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									Literature search request form
This form can be used to request a customised search of the health science literature by a professional
librarian. The results will consist of a list of references to articles based on the subject areas you specify.

Please provide your contact details here:


Job title


                    Doctor or Dentist
                    Nursing/Midwifery/Healthcare Assistant
                    Primary Care
Professional        Scientific, Technical or Therapeutic
Group               Consumer Health
                    Health Promotion
                    Admin & Estates
                    Other (please specify)
Tel No                                                                    Bleep


Please supply as much of the following information as possible:

Topic (clinical situation, clinical question)

Keywords or Possible Search Terms (including synonyms, acronyms, international spellings)

Search limits (date range, language, age range, gender)
Date search results required by

How do you want to collect/receive your results?                      email               post               collect

It is useful for the library service to know how the results of literature searches are used. Please supply your
reason for requesting a literature search below:

Reason for literature search

  Patient Care query                                              Research

  Presentation                                                    Writing guidelines/protocols

  Writing for publication                                         Clinical Audit

  Teaching                                                        Education/CPD

  Service Delivery                                                Other (please state)

To help us improve our service, would you be interested in being interviewed in relation to this query?

        Yes                      No

Would you like training on how to do your own searches?

        Yes                      No

If ‘yes’ please contact Colin Engel on ext. 1084 or

Please return
completed forms to:                                                Clinical Library, 1st Floor, C Block, Russells Hall

Results of database and/or Internet searches are subject to the limitations of the database(s) and websites searched.
Results of searches are also limited by your search request. It is the responsibility of the requestor to determine the
accuracy, validity and interpretation of the search results.

  Please tick to acknowledge that you have read the disclaimer, and that you acknowledge the limitations of
database/internet searching.


Borrower No.
Name of Searcher
Date search request received
Date Results sent
  AMED                                                           British Nursing Index
  Cinhal                                                         DH Data
  Embase                                                         King’s Fund
  Medline                                                        PsycInfo
  The Cochrane Library                                           Social Care Online
  The Internet                                                   Other
Oct 2007

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