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                                                                                                      Console: loud
                                                                                                      speaking MP3
                                                                                                       player with
Developing speaking and listening skills is critical                                                    recording
for all children. Now, with StoryPhones, you can
encourage these skills with the latest digital
technology. The complete audio system allows
children aged 3-7 to listen in a variety of ways to               Listen Anywhere
stories, music, songs and games. The record                          Indoors or outside making audio ICT more flexible
function develops speaking as well as listening                      and easy to use
skills.                                                              No more tangled wires and tapes
                                                                     Listen to music, songs, stories, listen and do activities
                                                                     or other languages

                                                                  Listen Independently
                                                                     Focus on listening with no distractions
                                                                     Automatic Play Control makes the Headsets
                                                                     accessible for all children

                                                Base Unit         Listen in Groups
                                              for charging           Use the Headsets and Remote Console together
                                              and content            Use for adult led, focused learning
                                                transfer             Develop social skills and peer learning when the
                                                                     children listen together

    Individual                                                    Listen out Loud
       MP3                                                           Listen to music and stories in larger groups
     Headset                                                         Create opportunities for dancing and singing

                                                                     Record your own activities, treasure hunts, songs and
                                                                     stories using the Remote Console
                                                                     Children can record themselves for up to 8 hours
                                                                     Allow children to listen to themselves, each other or
                                                                     create podcasts

“All of the children, including my reluctant readers, loved to use StoryPhones whilst reading books.”
Anne Metcalf, KS1 Teacher, South Stanley Infants.
Using StoryPhoneS will...
    Embed audio resources and ICT into all areas of Early Years Curriculums
    Allow practitioners to use audio ICT for literacy, music, MFL,
    numeracy, speaking and listening
    Create opportunities for inclusion for children with SEN, speech and language
    difficulties and EAL
    Provide an alternative means of assessment and tracking
    Allow children to share their recordings with parents on virtual learning platforms
    and via email

Audio content
    Provided by the StoryPhones Education Team and existing publishers and providers
    Listen and do activities are linked to EYFS, National Strategies and Scottish Curriculum
    Content can be bought via the online StoryPhones bookshop
    Upload your own CDs and tapes and add them to the StoryPhones bookshelf

The StoryPhones Bookshelf Software
    Stores all of your audio content – no more lost CDs or tapes
    Manages the settings on your players
    Allows you to select and upload content on to one, all, or any combination of players

                                             how to contact us
                                            To find out more or to place an order, contact:

                                                                                  Ameeca Ltd
                                                                              The Greenhouse
                                                                               Greencroft Park
                                                                                Annfield Plain

                                                                                                               listening for
                                                                                  Co. Durham
                                                                                     DH9 7XN
                                                                               t: 0845 652 0906
                                                                               f: 01207 524 868
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