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									        Case Study - Royal Shrewsbury
                                     Beating the Biofilm
        Royal Shrewsbury Hospital has overcome a recurring problem of high TVC by
           upgrading the water purification system for its endoscopy department

The water purification system for                                               Jenny Ellis, Senior Sister
endoscope reprocessing at Royal                                                 endoscopy, explained: “When we
Shrewsbury Hospital                                                             had high TVC’s we flushed
commissioned in 2006 operated                                                   through with chlorine. However,
successfully until late 2007, when                                              we had a number of high quality
it failed to achieve the HTM 2030                                               filters so at the point at which we
bacterial standard. Chemical                                                    had contact with the patient there
sanitisation brought the system                                                 was no problem.
back into specification but
eventually had to be repeated                                                   “While the work was carried out
every six to ten weeks.                                                         we shut down for a week, which
                                                                                was challenging in itself and
Investigation of the weekly TVC                                                 patients were offered the
results led Environmental Water                                                 opportunity to transfer to Telford
Systems (UK) Ltd (EWS) to                                                       – but it all went very well and the
concluded that a persistent biofilm                                             TVC’s have never been better.”
had developed in the distribution
ABS plastic piping ringmain –                                                   EWS’s David Hayes added:
particularly in ‘hide out’ areas          Hospital Technician David             “We’re doing an increasing
where chemical sanitisation may           Howells said: “ It’s all going fine   amount of work for endoscopy
not be 100 per cent effective,            now the TVC results we’re getting     departments. Specifications are
resulting in re-growth to an              are perfect.” Sanitisation takes      changing – with the move from
unacceptable level.                       place during the night and is a       HTM 2030 to HTM 01 there’s
                                          routine preventative maintenance      more focus on water quality.
David Hayes, Sales Manager at             activity, proactive rather than a
Environmental Water Systems               reaction to a problem.                EWS has extensive experience
(UK) Ltd explained: “We                   Conduction results in santisation     in water purification systems for
recommended removal of the                in depth. For example, the            healthcare – for example, at
ABS plastic piping and upgraded           transfer of heat through valves       Leighton Hospital, Crewe and
the system by installing a                ensures that the entire valve body    Bath Royal United Hospital.
stainless steel, treated water            benefits from santisation,            Indeed, Bath had similar
storage tank and 316L stainless           including any ‘hide out’ areas.       problems to Royal Shrewsbury
steel distribution ringmain with                                                Hospital, having experienced
automatic hot water sanitisation.         EWS undertook the upgrade over        excessive bacteria levels the
                                          a continuous nine day period          decision was made to upgrade its
“Modifications to the water               during which no purified water        system with a thermally sanitised
purification system also increased        was available.                        stainless steel tank and ring
the system output to cater for a                                                main. Results of 0 cfu/100ml are
further two AER’s – bringing the                                                now routinely achieved.”
total to six.”

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