins said.“He did
                                           placement was the unearthing of hundreds of golf               a real good job. Good guy.”
                                           balls—some appeared to be as much as 30 years                     Hamm described the status of the course so far.
                                           old—that had been buried on the course over time,                 “We’re in the early stages of the land develop-
                                           the result of errant shots into soggy soil. Now strewn         ment,” Hamm said. “The clearing, the initial phases
                                           around the golf course, the area looked like some              of the mass excavation, dewatering, the demolition
                                           giant had spilled a bowl of popcorn onto the deep              of all the underground piping, pretty much all the
                                           brown mud.                                                                                         Continued on page 38

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                                                     SUPERINTENDENT • September/October 2002                                                                 35
Hammock Bay                                               “Demolition is not pretty,” Hamm said.
Continued from page 35
                                                          Watkins agreed.
                                                          “We’re getting acclimated with the new look
underground structures on the golf course.”            of the site,” Watkins said. “We removed all that
   All of the irrigation had been removed from         Brazilian Pepper all over the property and a lot
the property, and a new system, a Rain Bird            of this in 1970 might have been the proper
Nimbus II, was selected to replace it. However,        landscape material to put in south Florida, but
the old system was not completely trashed.             since then it’s not. It’s considered to be invasive.
   “We salvaged quite a few sprinkler heads that       And to see the mangrove as a mangrove line
went up to Burnt Store Marina (in Charlotte            around the south of the property is fantastic, to
County, Fla.), another one of our properties,”         see that consistent line of black mangrove is
Hamm said.“Some of them have been sold off.            beautiful. But you go through a little rough
I think a country club in west Georgia has a           period where everything’s a little ripped up
truckload of them.”                                    before you actually see that.”
   From this point on, Watkins said the plan              Elkins added, “It won’t be until the shaper
after spray-out of the turf was to remove exotic       actually gets out here until you really get excit-
trees, cart paths and till under the existing veg-     ed. Now you’re looking at piles of trees where
etation and dead turf.                                 tees are going to be. You’re planning for a back-
   Work on eradicating exotics was part of the         drop, but now it’s not there.”
concentration of the work. “We’re 95 percent              Preliminary staking was also underway.
finished with the exotics,” Hamm said.“We’re at           “The lakes in Phase One are all staked out,
the stage now that they’re cutting it up, and run-     and the staking points throughout the entire
ning it through the mulcher. We’re using it as         golf course are in,” Hamm said. “That’s one of
mulch. A lot of it we’ll use to be buried to gen-      the reasons Clay’s making this visit today, to
erate good fill for the golf course.”                  approve that everything is staked right.”
   Shaping was yet to happen.                             Elkins said at this point the plan remained
   “The shaping will be in 35 days,” Hamm said.        somewhat fluid.
“With the grassing starting early September on            “You come out and refer to your plan a lot,”
Phase One, then we’ll begin mass excavation            Elkins said.“Visually at this point, until the gen-
and shaping starting on the other end of the           eral contractor gets out and they actually start
property and, more or less, working our way            staking off your plan by scale, you’re just mak-
back to the Phase One section. All told, you’re        ing sure it feels in the right spot. There’s some
looking at another 70 days for shaping five            trees that maybe we show on the plan to take
through 18, construction of the greens,                out, but Dean’s our eyes in the field because our
drainage, irrigation system installation, then         office is in Houston, and he’s decided to hang
grassing of that.”                                     onto them and wait to see if maybe we couldn’t
   Of this stage of the game, the team agreed          wait and shift some things to keep it, or is it for
that is the hardest stage to see what the final        sure that we want to take it. Things are chang-
product will look like.                                ing all the time. It’s all about the look and the
                                                                                                                                feel. Does it feel as golfy as you want? As you
                                                                                                                                intended? That for me starts taking place even
                                                                                                                                as early as now. We don’t live and die by what
                                                                                                                                we drew. We make adjustments in the field.”
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                                                                                                                                   Watkins added, “One of the most important
                                                                                                                                things now as we look at the staking points (are
                                                                                                                                issues like) is there enough room here for a
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                                                                   • Golf applications • Putting Greens
  Competition for player share is far                           • Tee boxes and Tee Lines • Target Greens                       ty corridors that we use,” Hamm said. “They
                                                        • Landing Areas • Full Driving Ranges • Par Three Courses
                                                                                                                                design the golf around those safety corridors,
       keener today. Cheesebrough
                                                                                                                                and even out in the field, if we can tweak a tee
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                                                                                                                                scaping, we’ll do that. Not only for safety rea-
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                “Flex Frame” bunker rake                    
                                                                                                                                   The three men walked the site, watching
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38                                                    SUPERINTENDENT • September/October 2002
                                                                                           have worked with paspalum, Watkins said he expects his prior
                                                                                           experience with the salt-loving turf will come in handy here at
                                                                                           Hammock Bay.
                                                                                              “I’ve just come on with WCI for this project,” Watkins said. “I
                                                                                           worked with paspalum at Olde Collier Golf Club (in Naples, Fla.)
                                                                                           for 10 months and prior to that was doing a paspalum golf course
                                                                                           in Egypt.”
                                                                                              “Being this close to the mangroves and this area that we’re in,
                                                                                           using the paspalum with the soils that are here and the brackish
                                                                                           water, I think if there’s ever been a site for paspalum this is it,”
                                                                                           Hamm said.

                                                                                           June 25, 2002
                                                                                              Demolition of the old Marco Shores maintenance buildings, gas
                                                                                           pump station and field washrooms was slated to commence on this
                                             Left, a cart path staked for demolition,      date. The clubhouse and cart barn will be raised some time in
                                             a bulldozer works in the background.          January.
                                             Inset, Clay Elkins, Dean Watkins and
                                             Scott Hamm discuss the project with           Stacie Zinn and Rich Redles are frequent contributors. They reside
                                             foreman Barton Streeter                       in Naples, Fla.

excavation and handling soil that possi-
bly could be used as topsoil for the
course.                                                                                 Free info! Circle 102 on Card.
   “We hope that there’s enough (qual-
ity) dirt here,” Hamm said. “Of the six
                                                                                                         Great Lakes Inter-Drain. Inc.
lakes that are existing on the property,
all but one of them gets reconfigured
and filled and changed around, which
is where a lot of our excavation comes
                                               Trenching?                                                  2951 E. State St., Fremont, OH 43420
   As the course is surrounded by
                                                                                                                         • Fast Clean and cost effective trenching.
brackish water and will be irrigated
with effluent, the final decision was
                                                                                                                         • Use excisting power equipment, 20 Hp+.

made to use paspalum in grassing the
   “Sea Dwarf has been used on greens                                                                                    • Labor saving soil clean up conveyor.
before, but I don’t know if it’s ever been
used on fairways, tees and roughs,”                                                                                      • Laser linkage for accurate grading.
Elkins said. “We’re going to use it wall-
to-wall as far as our golf turf applica-                                                                                 • Choice of digging booms
   Though this course will mark the                                                                                       2 1/2" to 8" wide, 24" to 48" deep.
first time Jacobsen Hardy and WCI
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                                                       SUPERINTENDENT • September/October 2002                                                                    39

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