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									Financial Services
An Introduction to Siegel+Gale
Within this book, you will see
emblematic examples of our nearly
40-year-old philosophy: Simple
is smart. But simple doesn't mean
simplistic. Simple allows for easy
understanding. Simple enables
evangelism. Simple is a platform
for growth. By simplifying, we
amplify. With “Simple is smart”
as our mantra, we help to build
brands that are clear, credible and
relevant. Then, we allow these ideas
to spring from the boardroom wall,
and into life.
       About Siegel+Gale

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
                            Leonardo Da Vinci
Who We Are

Siegel+Gale is one of the world’s premier strategic branding    Siegel+Gale has full-service offices in New York, Los Angeles
companies. Since it was founded by Alan Siegel in 1969,         London and Dubai and strategic partnerships around the
the firm has applied the art and science of simplicity to       world. It is part of the Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE-OMC)
create branding programs that have helped many of the           (, a leading global marketing
world’s best-known organizations excel. Driven by its           and corporate communications company. Omnicom’s
philosophy of Simple is Smart, Siegel+Gale has led the          branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide
way in bringing innovation to the corporate branding field,     advertising, strategic media planning and buying, direct and
including transforming complex, incomprehensible customer       promotional marketing, public relations, and other specialty
communications into plain English; helping clients create       communications services to over 5,000 clients in more than
distinctive brand voices across all their communications;       100 countries.
transporting brands onto the Internet; and aligning the brand
experience for customers with the brand promise.

The firm has worked with an array of blue chip organizations,
including American Express, Bayer, Lehman Brothers,
Medtronic, Dell, Harley-Davidson, Lexus, Merrill Lynch,
Yahoo!, Caterpillar, Sony, Motorola, the National Basketball
Association, 3M, Dow, and The Four Seasons Hotel Group.
What We Do

Brand Research                                                 Naming

Design and execute research to inform and validate brand       Develop corporate, product, and service names that clearly
positioning and architecture. Assess brand elasticity.         identify their purpose and adhere to the brand strategy.
Measure the impact of how brands affect business results.
                                                               Brand Evangelism and Training
Brand Strategy
                                                               Educate all members of the organization about the brand
Uncover a company’s unique and enduring value. Identify        promise, identity, and experience to foster a brand-aware
opportunities for brand growth. Articulate the promise in a    culture. Customized workshops and seminars supported by
succinct and differentiating way.                              interactive and printed media show stakeholders how to live
                                                               the brand day to day.
                                                               Internet Strategy and User Experience Design
Transform information-intensive customer interactions into
positive brand experiences using communications analysis,      Help our clients develop strategies that leverage the Internet
information design, and plain-language writing.                to drive their businesses. Create highly intuitive, usable,
                                                               branded user experiences for the Web, kiosks, company
Brand Architecture
                                                               Intranets, and client Extranets.
Determine the relationship of the corporate brand to all its
                                                               Brand Collateral Development
parts—business lines, partners, products, services—and
provide a strategy for current and future branding and         Offer content development, graphic design, production, and
naming practices.                                              motion graphics services to dramatize our clients’ brands in
                                                               all communications for the brand launch and beyond.
Corporate Identity Design

Design systems—proprietary visual vocabularies
that distinguish communications, environments, and
experiences—to support the core promise of the company at
every touch point.
Our Financial Services Expertise

Financial resources is a distinct area of expertise for our firm.
Our financial services practice has a proven track record
in developing powerful brands that help drive marketplace
performance. Our experience cuts across financial industry
sectors, including banking (commercial and retail),
insurance, real estate, investment banking, wealth and asset
management, and consulting.

Our financial services experts continually stay abreast of
market issues and possess the industry background and
relevant client experience to move your business forward.
How We Help Our Financial Services Clients

We build powerful financial services brands. In a crowded,          We simplify communications. Customer communications
complex market, differentiation is critical. We’ve helped           often get caught in a tangled web of complex products
dozens of financial services companies, from commercial             and services, regulations, and legacy systems. We make
and retail banks to wealth asset management, build                  healthcare brands clear and approachable by simplifying
distinctive, lasting brands by clearly defining what their          functional communications. We help organizations develop
company and its products/services stand for, how they are           the tools they need to extend and fulfill their brand promise
unique, and what value they bring.                                  in transactional communications—often the most immediate
                                                                    and tangible representation of their brand. Our unique
We optimize online financial services experiences.
                                                                    methodology cuts through the volume and complexity
The internet remains a critical path to improving the
                                                                    of information and provides a rationale for reorganizing,
efficiency and effectiveness of financial services. We work
                                                                    customizing, and streamlining statements and bills to make
with companies to develop Internet strategies and Web
                                                                    them clear and relevant to customers. The results are an
interfaces that are relevant, profitable, and supportive of their
                                                                    enhanced customer experience, aligned communications,
brand. We create solutions that meet your users’ needs and
                                                                    improved customer retention, and increased efficiency in
drive customer loyalty and cost effectiveness.
                                                                    producing and distributing information.
Our Financial Services Clients



Real Estate
Investment Banking

Accounting and Consulting

Wealth and Asset Management
                                              Case Studies

Our life is frittered away by detail... Simplify, simplify, simplify!...
                         Simplicity of life and elevation of purpose.
                                                       Henry David Thoreau,

Anywhere you see the Good Hands™, you see Siegel+Gale’s            the additional savings at eight million dollars a year. Even
handiwork. Indeed, the redesign of perhaps the world’s most        more significant, by reducing the number of policy change
recognized logo was the crowning moment of Siegel+Gale’s           and renewal forms each customer received, S+G drastically
Allstate “Brand Experience” Project. In this multi-year            reduced the number of opportunities for the customer to
exercise, Allstate tasked S+G with rethinking the entirety of      defect to another insurance provider.
its customer and agent communications and experience.
                                                                   Adding to the overall improvement in user-friendliness was
They gave us carte blanche to cross functional boundaries to
                                                                   Siegel+Gale’s comprehensive redesign of the Allstate in-
collaborate internally and externally with Allstate and its many
                                                                   branch experience. To help acquire and retain customers,
other agency partners. Our work included environmental
                                                                   our research revealed, Allstate first needed to infuse
branding as well as interactive media, collateral and other
                                                                   customers with a sense of confidence in order to inspire
forms of brand expression.
                                                                   trust. To foster that trust required a redesign and regularizing
Siegel+Gale’s comprehensive Allstate Touchpoint Analysis           of the Allstate storefront. By factoring in scale, lighting,
resulted in the development of a change-measuring                  furniture, and materials in our design, we created a system
baseline and blueprint for progress as well as a program of        for procuring new furniture, fixtures, electronics, and media
organizational training for Allstate’s core content developers     to ensure that all 13,000 Allstate offices could be renovated
and legal counsel.                                                 at a manageable pace and price.

Siegel+Gale’s Simplification Practice reduced Allstate’s form      Finally, Siegel+Gale created a simple online tool for Allstate
letters from 87 different types to 18, eliminated redundant        and its many branches to manage and access all of the
documents, simplified others and offered up a design for           approved brand assets.
a new family of laser-printed documents. Allstate reckons
ABOVE: Allstate store, exterior and interior
BELOW: homepage
TOP: billboard
ABOVE: brochures
ABOVE: customer persona page
BELOW: identity guidelines
SunTrust is one of the 10 largest banks in the United              The conclusions for us were clear: leverage the spirit of
States. In 2003, it faced tough competition for its attractive     customer advocacy as the fundamental institutional promise,
Southeast US footprint—as well as ever more commoditized           convey the brand voice that’s rooted in the loyal, empathetic,
products and increasingly cynical customers. At the same           but highly productive values that we saw time and again, and
time, Wall Street was losing patience with STI as a result of a    tell that entire story clearly, loudly, and to whomever would
lack of top line growth and a lower than average P/E multiple.     listen.

Internally there were cross-selling challenges, silos within the   We developed a brand positioning to capture the essence
company, an inability to define the SunTrust brand clearly,        of SunTrust that distilled to the phrase: “Not just at your
credibly, and compellingly. As one executive put it, “we think     service—at your side.” We helped them drive that promise
our greatest brand asset is our geographic footprint. If that’s    throughout the organization by creating new Common Mission
the case, we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.”                 and Values statements, a revamped brand architecture built
                                                                   on a SunTrust masterbrand strategy to help clarify its offering
SunTrust turned to Siegel+Gale to help identify the core
                                                                   and eliminate internal silos, and a new corporate identity.
values and distinctive culture that drove SunTrust’s past
successes, and to use these assets to build a clear story that     To help launch the brand we also created a new visual identity
sets the foundation for future growth.                             system, standards and guidelines for over 1,500 retail branches;
                                                                   new corporate and retail signage for over 2,000 locations;
After an exhaustive discovery process, in which we gathered
                                                                   interactive strategies; communications and process simplification;
input from 35% of the 27,000 employee SunTrust work force
                                                                   event marketing; and cross-selling incentive programs around the
and an additional 2,400+ clients, we found three simple but
                                                                   criteria of “doing the right thing for the customer.”
compelling truths about SunTrust:
                                                                   At the end of our 2 1/2 year engagement, Craig Kelly,
+ SunTrust customers loved the bank and particularly, their
                                                                   SunTrust’s CMO, commented on our work:
   bankers because, as one retail customer said, “they’re
   committed to doing the right thing for me, and they have        “Anybody in a service business will tell you that people
   the determination to get it done.”                              are their most important asset. But Siegel+Gale helped us
                                                                   understand what it is about our people that makes us who we
+ Despite its size, people remarked about the bank’s ability
                                                                   are. And then they showed us how to translate that spirit into
   to maintain its local community flavor.
                                                                   how we talk and behave as an organization.”
+ Many current customers were unaware that SunTrust had
   products and services above and beyond what they were
   using. Comments like “I’ve always done payroll With
   SunTrust, but I never knew they did mortgages. I went to
   BofA for mine.”
sign installation
ABOVE: ATM, plaza signage
BELOW: brochure
ABOVE: billboard
BELOW: newspaper ad, credit card
Lehman Brothers

When Lehman Brothers found itself with an outdated, nondif-       After a rigorous brand strategy engagement, we have helped
ferentiated brand name, internal fragmentation, and inten-        Lehman Brothers’ IMD Management to establish clarity by:
sifying competition for both clients and recruits, Siegel+Gale
                                                                  + Defining the sense of purpose of a division that is the result
developed a new positioning that focused on the key benefit
                                                                    of an amalgamation of numerous acquisitions, multiple
of the firm’s approach to its clients. This new positioning:
                                                                    subsidiaries, and a strong influence of the Lehman Broth-
Where Vision Gets Built, created consensus internally; al-
                                                                    ers corporate brand
lowed for regional, division, and local market differences;
and served as a unifying force for the brand and the firm.        + Providing a description for the division that is aligned with
Additionally, we refreshed the firm’s identity, created a Brand     its story
Voice Book—an educational, inspirational, and philosophical       + Establishing a clear brand architecture strategy that ratio-
foundation and guideline for living and expressing the brand        nalizes the relationship between different sub-divisions,
values—which was launched to all employees worldwide,               products, and services
developed a set of comprehensive Identity Guidelines, and
an overarching brand advertising campaign.                        + Clearly identifying and articulating the difference between
                                                                    organizational descriptors, legal entity names, and commu-
In 2002/2003, Lehman Brothers brought a number of prod-             nicative names for sub-divisions, subsidiaries, and major
ucts and service groups together in a new division to offer         product areas
a range of wealth and asset management services to both
individuals and institutions worldwide. Recently, the firm ac-    + Developing an optimal implementation process for aligning

quired Neuberger Berman, a well-known brand in the world            operations, communications, and behaviors

of money management, to build on its wealth management
capabilities and offerings.
ABOVE: brochure cover and spread
BELOW: brochure interior
ABOVE: recruitment ad
BELOW: brochure
ABOVE: milestone chart
BELOW: NYC headquarters exterior
American Express

Fantastic, elastic new ways to brand plastic.                    Siegel+Gale has helped American Express regain relevance
                                                                 with a younger demographic through the strategic marketing,
“Polymer” means “Something made of many units.”
                                                                 design and introduction of a vast array of new and co-branded
So when it came time to architect extensions to the house of     cards, expanding their card portfolio by ten times. The Delta
American Express cards, it came time for American Express        AirMiles card is the most successful co-branded card in the
and Siegel+Gale to get together. And together we uncovered       American Express portfolio. The Centurion card is the premier
exciting new ways and places to stretch this long polymeric      offering for high net worth individuals.
molecule. American Express plastic now covers vastly
                                                                 And yes, we do take plastic — preferably to new heights.
expanded markets and lines-of-business, yet still retains
its original, market-defining image, clarity and consistency.
Myriad looks span myriad projects, yet all cohere under the
guidance of this fruitful partnership.

As American Express’s Global Agency of Record for Brand
Identity, Siegel+Gale’s nearly 200 American Express projects
include card design, retail and environmental design for
travel services offices, logo and identity system development,
product positioning, interactive strategy and design, naming
and brand architecture.
ABOVE: plum card
BELOW: Harrods card
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Hilton HHonors card,
Harrods card, various gift cards, gift card with
packaging, Delta SkyMiles card
THIS PAGE: point-of-purchase decals
American Express Blue

American Express has one of the most prestigious and            We rethought the entire concept of what a credit card
recognized brands. But the company’s core products              could be—creating the first-ever transparent card, with
have proved less relevant to a new cyber-savvy generation       an integrated smart chip for easy electronic commerce.
of consumers. American Express wanted to create a               A large blue hologram in the middle of the card presents
new credit card to attract a younger generation of              the American Express logo in a cutting-edge context. To
consumers and to become a major competitor in the               emphasize the clear, simple design, we moved all extraneous
era of electronic commerce.                                     type to the back of the card.

Our approach to the assignment was simple and                   We created a “futuristic” personality for Blue, to attract a new
breakthrough. The result: Blue, a credit card that breaks the   generation while remaining true to the American Express
mold in both design and functionality, and rocked the entire    brand.
credit-card category.
                                                                Blue was one of American Express’ most successful new
We conducted extensive research to identify the defining        product launches.
characteristics of Blue’s target customers. Discovering their
key traits—an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to control
their own finances—enabled us to create a product that
directly appeals to this market.
Blue card ads

Citibank’s Private Bank Group serves high-net-worth            Siegel+Gale developed a new system of simplified forms
individuals with sophisticated financial situations. But the   that makes for an elegant and inviting presentation—while
forms and legal agreements used to open and service            dramatically reducing the paperwork burden for the Private
accounts were numerous, cumbersome, and did not                Bank sales force and consolidating the number of client
reinforce Citibank’s identity.                                 signatures required to open an account. The new package
                                                               of introductory materials that clients receive projects a
                                                               distinctive visual look and radically simplifies the entire
                                                               account-opening process.
ABOVE: introductory packet
BELOW: simplified forms
T. Rowe Price

Siegel+Gale helped redesign the T. Rowe Price website to          The T. Rowe Price Web site was well received by users
enable customers and prospects to access information in a         and industry critics. The site garnered the highest usability
way that reinforces the T. Rowe Price commitment to high-         scores that the testing lab had ever seen and was named
quality customer service.                                         the “easiest-to-use mutual fund Web site” by Mutual Fund
                                                                  Magazine. As a result of the new design, T. Rowe Price
After conducting significant user profile studies, we delivered
                                                                  moved up 12 positions in Gomez rankings of top financial
a site that enables users to access information in a way that
                                                                  services sites.
meets their personal preference—browsing or diving in, for
example. The new site provides more intuitive navigation and
direct links to transactions from all areas of the site.
ABOVE: website
RIGHT: magazine article
Morgan Stanley

Siegel+Gale developed the strategy and architecture that         We worked with their team on an ongoing basis on
facilitated the merger of Dean Witter and Morgan Stanley.        communications and reporting strategies – eventually
As part of the effort to present the unified brand to clients,   developing statement and summary templates for use across
Siegel+Gale conducted an audit of all Morgan Stanley             all client tiers.
customer communications, with a focus on information-
driven documentation. The Blueprint for client reporting
prepared by Siegel+Gale gave Morgan Stanley specific
guidance around content, customization, timing, use of
media, and information design techniques that allows them
to target customer communications based on both asset tier
and behavioral attributes for a tailored customer experience
with measurable cost efficiencies.
FROM TOP: statements by asset tier—
blue, gold, platinum
Bank Hapoalim

In mid 2000, Bank Hapoalim found itself under increasing
                                                               Siegel+Gale developed:
pressure from new foreign competitors and facing a declining
image with its retail clients. To address this challenge and   +   Positioning of Private Banking and Global Private
position the Bank for a potential IPO, Bank Hapoalim               Banking
selected Siegel+Gale to help them relaunch their brand.        +   Brand Identity and “Voice”
We needed to clarify and align the business and marketing      +   Clubs concept and identities
strategy for the 260+branches, call-centers, Internet,
                                                               +   Brand Experience Strategy
ATM services, and various products. The Bank Hapoalim
story would serve as a unifying force to improve the user      +   Branch Literature
experience for their existing 1.5 million+ private customers
                                                               +   Branch Internal and External Signage
and their 200,000 small/medium size businesses, while
allowing for the necessary specialization for their various    +   Internet Look and Feel
customer segments.
                                                               +   Bank Statements, Deposit Slips

                                                               +   ATM Cards and Credit Cards Design

                                                               +   Internal Bank Communications for Employees and
                                                                   Launch Support Materials
ABOVE: signage
RIGHT: magazine
BELOW: print ads

Over 15 years of working with Siegel+Gale, Chubb has            sales support material and advertising. The Masterpiece
evolved a comprehensive brand development program that          value proposition was built around Chubb’s financial
helps the company project a powerful, consistent voice          strength, sophisticated loss-control consulting, “customer
across all its lines of business.                               first” approach to claims handling, and its ability and
                                                                willingness to adapt coverages to meet a customer’s needs.
The start of our relationship and the cornerstone of our work
with Chubb came when they asked us to create a simplified       Over time, we extended the Masterpiece program to cover
personal insurance policy that covered the unique needs of      Chubb’s commercial lines, which focused on mid-size
upscale customers—insurance protection for a distinguished      companies; its life and investment fund companies (since
home, a vacation property, a luxury car, an art collection,     sold); and an aggressive agent recruiting program. As
or family heirlooms—and made doing business with Chubb          the program grew, we worked closely with regional and
easier for agents, policyholders, and employees.                independent agents, and multinational, interstate, and
                                                                independent brokers.
Siegel+Gale saw immediately that the new policy was
an opportunity for Chubb to communicate and market              Since the inception of the Masterpiece program, annual
a powerful new idea in insurance. The concept we                tracking studies have registered continuous increases in all
developed—Masterpiece—radically streamlined the                 measurements—particularly with prospective customers and
underwriting of coverages to accommodate an individual or       agents—on familiarity, on providing good value to customers,
family with substantial personal assets and a willingness to    on settling claims quickly and fairly, and on high-caliber
pay more for a superior insurance product. We created the       management.
Masterpiece name, developed the positioning, and created
ABOVE: simplified communications
RIGHT: collateral materials
BELOW: print ads
State Farm Insurance

The largest insurance company in North America, State            Putting the brand to work meant implementing these
Farm had established one of the nation’s best known brands,      values in ways that would allow people in every corner of
whose theme line, “Like a good neighbor,” had permeated          the company—from claims and underwriting to regional
popular culture. For all its success in building its brand       managers and agents—to align their jobs with the brand.
among consumers, however, the company continued to
                                                                 Over the course of several months, working with a select
face the challenge of building its brand, internally, as an
                                                                 team of State Farm managers, Siegel+Gale developed the
“operational asset” which could help increase productivity,
                                                                 definitions, examples, materials and processes the company
                                                                 needed to carry out this effort. As a way to help ensure
The State Farm brand had three main pillars: its well-known      long-term success, the initiative has been piloted in different
slogan, the underlying promise of safe passage over time,        markets, each with its own characteristics, which represent
and the company’s core values: quality service, relationships,   State Farm’s regional and business diversity.
mutual trust, integrity and financial strength.
guide examples
Securities and Exchange Commission

Securities and Exchange Commission                               The SEC has indicated that it will likely issue a new rule
                                                                 based in part on our Proposed Mutual Fund Sales Fee and
The SEC and Siegel+Gale have worked together numerous
                                                                 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms Report to the Securities
times as part of the SEC’s mission to encourage financial
                                                                 and Exchange Commission (referenced at left). Findings from
services providers to clarify and simplify disclosure
                                                                 this project may be found at:
documents for consumers.
Mutual Fund Fee and Conflict of Interest Disclosures
                                                                    pdf, and
In late 2004, the SEC asked Siegel+Gale to develop plain
English forms and a report of findings on how best to disclose
conflicts of interest and mutual fund transaction fees at the
point of sale to consumers.                                      A Plain English Handbook

Siegel+Gale and our research partner, Gelb Consulting,           In 1998, the SEC asked Siegel+Gale to create writing and
worked with the SEC to develop disclosure forms and to           design guidelines that would help companies comply with
structure and field market research to rapidly refine form       disclosure regulations.
content and design to achieve the highest degree of end-user
                                                                 Siegel+Gale wrote and designed the SEC Plain English
satisfaction, clarity and understanding.
                                                                 Handbook, which now helps companies produce documents
                                                                 that make investors more aware of options, risks, and
                                                                 rewards. Informed investors will make better decisions—and
                                                                 appreciate companies’ straightforwardness.

                                                                 “Companies that successfully communicate with their
                                                                 investors form stronger relationships with them.”

                                                                 —former SEC chairman Arthur Levitt, Jr.
Form PO S A - S EC R ep ort , 1 1 / 0 4 / 20 0 4
“A ppe nd ix A: F or m s De veloped after T esting ”

                                                  ABOVE: form POS A - SEC Report 11/04/2004
                                                         Appendix A: Forms Developed after Testing
                                                  BELOW:      A Plain English Handbook: How to Create
                                                           Clear SEC Disclosure Documents
TD Bank Financial Group

Toronto Dominion had grown through a number of strategic
acquisitions and product introductions. The organization
wanted to refocus its energies on what customers want from
banks now, and away from an emphasis on transactions.

Siegel & Gale developed a brand strategy for Toronto
Dominion. We also established a brand architecture
strategy built around the TD masterbrand while preserving
the established product and service brands. A new
design system was created to support the positioning and
recommendations for implementation that would support the
identity guidelines
building signage
ABOVE: stationary, business cards
BELOW: brochures
Union Bank of California

Siegel+Gale worked with Union Bank’s Select Benefit group    Based on testing, the entire online application was re-
to reconceptualize its 401(k) product. The effort began      architected and designed to create a more intuitive plan
with usability testing and one-on-one interviews with plan   sponsor and plan participant experience which reduced the
participants and sponsors to identify how the application    steps necessary to perform key tasks, made education advice
could be easier to use for both key audiences and reduce     more accessible through contextualized content, and set the
customer support requests.                                   stage for more relevant investment product cross-promotions.
                                                             The new design was specifically created to adhere to the
                                                             branding program recently adopted by Select Benefit’s parent
                                                             – Union Bank of California.

                                                             The end result allows Select Benefit to better service its
                                                             300,000 plus customers and sets the new standard for easy
                                                             to use online 401(k) applications.
ABOVE: 401(k) self-service web page
BELOW: online demo
Other relevant work: Siegel+Gale

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