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March 2010 Newsletter Web Versio


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									                                                               Second draft of the new Vision Statement ready for review
                     Volume 50, issue 9
                                                               Your Vision Writing Team would like to express its thanks to all who submitted written
                                                               and emailed comments on the initial draft of a Vision Statement for EUUC. Each and
                                        March 2010             every comment has been read and carefully considered by the team and incorporated as
                                                               appropriate in the second draft. We urge all to now review the second draft currently on the
                                                               EUUC website at, and send your comments and
                                                               suggestions to An “Open Mic” opportunity to offer verbal feedback to
                                                               the Vision Writing Team will be held on March 21 in Chapman Hall between the first and
                                                               second services to allow for an open discussion on the second draft statement. Your
                                                               continued feedback is vital to ensure that we arrive at an eventual final statement that
                                                               represents the direction this congregation wants to take to move us towards the vision we
                                                               want to realize in the next three to five years. A full congregational hearing to reach
                                                               agreement on a final version will be scheduled when it is clear that we have arrived at a
                                                               Vision Statement that provides the inspiration we are seeking.

                                                               Share the Excitement . . . EUUC Goes for the Gold!!
                                           The CommUUnicator

                                                                                      EUUC Auction, Saturday, March 20, 5 p.m.
                                                               By the time you read this, the plans for the 39th annual auction will be almost complete. This
                                                               event has been raising money for EUUC for four decades, proving that our members love to
                                                               have a good time while benefitting our church. Your Olympic Committee is working to

                                                               make this the best year ever. From the time everyone lines up at the door at 5 p.m. to await
                                                               the opening of the “Events” room for sign-ups to the last event of the live auction, the
                                                               “Heads or Tails” game, there is something to keep everyone interested.
                                                               By this time we hope almost everyone has submitted their donation sheets to Scott Warner.
                                                               Without your donations we would have no auction. The final deadline is March 8. This
                                                               allows us to get the bid catalog out by Sunday, March 14 so everyone can peruse the items of
                                                               interest in preparation for bidding on the big night, March 20.
                                                               Even if you cannot make it to the auction itself, you can donate something. You can also
                                                               purchase a “Go for the Gold” raffle ticket to try to win a one-ounce Golden Eagle coin
                                                               worth $1100. You need not be present to win. And for two Sundays after the auction,
                                                               signup sheets for unfilled events will be available in the Narthex.
                                                                                             New this year is a “Substitute List.” For $10 you can sign up
                                                                                             to be called as a substitute at a dinner or event someone
                                                                                             cannot attend. A list will be maintained by the committee and
                                                                                             if an opening occurs, folks will be called starting at the top of
                                                                                             the list until someone is found who can attend. Once you
                                                                                             attend an event, your name is dropped to the bottom of the
                                                                                             list. You might get to attend a $40 dinner with no extra charge.
                                                                                             Get your tickets in the Narthex on Sunday mornings. Bring a
                                                                                             friend! More details at

                                                               Daylight Savings Time Begins March 14. Spring Forward!!

                                                               Inside this issue:                                   Points of Interest
                                                               Board News                                    2
                                                                                                                    Calendar of Events ............................. 8-9
                                                               Covenant of Right Relations                   5
                                                                                                                    Month of Sundays ................................. 3
                                                               Lifespan Religious Education                 11
                                                                                                                    March Offering Recipient ..................... 10
                                                               Ministerial Search Update                     3
                                                                                                                    Newcomer Connections Reception ........... 7
                                                               Music                                         7
                                                                                                                    Rummage Sale ...................................... 4
                                                               Social Justice Triad                      12-13
                                                                                                                    Taking A Stand Task Force ................ 4
                                                               Total Experience Gospel Choir                 7
Board Highlights
At its February 16 meeting, the Board:                                Discussed changes to bylaws
                                                                        about membership to include as
   Conducted a mid-year evaluation of Interim Ministry, as
                                                                        a requirement making a pledge
     requested by UUA.
                                                                        to the church operating fund.
   Learned from Treasurer Scott Warner that we are in                 Decided issue needs further
     much better financial shape than we expected to be                 discussion.
     nine months ago.
                                                                      Voted to change the Church Building Rental Policy.
   Set a special Board meeting for March 3 to discuss staff           Building rental will no longer be free to church
     budgeting and the Human Resources Manual.                          members; rather, church members will pay 50 percent
                                                                        of the normal rental fee.
   Learned the Finance Committee will hold a
     congregational hearing on March 7 after each service to          Asked Cathy Liu Scott to organize a Safety Task Force.
     discuss all budget requests. Committees are urged to
                                                                      Learned HR Committee will review alternative health
     get their budget requests in to the Treasurer now.
                                                                        insurance options to seek cost savings, as premiums are
   Approved Taking a Stand Task Force’s action plan for               expected to rise next year.
     congregational discussion of a proposed policy and
                                                                      Set May 2 as the date for a new member potluck for
     bylaw change.
                                                                        those who have joined this year, hosted by the Board.
                                                                   Robin Stanton, Secretary

Bruce’s Byline
I am feeling excited about the future of our congregation.         Nancy and I are excited about the energy in our social justice
The dedicated Search Committee has been meeting with               committees. The Lifespan Religious Education program
candidates and evaluating what each one would bring to our         offers excellent classes for children and adults. EUUC
community. At the same time our Canvass Committee has              offers a wide variety of interest groups giving us a chance to
been working toward another successful canvass. Their hard         get to know more people in this community. We are
work and, more importantly, your generosity, have                  continually amazed at the high quality of volunteer work
significantly increased the pledges to the operating fund this     being done by dozens of members who make our
year.                                                              community strong. For all these reasons Nancy and I
                                                                   stretched to the upper limit of our comfort level and
Your valuable gifts enable us to attract top quality ministers,
                                                                   increased our pledge even though we will have two
one of whom will deliver motivating, uplifting, and
                                                                   daughters in college this fall.
educational sermons for many years to come. Our new
minister will need to excel at more than speaking. We need         We have another opportunity to build this community, the
a staff manager, a volunteer leader, a social justice organizer,   annual auction on Saturday, March 20. Nancy and I always
and a pastoral care provider. Our minister needs myriad            look for dinners, parties, and other social events in the silent
talents to help us achieve our highest potential. The              auction. Attending one of these events gives you a chance
generosity of our congregation will draw the top talent.           to get to know people you might have seen but have never
                                                                   gotten to know, and the events are fun! Members and
Thank you to those of you who have already pledged. If you
                                                                   friends of EUUC value having a good time together. If you
have not turned in a pledge form, please read our web page
                                                                   are relatively new to the congregation, please sign up for one
on pledging:
                                                                   of these social events.
pledging.php. From the Pledging page follow the link to
the Fair Share Giving Guide and think carefully about how          Nancy and I have decided to offer a Transylvanian dinner as
important this congregation is in your life. The EUUC              an auction item. This spring we will be traveling to
community plays an important role in my life. How                  Transylvania to learn more about our Unitarian heritage.
important is EUUC to you? How much do you appreciate               While there we will be collecting recipes of our favorite
that EUUC is here when you seek spiritual nourishment, is a        dishes. We are also speaking with many who went last year
fun and warm community, provides food for thought about            to glean additional recipes. We are looking forward to
your values, and offers peers to work with you toward social       having a chance to get to know the people who come to our
justice?                                                           dinner.

Page 2                                                                                                      VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9
  Charlotte’s Web
  I left the Anglican church in 1958 vowing never again to set foot in a church that asked me to lie. (They
  wanted me to swear I believed things that I did not.) On Easter Sunday, 1959, my mother and I visited the
  Winnipeg Unitarian Church where I was born again! My old understanding of organized religion died, and I
  found my religious home. I have never left. Religion had meaning for me again!
  That Easter Sunday the Rev. Phillip Petursson spoke about the power and beauty of new life rising from seemingly barren
  soil. Resurrection, he said, occurs whenever that which has died is transformed into new life – literally or metaphorically. All
  growth, all learning, all things new are born from the death of some earlier way of being.
  Since my first experience of Unitarianism (this was before the merger of the Unitarians and Universalists in 1961) was so
  powerful and positive, I was surprised to discover that many UUs have strong negative feelings about Easter. I am sorry they
  have not yet experienced what I did on Easter Sunday, 1959. The death of my old understanding of religion and the
  resurrection of my faith on Easter Sunday, 1959 changed (and likely saved) my life.
  Another of my religious mentors, the Rev. Emil V. Gudmundson, wrote:
     I believe I am born again, not just once, but over and over again. I am born again when I discover I can achieve the goal I thought was
     impossible. I am born again when the good earth is warm enough to feel good under my fingernails. I am born again when I really
     hear the expressions of love, whether uttered or not, from a loved one. I am born again when I experience justice in the cold, cold world.
     Yes, I am a born again Unitarian. But I need not say born again – that is implicit in being a Unitarian.
  Easter comes early this year (April 4). May each of you experience the joy of the resurrection this Easter season.

                                                   A Month of Sundays
March 7     “Earth Mother”          Rev. Charlotte Cowtan                  March 28 “Superstar”           Rev. Charlotte Cowtan
             ”                      Music by Adult Choir                             Palm Sunday          Music by Fred Sederholm
                                                                                                                 and April Cook
March 14 “Fundamentalism” Rev. Charlotte Cowtan             April 4                    “Flower Communion” Layne Richard-Hammock
                            Music by Joyful Noise                                       Easter Sunday     Music by Adult Choir
March 21 “Wishful Thinking” Rev. Charlotte Cowtan
                            Music by Youth and Adult Choirs

  Worship Associates need your suggestions
  The Worship Associates Team is charged with assisting the minister in planning worship services that will
  capture your attention and transform you in a meaningful way. We invite your suggestions for sermon
  topics which you think would meet these requirements and would be of interest to fellow members. Forms
  for submitting ideas are available on the shelf in the office hallway and on the church website at Forms should be submitted to the Worship
  Associates Mailbox or emailed to We look forward to hearing from you.
  April Cook, Chair

  Search Committee
                              The seven members of your Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) are in the homestretch of this
                              vital process of finding just the right match of a settled minister for the church we are now and the
                              one we will be as our vision becomes reality. As the congregation refines this vision, the MSC is
                              also clarifying and prioritizing the qualities we experience in the ministers with whom we are now
                             These fine religious leaders are likewise in a discernment process to determine whether the gifts
  they have to offer are the best fit with EUUC and with the circumstances of their professional and personal lives. This is a
  complex and exciting process for all involved, and that includes you!
  We hope to be able to share good news with you by the end of March, and we thank you for your patience and your support
  as we near the finish line. We are: Rachel Maxwell, Chair; Marilyn Warner, Jeff Davies, Jim Chalupnick, Steve Ernst,
  Kyle Gillis, and Ellin Snow.
 VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9                                                                                                                     Page 3
         MARCH                 TAKE A
                  VOTE         STAND
                                                                           Taking A Stand Task Force
                                              Where do you stand on torture, war, or capital punishment? Should our
                                              congregation raise its banner high to let the world know how we feel about these
                                              or other major moral issues? At the next Congregational Meeting in April,
                                              members of EUUC will vote on a potential change to our Bylaws that would make
                                              it possible for the church as a whole to take a stand on issues of social justice.
                                              Do you want to know more before deciding how you will vote? Join the Taking a
                                              Stand Task Force and your Board at one of several upcoming discussions on the
                                              proposed new Board Policy and Bylaw. We will host three gatherings in Chapman
Hall at which you’ll hear about how the process would work and have a chance to offer your feedback. The gatherings will
be: (1) at noon on Sunday, March 21; (2) at 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 21; and (3) at noon on Sunday, March 28. Sandwiches
will be served at the noon meetings and pizza at the evening meeting. Child care will be provided for all three meetings. If
you care about this issue, please attend one of these gatherings because time to debate the matter at the Congregational
Meeting will be limited.
In addition to the above-mentioned gatherings, the Task Force will sponsor a table in the Narthex in-between services,
beginning on March 14. Copies of the proposed Bylaw change and the Board policy for enabling the new Bylaw will be
available at the table, as well as a chance to ask questions and offer your comments. Soon the proposed Bylaw and Board
policy will also be posted on the church website.
For now, please take time to read the following short article:
UUA: Suggested Guidelines for Processing Controversial Issues
If you want to dig deeper into the subject, you can check out these additional resources:
UUA: Congregational Decision-Making about Controversial Social Justice Issues (longer)
2007 Winner of the UU Ministers Association / Commission on Social Witness Sermon Contest:
The Moral Values for a Pluralistic Society UUA Statement of Conscience (2007):
Another church's journey:
First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque's Anti-Torture Witness
Members of the Task Force are: Cindy Creager, Steve Ernst, Pam Iverson, Greg Long, John Rutter, Diana Sheiness

Rummage Sale is a whale of a lot of fun!!
Mark April 30 and May 1 on your calendar. The annual rummage sale is on its way! Get ready
to recycle. Did you know that just two grocery bags will hold 23 pounds of cloth that can be
reused and kept out of landfills? What you no longer find necessary at home may be just what
someone else needs. We are looking for CLEAN items in good condition. Shoppers look for
clothing, shoes, bed and table linens, kitchen cook and glassware, hardware, pictures and frames,
art, office supplies, holiday items, and decor of all kinds. Books, CDs, videos, DVDs and LPs
for all ages, and toys are also popular. Plants, jewelry, and even antique items are also popular.
We cannot accept large furniture, appliances, automotive, exercise equipment or TVs UNLESS
donors place a name and phone number on the item and are willing to take it back if it does not
sell. It is not too early to start digging.
             On Sunday, April 25, the congregation will help make way for the sale and all volunteers are welcome to assist in
             the set-up, pricing, and display of sale items during that week. Cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, etc., are also
              requested for sale in the cafe. Our rummage sale provides a great community service and, as any previous
              participant would agree, is a whale of a lot of fun. Contact Virg or Estelle Rayton with any questions.

Page 4                                                                                                   VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9
Covenant of Right Relations first draft is ready for feedback
After the October 24 congregational workshop, a Covenant of Right Relations Writing Team was
formed to bring together, review, and summarize the thoughts and comments of the congregation
regarding right relations. The team met several times over the last three months to work on
bringing the many congregational comments together in an organized and coherent form.
Your Writing Team has developed an initial draft of the Covenant of Right Relations (
covenant.php). We hope you will take time to read the draft and send your comments to us by March 7. Our goal is to
accurately reflect the thoughts shared during the October workshop by members of the congregation and to synthesize these
thoughts into a statement of covenant that will be specific and instructive to our congregation and mission.
Seeking congregational feedback and input to this draft version is the next of several steps towards having a Covenant of
Right Relations that the congregation can finalize and approve.
We are seeking Congregational input to this draft version through one or both of the following methods.
 Electronic – members can email comments and suggest changes by sending them to
 Written – members can write comments and suggest changes directly on copies of the statement. Please drop your
    edited versions in the Covenant containers in the Narthex.
Between the services on March 14 in Chapman Hall the Team will invite your comments on a second draft. The input from
this congregational discussion will be used to prepare a third draft which will be published on the website and in the April
After any final comments have been considered, the Team will submit the final draft of the Covenant of Right Relations to
the Board which will bring it to a Congregational Meeting for adoption.

                                       Covenant of Right Relations
Our congregation is founded on seven principles. We strive to reflect the principles in our lives and our work together
toward our congregational mission. This covenant of the members and friends of Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church
encourages each of us to deepen our connections by bringing our best selves to our relationships.
Because we each value coming together and creating a community of healthy relationships I strive to:
   be loving and generous in spirit
   challenge myself to expand my social connections
   speak and work openly and honestly
   be thoughtful, considerate, and authentic in all my interactions
   appreciate, acknowledge, and encourage others
   be aware of how my emotions might affect my communication with others
   be generous in sharing my resources
   cultivate lightness, joy, warmth, and humor
   honor another’s point of view or experience
   be welcoming to all
   listen to understand
Because we each acknowledge that change, conflict, and diverse ideas are normal parts of life in community I strive to:
   maintain a safe environment where everyone can authentically express themselves
   be aware and respectful of my and other people’s boundaries
   speak from a position of respect, kindness, and love whether in harmony or conflict
   trust others to have good intentions
   acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes
   seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness
And, because we are human, I will strive to forgive myself and others when we fail to keep these promises and will renew our
covenant in faith and love.

Page 5                                                                                                 VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9
Lay Ministry Team
                Your Lay Ministry Team has been aware over the past year that many in our congregation are looking for
                employment. To provide support to these folks, we are sponsoring a “Jobs” area on one of the bulletin
                boards in the Narthex. Now that the areas on the bulletin boards are clearly labeled, you can find it easily
                behind the Newcomers' Table. If your business or employer has a job opening, feel free to post a copy of the
                announcement there. If you would like us to post it for you, just email it to and we will
print it and put it up for you.
As always, we are here if you would like a caring person to talk to. Contact us by confidential email at,
call the confidential voicemail at 425.977.4581, drop a message in the locked box next to the brochure rack in the entry, call
the main office or the minister, or approach a member of the Lay Ministry Team as identified on their name tags. Your lay
ministers are Marilyn Warner, Gail Smith, Vicky Kleinman, April Cook, Kristen Petrakis, and Don Snow.

Arms Around
The contact for March is Joan Callender.
The contact for April is Bob Scott.
 Our caring thoughts and best wishes go out to any members of our church family who may be
     experiencing difficult challenges. Please call the Arms Around contact person should you need
     short-term assistance with transportation, meals, or friendly visits.

What is Arms Around? When a member or friend of EUUC is having difficult times, the Arms Around Committee steps
forward to help. Depending on what services the person requires, the Arms Around Committee finds volunteers to prepare
meals, drive people to appointments, and help people at home. If you would be interested in serving in this capacity, please
contact Marilyn Warner

Annual Pre-Owned Book Sale
The annual pre-owned book sale extravaganza is coming to EUUC in April, compliments of your
Lending Library Committee. The first sale date will be Sunday, April 11, so that gives you just a
few weeks to sort through your books and bring them to church for the sale. Remember that you
need to clear out some shelf space to make room for all the fabulous books you are going to buy. We
do not want to dampen any enthusiasm, but please, no textbooks, computer manuals, erotica, or 1940s
bestsellers. We will take books, videos, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and audio books on tape or CD.
You may start bringing these in to the library now. If you would like to help with this event or
other library activities, please sign up in the Lending Library or email Diane Hettrick or Pat Meeker.

Sunday Meditation in March
Come once, twice, or regularly and get centered and focused before Sunday morning worship services.
Join together with others who love to meditate on Sunday mornings in February from 8:30 to 9 a.m. in
The Friarplace. This dedicated group of meditators will welcome you whether it is your first time or you
have been meditating for a long time. Enjoy some quiet, calm, and centering time before you attend the
first service. If you have any questions, please contact Penni Marvel at
Plan Ahead: Seattle Insight Meditation Society offers a six-week series called “Introduction to Meditation” twice a year at
EUUC. This year the spring classes are March 3 through April 12. Contact Seattle Insight Meditation Society at to sign up. Penni highly recommends this class as a way to begin or deepen your practice.

VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9                                                                                                       Page 6
Music Director’s Notes
I am moved and astounded when I hear musicians from around the globe rally in support of the world crisis we are currently
experiencing. Tragically, this month was to have been carnival time in Haiti, and three separate musical groups were killed in
a recording studio while they were recording new compositions for the festival. Music has unique and amazing qualities that
make us cry, grieve, unite, and heal.
Open mic on January 15 was great fun and very entertaining. Twenty-five “acts” ranging in age from 20 to 80-ish in age
shared an amazing variety of musical talent and story telling. Open mic this month is Friday, March 12.
Our second Friday Evening Concert, “Pants and Shoes,” was a sellout and a wonderfully entertaining evening for everyone
Please note that our second Friday evening vespers service has been scheduled for April 2 at 7:30 p.m. Please join us for an
evening of meditation, chant, and readings accompanied by Native American flute, gong, and Tibetan and crystal bowls.
In song,

Tomoko Maki to perform at UW on March 16
 Tomoko Maki, our exceptionally talented pianist, invites you to attend her solo recital at the
 University of Washington on Tuesday, March 16, at 7:30 p.m. in Brechemin Auditorium in
 the College of Music. She will be performing Haydn, Schumann, Liszt, Ravel, and
 Prokofiev. This will be a very special treat for all who attend. Make plans to attend today,
 and bring your family and friends. This is a free concert, so come, fill the auditorium to
 cheer her on.

Total Experience Gospel Choir to perform at EUUC
                March 27, 2010, at 7 p.m.
                Annual Benefit Concert
             Adults $10, Children under 12 $2
Share the joy and enthusiasm this choir brings with their rich gospel
music. The choir, under the direction of Pastor Patrinell Wright, has
dedicated many hours for hurricane relief work in the Gulf Coast area,
helping rebuilding lives and property. Pastor Wright has received many
honors for her work and is going to continue to use the money raised
to go back down to Hurricane Katrina area where there is still work to
be done, even now. She and the choir are an inspiration to us all.
They deserve our continued support.
Tickets are available at the Social Concerns table and at the door.

                                             Monthly Newcomer Connections Reception
                         Every third Sunday after each service, visitors and newcomers are invited to attend a Newcomer
                          Connections Reception. After either service on March 21, come to learn more about the inner
                             workings, interest groups, and committees of EUUC. If you have been to several services, or
                              if this is your first visit, come to this reception to find out how you can connect with groups
                               that may be of special interest. Please get a cup of coffee and come to The Friarplace to
                                 meet and ask questions of current church members about our programs, activities,
                                 committees, and interest groups. Bring your children for cookies and juice. If you cannot
                                join us this time, please plan to come next month.

Page 7                                                                                                  VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9
Page 8   VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9
VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9   Page 9
 Youth Poet’s Corner
                                             by Alex Potter as performed at the
                                              Open Mic on February 19, 2010
                                             Senior High Youth Group member

When we think “community” it’s easy to say                     To share in the sorrow and anger and mirth
That the word stands for people you see every day              Now we go larger still to all things on the planet
For your neighbors, your friends and your family too,          Our mind just can't handle this much (Or can it?)
And for all of the people important to you.                    Consider all things, both the huge and the tiny
But what of the people in faraway places                       Including the spiky and scaly and slimy.
You don’t know their names and you don’t know their faces,     The birds and the bees and the bugs and the bats
But these people are part of the circle indeed                 And yes, this includes the mosquitoes and rats
Because they live on this planet, and for us to succeed        AND the trees and the weeds and the squirming earthworms.
We have to remember that all are related                       And the beetles and gnats, right on down to the germs!
And no one will thrive if someone is hated                     Because all living things are completely connected
As we think of this church as its own special space,           If one aspect changes all the bits are affected
We need to consider the whole human race                       Community reaches beyond just each other
Which meets, everyday, on the church we call Earth             All life is related and Earth is our mother.

 Attend the UUA General Assembly in June
 General Assembly is coming. Registration for the annual General Assembly of Unitarian Universalist
 Congregations opens on March 1. It is time to sign up. This year General Assembly will be in Minneapolis,
 June 23 through 27. Anyone who has ever attended GA can tell you how this experience deepens their
 understanding and commitment to Unitarian Universalism by participating in dynamic workshops, meeting
 UUs from all over the continent, experiencing great worship services, and helping decide future directions
 for the organization. Last year's delegates decided against changing our Principles and elected Rev. Peter
 Morales as our President. Some folks from EUUC are already committed to going. Join us to make it a
 large contingent. There may be stipend support for attendees. For more information on GA, consult the
 website: For more information about EUUC participation,
 contact Pam Iverson at

                                                                              March Offering Recipient
                                             Camp Brotherhood – Interfaith Youth Summit
             Father William Treacy and Rabbi Raphael Levine co-hosted the KOMO-4 television program “Challenge” from
             1960 to 1974. They discussed current issues within the context of their respective faiths. The show had a
             positive influence on the Puget Sound region. In 1968 they purchased a farm in Skagit County with the assistance
             of the Seattle Rotary Club to found Camp Brotherhood with the purpose of fostering better understanding and
             harmony between and among religions.
 Camp Brotherhood recently expanded their programs to include youth. The Interfaith Youth Summit hosts eighth and ninth
 grade members of youth groups of all faith backgrounds. They spend three days together, playing, serving, eating, and
 learning together. They participate in team-building exercises which quickly create trusting bonds of friendship as a
 foundation for developing openness toward one another and their differing ideas. One Mormon attendee volunteered that
 he was prepared to spend the whole time telling others about his faith but ended up eagerly learning about other faith
 traditions. Developing tolerance for the beliefs of others is key in our society.
 Our donations will go toward scholarships for the August 2010 session for youth who cannot afford to go on their own.
 EUUC member Julie Hanson is an adult volunteer at the camp. Speak with her for more details about the programs there.
 Check out the website at
 Nominated by Julie Hanson.

 Page 10                                                                                               VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9
                              Lifespan Religious Education at EUUC
Bridging Church and Home with UU Rituals for Children
The following class is still open for registration. Class details and electronic registration are available online at http:// Registration deadline is one week prior to class start date. So that all may
participate, all activities and classes which carry fees also have the option of those fees being reduced or waived. Contact
Layne Richard-Hammock to request a confidential fee restructuring.
     Bridging Church and Home with UU Rituals for Children: One Wednesday, March 10, 6:30 to 8 p.m. Child care is

                                  RE Month of Sundays
                    Toddler Room is open for both services every Sunday
                               Children’s RE                       Coming of Age           Sr. High Youth
      When                                                                                                            Notes
                              9:15 and 11 a.m.                        11 a.m.                  10:45 a.m.
                                                                                             9:30 – 12:30
                  Spirit Play and Flames at 9:15 and 11 a.m.   Mentor & Mentees for              Movie:
     March 7                                                                                                  Youth Advisor Meeting
                    Fireworks at 11 a.m. Riddle and Mystery       credo writing               Into the Wild
                  Spirit Play and Flames at 9:15 and 11 a.m.    Social Action projects     Popcorn Sunday     SPAG Con Weekend
     March 14
                    Fireworks at 11 a.m. Riddle and Mystery    due and share with class.    Doug/Laura
     March 21
                                All Ages Sunday                                             Serious Topic
                                                                                                                 All Ages Sunday
                        Start in Service, Classes Follow        Edmonds and Seattle          Follow-Up
                                                                                                              Shoreline Youth Group
                  Spirit Play and Flames at 9:15 and 11 a.m.    Schools Spring Break        On Spag Con
                    Fireworks at 11 a.m. Riddle and Mystery                                 Tracy/Kindle

                                                                                                              CoA Youth second visit
                  Spirit Play and Flames at 9:15 and 11 a.m.          No CoA                  Building
     March 28                                                                                                   Senior High Youth
                    Fireworks at 11 a.m. Riddle and Mystery         Spring Break             Games Day
                                                                                                              Youth Business Meeting
      April 4          Multigenerational Service
                                                                                                                     Easter Egg Hunt
                       Celebration of Spring and
                                                                                                                        after services
                          Flower Communion                          Attend service          Attend service
                    Whole community worships together
                                                                                                               Youth Advisor Meeting
                            for the full service
             (Toddler Room: Up to 4 yrs) (Spirit Play: Mature 3s to Grade 2) ( Flames: Grades 3 to 5)
                     (Fireworks: Grades 6 to 8) (CoA: Grade 8) (Senior High: Grades 9 to 12)

Vernal Equinox Vespers Service scheduled for March 21
Our NEW Earth-based Spiritualities Group will host a Vernal Equinox Vespers Service.
Our sixth Unitarian Universalist Source guides us to attend to “Spiritual teachings of Earth-
centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony
with the rhythms of nature.”
A group has been convened and plans are underway to create an evening Vespers Service
celebrating the Vernal Equinox. This service will be engaging for all ages and take place Sunday
evening, at 7:30 p.m. on March 21. We hope to see you there! June will see the Summer
Solstice and another service. Are you interested in helping? Contact the DLRE, Layne
Richard-Hammock at Related news: Plans are in the works to offer an Adult
RE program next fall titled Introduction to Paganism.

VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9                                                                                                             Page 11
A Gentler Footprint . . .
. . . a monthly column brought to you by the Sustainability Committee.
Topic: How Green can you get?
How far can you go in developing new habits to lead a               mug and reusable plates and cups in my car as well as
more sustainable lifestyle? Here are some of the changes            some storage containers in case I need to take home
that I have made just in the last year:                             restaurant leftovers.
 Converted my front lawn into a communal vegetable              Changed my bank account to a local credit union.
   garden with over 600 square feet of raised bed space. I        Think about, research, and choose who and what I’m
   use the rainwater from my numerous rain barrels for              supporting with each dollar I spend.
   watering and produce up to 75% of my food.
                                                                 Additionally, I continue to cycle to work as many times a
 Gave up using my clothes dryer completely as of June          week as weather permits with my pedal assist electric
   2009, using the sun in the summer to dry clothes in my        bicycle; continue driving my small but very comfortable and
   back yard and installed a retractable clothes line in my      spacious 40 mpg Golf VW with biodiesel; use renewable
   family room for winter drying. (Clothes dryers are the        energy for eight months of the year from my small solar
   largest consumer of electric energy in our homes.)            and wind system; use only organic and non-toxic foods; eat
 Started using rainwater in the winter for flushing my         no beef whatsoever, and only occasionally eat other types
   toilets. Just got into the habit of filling up a couple of    of flesh. I try not to purchase any item unless I truly have a
   5 gallon buckets from my rain barrels and bringing them       need for it. I continue discovering more and more blind
   into the house every day.                                     spots in my own lifestyle that I have not been aware of, and
                                                                 am trying to become less judgmental of all those who have
 Gave up my TV. I save money and have more time for            not achieved the same awareness of the cause and effect of
   reading and doing other things, and I am further away         the decisions they make everyday in the way they use
   from the mental grasp of media corporations and               resources and make purchases. I recognize that my being
   advertising. It is so-o-o liberating!                         able to help bring real change cannot come from a space of
 Made a strong commitment to not using any disposable          anger, resentment, or negativity.
   utensils or cups in any circumstance. I carry a coffee        Carlo Voli

Walking the Talk
. . . a monthly column by the Social Concerns Committee, Living Our Vision of a Just and Sustainable World
“On a nice day in spring, you should smell like dirt.”        For opportunities to serve our community this
                                           —Mary Atwood       month, please sign up at the Social Concerns table.
Calling all would-be and wanna-be gardeners                    Volunteer to bake cookies for the Total Experience Gospel
Calling all would-be organic veggie eaters                        Choir Concert on March 27.
Calling all “I want to learn” gardeners
Calling all green thumbs                                       Volunteer to cook and/or serve breakfast to the homeless
For our first organic vegetable garden at EUUC                    at Trinity Lutheran on March 27.
                                                                      Cooking – March 26
If you want to plant and harvest
                                                                      Serving – March 27
your own vegetables at EUUC,
sign up at the Social Concerns table                           Volunteer at Chase Lake or Cedar Valley Elementary
or contact Ginny Burger.                                          Schools serving the district’s lowest income and highest
                                                                  need students.
                                                              With grateful hearts for your nurturing of the spirits of others,
                                                              Ginny Burger, Chair
Peace & Justice Movie Night
                                                           Friday, March 5, 7 p.m., RE-1&2
                        Inspired by a true story, Osama was the first entirely Afghan film shot after the 2001 fall of the
                        Taliban. Forbidden to work or leave her home without a male companion, yet left without male
                        family members due to the wars, a desperate Afghan mother sends her 12-year old daughter out
                        disguised as a boy, so that she might work in a shop. Thus begins a terrifying and confusing journey
                        as she (now called Osama) finds herself pulled into a Taliban school and military training, where it
                        becomes difficult to conceal her identity.
                             Please join us to view this film and stay for a provocative discussion after the movie.
                                                           Bring your friends!

Page 12                                                                                                 VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9
Peace & Justice Committee Spotlight on Issues
The Peace & Justice Committee has selected several organizations to support with donations. We wanted a
combination of local, national, and international groups that use or uphold personal rights and freedoms, the
keystone of peace and justice. We also looked for groups where our small donation would make the greatest
We will introduce you to these organizations over the coming months in this column and at our table in the
Narthex. We encourage you to learn more about them and perhaps make a personal donation or other commitment to be
involved with any that interest you.
Pennies for Peace
Education is the best deterrent to war and poverty. In researching Greg Mortenson's Central Asia Institute, the organization
that builds schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, we discovered Pennies for Peace.
Pennies for Peace is an international service-learning program which provides curriculum for K-12 students around the
world to become global citizens. They learn about “the world beyond their experience and (how) they can make a positive impact on a
global scale, one penny at a time. Students learn the rewards of sharing and working together to bring hope and education opportunities to the
children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. While a penny is virtually worthless, in impoverished countries a penny buys a pencil and opens the door to
literacy.” We liked this approach because it involves and benefits children everywhere. Learn more about this program at

Living Our Vision—Climate Justice Action
Our Climate Stories
Last month we wrote about our moral imperative to take action on climate change. We think
more of us will join in if we hear about what others are doing. We ask you to share your
stories or your questions, and keep this dialog going. What are you doing? What would
motivate you to do something? Send your stories to us at
This month we hear from Janet Chalupnik:
     I was very inspired by seeing the film Home, and the discussion following the showing
     where Steve Ernst recommended the book, Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning by George Monbiot. I have read
     that book and found it fascinating. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about lowering carbon dioxide
     Some small changes I have made include turning off the computer at night, ignoring the fact that there is an elevator
     in my building, and altering travel plans. We had already changed out the light bulbs, turned down the heat, and
     bought a Prius a while ago. I continue to examine daily practices for opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint.
     The other, perhaps more significant, plan is to get the film Home shown by groups I belong to, such as my League of
     Women Voters unit in Edmonds. We viewed it at the December meeting and a number of people took a DVD
     home with them to pass on to others.
     I have also phoned my senators and asked them to work for a strong climate change/energy bill in Congress. Their
     phone numbers are:
     Patty Murray: 202.224.2621
     Maria Cantwell: 202.224.3441
     I look forward to joining an organized effort by EUUC to get the film shown in other churches in the region, UUs
     and other denominations, in the belief that seeing the film motivates people to take action.
This monthly column is brought to you by the Sustainability, Peace & Justice, and Social Concerns Committees, to raise
awareness and encourage involvement in Climate Justice Action.

VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9                                                                                                                        Page 13
Book Review: Three Prophets of Religious Liberalism
Probably the most frequent request in the library is for information about the history and
sources of the teachings of American Unitarianism. For those new to our faith, Three Prophets
of Religious Liberalism should have great information and meaning. At the time the book was
written in the 1800s, Unitarian thought in this country was developing out of liberal
This small paperback, donated to the library by Stuart and Maybelle Chapman, founders and
long-time leaders of EUUC, contains three unabridged sermons that helped shape the theology of our church today. It also
has an introduction by Conrad Wright telling of the impact these sermons had at the time in which they were given.
The Channing sermon was given in 1819 as liberal Christians became aware that they were becoming a distinct religious
body. The Emerson Harvard Divinity School address about 25 years later concerned Emerson's personal growing doubts
about traditional Christian teachings, specifically advocating abandonment of the Christian belief in miracles. His address
became a real event in the intellectual life of New England. Parker's sermon given in Boston in 1842 explains more about
the Unitarian belief in a singular deity rather than a trinity and in Jesus as a human teacher of wisdom rather than a divinity to
be worshiped. He asks what is transient and what is permanent in Christianity.
Over the years individual churches have added or dropped various different religious beliefs, but these three sermons
describe the solid foundations of our free faith.
Marge Young

Explore online resources available from the PNWD and UUA

Have you ever spent any time on the website of the Pacific Northwest District? It is a tremendous resource for
congregations which includes lists of forums, webinars, and training meetings that would be of interest. The home page
features articles written by ministers of member congregations on a variety of topics. The News and Events Calendar lists
events happening in many congregations in the district as well as District functions. The Resources tab has congregational
packets, a link to the District library, and consulting and faith development services. Visit to learn more.

The website of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is so full of resources that you could browse for hours and not
see it all. There are study materials and references, information on how to become a UU minister, resources for ministers
and church leaders, and innumerable other points of interest. Many of the materials are available free of charge and can be
downloaded and printed for use in committee meetings and classes. Spend some time exploring and discover the
tremendous resource that is our association’s website at

Fall 2010 Photo Directory
The 2010 Directory, which is published in the fall, will include photos of members and friends.
Olan Mills Church Photography will take all the photos during an 11-day period in April.
Weekday and Saturday appointments are available. All members of the family must come to the
same photo session. Smaller families (4 or less) may book a 15-minute session. Larger families
(4 or more) can book the 20-minute sessions if they wish to have separate photos of children or adults.
If you need assistance in setting up your photo session, please call the EUUC office at 425.778.0373.
Each family will receive one 8x10 color, black and white, or sepia-tone portrait and may order other photographs at their
own expense. EUUC receives one free directory for each family photographed. We hope that all members and friends will
have their photos taken.

Schedule your photo session now through Google Docs at

VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9                                                                                                         Page 14
UU-UNO Spring Seminar Addresses Climate Change
The UU-UNO (Unitarian Universalist United Nations Organization) is proud to
invite you to attend our 2010 Annual Intergenerational Spring Seminar
“A Climate of Change: Head, Heart and Hands Around the Planet”
April 8-10, 2010
Please mark your calendars - April 8-10, 2010
(Youth program begins on April 7)
New York City
Every April, youth and adults from around the United States and Canada gather in New York City for our exciting and
educational Intergenerational Spring Seminar. All participants gain a deep understanding on a topic of global concern and
have a lot of fun in the wonderful intergenerational environment. Past seminars have focused on water, poverty, HIV/AIDS,
human trafficking, and peacekeeping. This year’s topic is climate change. During these four days, approximately 75 youth
and advisors stay at one of our Manhattan-based UU congregations, learning, making friends, having fun, and mobilizing.
Not only do youth attend the conference, but many also take on important leadership roles in its planning and execution.
Contact our office for more information on how to participate in the next spring seminar! Please visit our website at to register!
Featured Speakers:
Dr. Tony Broccoli, our keynote speaker, is director of the Rutgers Center for Environmental Protection and an experienced
UU-UNO Scientific Advisor who will present work of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).
Dr. Graciella Chichilnsky is a world renowned economist who developed the carbon market system used in the Kyoto
Protocol, and created the sustainable development theory in economics.
Dr. Alan Robock is a climatologist studying the effects of human impacts on climate and the risks of geoengineering
Rev. Fletcher Harper is the leader of GreenFaith, an interfaith coalition for the environment.
Stories will also be shared from UU Ministry for Earth youth leaders who were present at the Copenhagen Climate
Email any questions to

Dinner Out Group
                  Thursday, March 11, at 6 p.m., Colonial Pantry, 9627 Firdale Avenue, Shoreline.
                  Thursday, March 25, at 6 p.m., Jade Palace, 184 Sunset Avenue, Edmonds.
                  Our regular meeting days are the second and fourth Thursdays each month. Everyone is welcome. Please
                  call Candy James to make your reservations.

Queer Unitarians of Edmonds invites everyone to join in the fun
                Bowling                                                         Breakfast
  Two Sunday afternoons each month                               QUUE invites everyone to join us for
        March 7 and 21 at 2 p.m.                                 breakfast at the Pancake Haus on
Robin Hood Lanes, 9801 Edmonds Way                               March 27 at 9:30 a.m. The address is
        (games $3.50, shoes $3)                                  530 Fifth Avenue S. in Edmonds. We
     NO skill required, just FUN!!                               meet in the back banquet room. This
Contact to be added to                             is a monthly event on the last Saturday
             the email list                                      of each month. All GLBTIQ folks,
                                                                 family, friends, and allies are welcome.

VOLUME 50, ISSUE 9                                                                                                    Page 15
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        Return Service Requested
        Mailing Date: March 2, 2010

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