Mascha Vangs Solarium visit is a mega hit by csgirla


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									Mascha Vang’s
Solarium visit is a
mega hit
Danish Cancer Society’s - Kræftens
Bekæmpelse – viral film, where Mascha
Vang takes off her clothes, has been seen
over 3 million times just within a month.

By Anders Christiansen                    The film has been watched
                                          more than 3.3 million times      tion to begin with, but also     This means that no one un-
BY FIRST GLANCE, YOU                      on the Internet, and that        a very funny and extremely       der the age of 18 can see it.
WOULD THINK IT IS A                       brings Mascha Vang and the       surprising. But then again it    It is the UK based company,
PRIVATE PEEP-SHOW OF                      solarium all the way to the      is also an advantage that the    GoViral, who has distributed
THE SUPER HOT MAS-                        top of the most seen viral       message is good and simple.      the movie and kept an eye on
CHA VANG ON HER WAY                       films - worldwide.                And even tough you do not        the views.
USING THE SOLARIUM.                       The people behind the film is     get to see Mascha Vang’s         People, who are interested
But while she sits on the edge            the advertising agency, Hal-     attributes, like the film title   can hear much more about
and is about to loosen her                bye Kaag/JWT, and the CEO        promises, Steen Halbye does      user driven marketing on
bra, the top crashes down on              Steen Halbye is of course        not think that the users will    January 17th, where the
her and the Danish beauty is              happy and proud of the           be disappointed.                 House of marketing in co-
squished.                                 film’s so widely spread.          - On Youtube you can read        operation with SBS produc-
  The film then reveals its cre-           - We had no expectations be-     people’s comments. Many          tions is holding a morning
ators, the Danish Cancer So-              fore we made this film. But       write along the line of: “you    meeting.
ciety - Kræftens Bekæmpelse               when we saw the finished          got me” or “respect”. Besides,   The main attraction is Jimmy
- and TrygFonden, and it has              result we thought it would       there is a lot who thinks it     Maymann, who is CEO of the
the crystal clear massage that            be great.                        is a good message, the film       previously mentioned GoVi-
you need to turn off the so-              It is a good mix of sex and      states, he says.                 ral - which is one of Europe’s
larium due to skin cancer.                surprise that is carried forth   And with the high number of      leading contenders within
   Besides that, this little film          in the film.                      views one needs to take into     the viral marketing sector.
has turned out to be a world              - Mascha Vang captures you.      account that the movie has       The arrangement is free for
wide viral hit.                           It looks like a good situa-      been “flagged” on Youtube.        members.
Translated from original Danish article (markedsføring)

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