II MBA DDCE FM Answer all questions State the objectives

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					II-3Yr. MBA-DDCE-8-FM
Answer all questions

1.      State the objectives of financial management and explain why wealth maximisation objective
        is superior to all other objectives.
2.      What are the various sources of short term finance? Describe the features of 5 such sources.
3.      Describe the methods of bond valuation and related theorems.
4.      What are the method of evaluating capital investments? Discuss their merits and demerits.
5.      Write short notes on any two
             a) Net Income Theory of Capital Structure
             b) Operating Cycle.
             c) Motive of holding CashExam 2004
Answer ALL questions

1.        What do you mean by HRM? What are the important functions of HRM? Discuss the
          development of HRM
2.        What is recruitment? How does it differ from selection? Explain different methods of
          recruitment with examples.

3.       What is an appraisal system? Describe the appraisal process. What are some of the major
         factors that distort performance appraisal?
4.       What is Industrial Relations? Who are the actors of IR System? Trace the recent trends of IR
         is your country.
5.       How can you differentiate between ‘Social Assistance’ and ‘Social Insurance’? What are the
benefits availed by the industrial workers in India? Discuss

Answer all questions

1.        What the reason of conducting Marketing Research by a modern business organisation?
          Discuss what are the steps would you adopt in conducting Marketing Research with and
          appropriate examples.

2.        Conceptualise the term “Product Life Cycle (PLC)”. What is its relevance in setting strategic
          Marketing Plan?

3.        What is communication and how is it different from Promotion? Briefly compare the
          alternative methods of promotion that are adopted today.
4.        What are the factors taken into consideration in designing a service? How does the total
          quality concept plays a prominent role in designing services?

     5.   What is the present day significance of “Financial Services” and what are the different types
          of such services marketed today? Do you think the concept of “Services Marketing Mix” also
          can be applicable in the marketing of such financial services?

Answer all questions

1.        a. distinguish between manufacturing operations and services operations.
          b. Identify inputs, transformation processes and outputs in the following operations systems:
                    i. Manufacture of Steel
                    ii. Bank
                    iii. Ware House
                    iv. Educational Institution.

2.        a. What are the basic steps to be followed for conducting method study?
          b.Discuss the various factors involved in the location of a plant, with an emphasis on steel
          3.      a.Briefly explain the operation of the MRP system.
                  b.The demand for a particular item is 18,000 units per procurement is Rs.40,000. no
                  shortages are allowed, and the replacement rate is instantaneous.

                 a)    Optimum order quantity.
                 b)    Number of orders per years
                 c)    Time between orders.
                 d)    Total Cost per year when the cost of one unit is Re.1.

4.        Write short notes on the following:

          a. Total Quality Management.
          b. Quality Circle
          c. Supply Chain Management.
5.        What is Just-in-Time manufacturing? What are special features of Japanese manufacturing
          system? How Japanese manufacturing ideally works?


Answer all questions

1.        What is MIS. Explain different system and subsystem of MIS.
2.        Design a ‘Payroll System’ using DFD, HIPO and Non-Graphic tools.

3.        (a) How Data Base Management System is different from File Management System.
          (b) Write Short note on any one of the following:
                   i. System Security.
                   ii. Data Base Design.
                   iii. File Organisation.
4.        Explain all the questions:
          a) Application Software.
          b) Use of Computer in School.
          c) System Standard.
          d) System Audit.
          e) Future Trends of MIS.

5.      Explain the Fundamental Weakness of MIS.
Answer all questions

1.        (a) Distinguish between job costing and process costing.
          (b) How abnormal loss and abnormal gains will be taken into account while process accounts
          are maintained?
2.        (a) What is Budgetary control? Discuss the objective of Budgetary control.
          (b) How to calculate the following:
                    i.       Material cost variance.
                    ii.     Material Price variance.
                    iii.    Material Mix variance.

3.        Distinguish between Funds Flow statement and Cash Flow statement.
          (a) Give a structure of DuPont Analysis.
4.        What is Responsibility Accounitng? Discuss the importance of Responsibility Accounting in
          Business management.
5         Briefly discuss the various methods for valuation of human resource.
          (a) How to calculate the following under current cost accounting:
                   i.       Cost of sales Adjustment (COSA)
                ii.  Monetary working capital Adjustment.(MWCA)
Answer all questions

1.     What is SWOT analysis? Enumerate in brief if SWOT helps in improving communication
       skills and ones personality or it is simply a standard of measurement?

2.     What qualities are essential in a research-worker adopting historic methods of social research.
       Also discuss the precautions needed to be taken in comparative method of social research.

3.     Discuss the advantage and limitations of sampling methods used in social research. Indicate
       the fields where case study methods are more useful than sample survey methods.
4.     State the procedures followed in testing a hypothesis. Also point out the difference between
       one tail and two tail tests.

5.     What is “Proposal for report”? Why has report presentation assumed significance in research?
       Discuss in details.

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