; like to join us freelance flash developers needed
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like to join us freelance flash developers needed


like to join us freelance flash developers needed

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freelance flash
developers needed
Epic has been designing award-winning bespoke learning solutions for over 20 years. Our
increasing workload means we urgently need Freelance Flash Developers to work at our
Brighton Head Office.

   we need people with:
                                                         like to
                                                         join us?
   •   At least 3 years experience in Macro-
       media Flash MX/2004, ActionScript 1 / 2,
       XML, JavaScript
   •   Exceptional knowledge of browser-based
                                                         If you have the above skills and want
   •   Good problem solving skills                       to work in a fast-paced, creative
   •   Ability to write well formed code                 environment then please send us your
   •   Ability to monitor progress of own work           CV.
   •   Ability to develop and maintain good              Epic, 52 Old Steine, Brighton, East
       relationships with colleagues, internal and       Sussex, BN1 1NH
       external clients
   •   Experience or being familiar with some            Telephone: +44 (0) 1273 728686
       of the following,                                 Fax: +44 (0) 1273 821567
                                                         email: elearningjobs@epic.co.uk
       o   Learning Management Systems
       o   SCORM 1.2
       o   Accessibility
       o   ASP/PHP
       o   MS Packaging
       o   InstallShield
       o   SQL
       o   VBA
       o   DreamWeaver

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