Soil and Water Erosion in the Peace by tyndale

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									Soil and Water Erosion in the

              Julie Robinson,
              Ministry of Agriculture
              and Lands

Working Group
   Julie Robinson – Regional Agrologist – MAL - CHAIR
   Colleen Colwell - Program Manager - EMPR
   Dan Hanson - Landowner Liaison Inspector – OGC
   Mohammad Farah - Natural Resource Officer – OGC
   Taher Morsi - Waste Management Officer – OGC
   Margi Twomey – NRES – contractor
   Erin Whitford – NRES - Contractor
   Harvey Filger - Regional Executive Director, Marketing, Aboriginal &
    Community Relations – EMPR
   Rick Kantz – Agriculture Producer – Montney
   Ken Gilbert - A/Director, Compliance and Enforcement – OGC
   Shaundel Runka - Policy Analyst - ALC
   Devin Scheck - Director, Waste Management & Reclamation – OGC
   Ben Mitchell-Banks - Executive Director, Project Assessment and Compliance
    Assurance - FSJ – OGC
Soil & Water Erosion in the Peace

   Funded by Ministry of Energy, Mines and
    Petroleum Resources
    –   Environmental Policy Program
    –   Environmental Resource Information Project
   Partnered with:
    –   Oil and Gas Commission, Energy, Mines and
        Petroleum Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and
        Lands, Producers, Industry
PHASE I – Soil Erosion

   Focusing on soil erosion on leases, access
    roads and pipelines
   Area includes the broad Peace River area
    –   Focusing on within 200km of Fort St John
   Looking for good news sites to show what
    can be done in the industry to prevent soil
PHASE II - Water Erosion Focus

   Literature Review
   Contractor will be contacting companies and
    people in the industry looking for feed back
    on what works and doesn’t work
   Soil and Water Erosion prevention and
    mitigation Fact Sheets
Objectives of the Project

   Create concise fact sheets on Beneficial
    Management Practices for developing and
    reclaiming leases, access roads and pipelines and
    preventing soil
   Working towards a complete Guidebook on
    preventing soil erosion on the above sites
   GAP analysis on existing BMP’s and industry
   Compiling a tour of sites that have worked well and
    prevented or mitigated water and soil erosion
Let’s Not Re-Invent the Wheel

   Using existing hazard assessments from
    forestry and engineering to get foundation
   Looking at creating a Soil and Water erosion
    risk rating looking at variables such as:
    –   Slope, aspect, soil type, water energy, water
Update as of Today

   November – met with working group
    –   Positive feed back
            Pipeline Construction (Winter/Frozen Conditions)
               –   Cultivated/forested
            Pipeline Construction – Summer/Thawed Conditions
               –   Cultivated/forested
            Pipeline on Muskeg
            Planning/scheduling, brush clearing, topsoil stripping,
             trenching, backfilling, establishing cover,
             maintaining/monitoring the right of way
    –   To do was still Wellsite and Associated Surface features
Next Steps

   Single page reference sheets
   Decision flow charts
   Commitment to meet in February

   Contract freeze/budget freeze
   Currently unable to delivery on any
    commitments made at that meeting
   Possibly in April funds will become available
    to finish the commitments made in April

   Ministry of Agriculture temporarily reallocated
    local Regional Agrologist – to Wildlife
    Compensation Projects
OGC organized the Low Impact Pipelining
The Cameron Bucket®
The Packing Wheel (Patent Pending)
Finished Product
Thanks to OGC for LIPS

   Low Impact Pipeline Systems Inc.
   Telephone: (Calgary) 403.269.6800
    Toll Free: 1.877.269.6800
    Fax: 866.434.1027

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