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                                                      TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                      As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
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                       TFI RULES & REGULATIONS


     1.1 It is mandatory for all State Associations / Member Units to get
         their players, both Colour as well as Black Belt, registered with

     1.2 The Identity cards will be issued to players by TFI under the
         signatures of Secretary General.

     1.3 The TFI will charge* Rs. 100/- as one time fee from new students
         for Colour Belt registration with ID card. State Association, District
         Association & Coach/Club will charge Rs.25/= each.
         (*Amended wef 11.03.2007)

     1.4 Colour Belt Grading will be the sole responsibility of the State
         Association / Member Unit. TFI has to be intimated details of the
         athletes who are appearing for the colour belt grading and submit
         results of the belt grading to the TFI Secretariat. TFI Secretariat
         will acknowledge the same & return back the result sheet duly
         signed after updating the data of athletes. Athlete will pay Colour
         Belt grading fee of not exceeding Rs. 200/- per colour belt grading
         which is shared as under:

          State Association      :   Rs. 100/=
          TFI                    :   Rs. 25/=
          Examiner               :   Rs. 25/=
          Club / Coach           :   Rs. 25/=
          District Association   :   Rs. 25/=

          If a Player fails in the Examination, he has to pay Rs. 25/- for
          re-examination to the TFI. For Yellow Belt TFI will not charge
          any Fees.

     1.5 The date of Registration will be reckoned from the month of receipt
         of particulars in TFI Secretariat along with the requisite fee
         complete in all respects. Incomplete applications will be deemed
         not received by TFI for registration till all the formalities are

                                                        TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                       As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
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     2.1   The Black Belt Examination shall be conducted strictly in
           accordance with Circular 1 of 2009 wef from 01.01.2009.

     2.2   The fee structure for Black Belt Examination for each Dan
           promotion test shall be as provided in Circular 1 of 2009 wef

     2.3   The Black Belt Examiner is paid the following:-
           a) Belt Examination Fee of Rs. 200/- (or as per existing TFI Rules
              amended from time to time) per Candidate at the time of Test.
              Minimum of 25 athletes should be present for Dan Promotion
              grading otherwise the Organizers should pay Traveling
              allowance of the Examiner.

           b) The examiner will not be paid any TA/DA by TFI or Organizing
              Association if the required number of athletes (25 numbers) is

           c) The expenses on boarding and lodging, up to a maximum of Rs.
              500/- per day, would be borne by the organizers. Any expenses
              more than Rs. 500/- would be borne by the examiner himself.

           TFI observer is paid the following :

           a) Daily allowance of Rs.500/- per day (or as per existing TFI
              rules) for meals, boarding and lodging. The organizing unit if
              makes any arrangements should recover the cost from TFI
              observer and in no case make any expenses more than Rs. 500/-.

           b) Honorarium of Rs. 500/- per day.

           c) 3 tier A/C train fare to and fro from his place of residence to the
              venue. Local transport shall be provided by the organizers.

     2.4   Kukkiwon authorizes many categories of Examiners for taking
           examination.    Therefore, athletes acquiring Dan Certificates
           through other examiners not authorized by TFI as per these rules
           will have to pay registration fee of Rs.2500/= (upto 3RD DAN).
           Out of this fee, Rs.1500/= will be retained by the TFI whereas
           Rs.1000/= will be passed on to the State Association / Member

                                                       TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                      As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
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           Unit. Athletes who have acquired Dan Certificates before 24 th
           January 1999 and not registered with TFI, can register by paying a
           sum of Rs.300/= which includes Rs.100/= of State Association.
           Athletes who have acquired Dan Certificates after 24th January
           1999 through other Examiners not authorized by TFI, has to pay
           Rs. 2500/- for each Dan Upto 3rd Dan. 4th Dan & above has to pay
           50% of the Prescribed Fees and here again Rs.1000/= will be paid
           back to the State Association.

     2.5   There should be a mandatory gap of two years and two months
           from the date of colour belt registration to the date of appearing in
           the Black Belt Examination.

     2.6   The examination shall be conducted strictly according to the WTF


     3.1 Black belt holders registered with TFI only will be eligible for
         referee seminar.

     3.2   Following referee courses will be arranged & conducted under the
           supervision of TFI.
           1)    National Referee Seminar for class ‘P’
           2)    National Referee refresher Course

     3.3   The duration of the Course shall not be less than three days.

     3.4   The TFI shall constitute a panel of Examiners, eligible to conduct
           examination and depute them at the place & venue to be decided by
           the President TFI in consultation with Secretary General.

     3.5   The fee structure of National Referee Courses will be as under:

           a) National Referee Seminar                           Rs 1,500/-
              (Includes Registration Fee & Study Material)
              (Examiner is paid 300/= per Candidate for National
              Referee / Refresher Seminar)

           b) National Referee Refresher Seminar                           Rs. 1000/-

                                                     TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                    As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
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           c) National Referee Registration with ID card for each
              grade promotion                                     Rs. 500/-

           d) National Referees are paid per day during Championships as
              follows :-
              for Class 1 Referees                     : Rs. 500/- per day
              for Class 2 Referees                     : Rs. 400/- per day
              for Class 3 Referees                     : Rs. 300/- per day
              for Class P Referees                     : Rs. 200/- per day

     3.6   National Referee Course will be conducted at least twice in a year
           at the places to be decided by TFI and conducted by qualified WTF
           International Referees only.

     3.7   The National Referees shall pay one time registration fee of Rs.
           500/- for each Grade.

     3.8   For poomsae, the following fee (Amendments in fee etc carried out
           from time to time) applicable as on date are as under:

           1.   National Poomsae Judge Course                             Rs 1500/-
           2.   National Poomsae Judge Refresher Course                   Rs. 1000-
           2.   Standard Poomsae learning                                  Rs 500/-
           3.   Examiner fee (per candidate)                               Rs 200/-

           TFI will have screening meetings two times a year (June and
           December) for the selection of eligible referees to be promoted
           according to the Article 8(3) of National Referee Regulations.


     4.1   The Federation will take steps to conduct every year the following
           National Taekwondo championships starting from year 2001:
           a)    National Senior Male & Female Black Belt.
           b)    National Junior Boys & Girls Black Belt.
           c)    National Sub-Junior Boys & Girls Black & Colour Belt

                                                    TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                 As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
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        d)    6 Numbers Prize Money National Open Junior & Senior
              Black Belt in a year.
        e)    Federation Cup Black Belt (Male & Female)
        f)    Senior Men & Women Colour Belt Championships. One
              Player from One State. Player should be above Green Belt.

   4.2 The weight categories will be as under:
Weight Category
                         MALE                                 FEMALE
             Seniors Juniors Sub-Jr. Seniors                  Juniors           Sub-Jr.
Super Fin       -*-        -*-      Ab 14-18     -*-            -*-            Ab 12-16
Fin          Up to 54 Up to 45 Ab 18-21 Up to 47              Up to 42         Up to 18
Fly          Ab 54-58 Ab 45-48 Ab 21-23 Ab 47-51              Ab 42-44         Ab 18-20
Bantam       Ab 58-62 Ab 48-51 Ab 23-25 Ab 51-55              Ab 44-46         Ab 20-22
Feather      Ab 62-67 Ab 51-55 Ab 25-27 Ab 55-59              Ab 46-49         Ab 22-24
Light        Ab 67-72 Ab 55-59 Ab 27-29 Ab 59-63              Ab 49-52         Ab 24-26
Welter       Ab 72-78 Ab 59-63 Ab 29-32 Ab 63-67              Ab 52-55         Ab 26-29
Light Middle    -*-     Ab 63-68 Ab 32-35        -*-          Ab 55-59         Ab 29-32
Middle       Ab 78-84 Ab 68-73 Ab 35-38 Ab 67-72              Ab 59-63         Ab 32-35
Light Heavy     -*-     Ab 73-78 Ab 38-41        -*-          Ab 63-68         Ab 36-38
Heavy        Ab 84-… Ab 78-… Ab 41-44 Ab 72-…                 Ab 68-…          Ab 38-41
Super Heavy     -*-        -*-      Ab 44-50     -*-            -*-            Ab 41-47
                    Weights are mentioned in Kilograms.
    4.3 Age Category

        4.3.1 Seniors - 17 years & above

              4.3.2 Juniors - 14 & below 17 years

              4.3.3 Sub-Jr. below 14 years

  4.4   The age will be reckoned end of the year, when the championships
        are held. (E.g. If an athlete is born on 25th May 1983, he can
        participate in any junior championships up to 31 st December 2000
        in 17 years wt. Category.)

  4.5   The venue of National Championships shall preferably be decided
        in the General Body meeting. The Championship shall be
        organised by the State Taekwondo Association under the auspices
        of the Federation.

                                                 TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                 As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
                                                                           Page 6/8
4.6   The Member Associations willing to organise the National
      Championships of categories mentioned at 4.1 above shall apply to
      TFI one month before the General Assembly meeting so that it can
      be circulated as an Agenda item.

4.7   The Championship will be conducted under the supervision of a
      Technical Committee appointed by the President in consultation
      with Secretary General TFI. The principle of neutral judging will
      be adopted.

4.8   The entry fee for participation in the Championship shall be Rs.
      200/= for A-class, Rs. 150/= for B-Class cities and Rs. 100/- for C-
      Class cities per participant, which shall be retained by the host
      State Association.

4.9   Grants from HRD & Other Sources

      4.9.1 The host State Association shall pay 25% of the grant /
            financial aid received by it to the TFI other than the one
            received from Department of Youth Affairs & Sports
            (HRD), Govt. of India.

      4.9.2 Grants received from DYAS (HRD) will be paid by TFI to
            the Host State in full. The entry fee received by the host
            State/Member Unit will be submitted to TFI as capitation
            fee. However, to protect the payments of TA/DA & rail fare
            to Referees/Judges being deputed by TFI, the actual amount
            due to them will be deducted from the DYAS (HRD) grant
            being transferred to host State/Member Unit by TFI.

      4.9.3 Till such time the grants from DYAS (HRD) are delayed,
            TFI will pay TA/DA & rail fare to Referees & Judges from
            its own funds. Hosts will also utilize the entry fee collected.
            As soon as the grants from HRD are received, including old
            grants, the same will be settled as provided in 4.9.2 above.

4.10 a) National Referees are paid per day during Championships as
     follows :
     For Class P Referees : Rs. 200/-
     For Class 3 Referees : Rs. 300/-
     For Class 2 Referees : Rs. 400/-
     For Class 1 Referees : Rs. 500/-

                                                       TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                       As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
                                                                                 Page 7/8
           Traveling allowance of Rs.125/- per day (24 hours), 2 class
           sleeper Train Fare with 75% Concession. Where Train Service is
           not available, Bus Fare should be paid to the National Referees.

           (b) In case of last minute invitation sent to the National Referee
           due to late confirmation of National Referees for the National
           championships, if Concession is not able to obtain, 2 nd class sleeper
           full fare has to be paid.

           (c) National Referees who do not confirm their participation or fail
           to inform their inability to participate in the National
           Championships after receiving Invitation on 2 occasions, will be
           kept under abeyance for a period of ONE YEAR and will not be
           invited for any National Championships.

     4.11 The certificates shall be signed by the Organizing Chairman,
          Organizing Secretary and President / Secretary General of TFI.

     4.12 Any Individual, Taekwondo Club, State Association, District
          Association etc interested in Organizing a Open National
          Taekwondo Championship under the banner of Federation, should
          submit a written request 60 days in advance for permission and
          Fees of Rs.17,000/= should be submitted to TFI which includes
          Rs.10,000/= to TFI, Rs.5,000/= to State Association and
          Rs.2,000/= to District Association. Required numbers of the
          National Referees for the Championships will be deputed by TFI
          Secretariat turn by turn from the List of Referees and for cost
          saving, National Referees will be deputed from the neighboring
          Districts / States, Any Championships conducted without prior
          approval from TFI will not be recognized by TFI.


     5.1   TFI will bear the following expenses of the Executive Council
           Members attending EC Meetings and two representatives of each
           State Association / Member Unit attending General Assembly
           Meetings called by the Federation :

     5.1.1 Rail Fare II Class to & fro (actual paid by them)

     5.1.2 Daily expenses @ Rs. 100/- per day (including Journey days)

                                                       TFI RULES & REGULATIONS
                                                      As amended on March 11, 2007 (Bhopal)
                                                                                Page 8/8

     A player seeking his/her transfer from one State to another is required to
     get no objection certificate from TFI. After getting the no objection
     certificate, he/she shall apply to the State Association where he/she wants
     transfer giving admissible reasons for seeking transfer e.g. transfer of
     parents, shifting of business, shifting / admission to educational
     institution etc. He / she shall also deposit his / her identity card. *The
     colour belt transfer / migration registration fee is *Rs. 100/=. *The black
     belt transfer / migration fee is Rs 300/=

     The concerned State Association shall recommend the case along with
     old identity card and requisite fee for new identity card to TFI for
     approval. The TFI shall decide the transfer cases only twice in a year i.e.
     1st February and 1st August. New identity cards shall be issued if
     approved. The transferee shall apply for the transfer at least three months
     before the National Championship.