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Digital Camera Repairs - DOC by lifemate

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									              Build website & database for Digital Camera Repairs Business

We repair digital cameras. The website will diagnose the faults via a series of multiple choice
questions (forms), then give a real-time estimate of the repair cost to the end consumer so that
he can make a decision whether to proceed. The estimate of repair costs takes the following
into consideration:
1). Camera Type: normally for the same faulty compact digital cameras are the cheapest,
followed by Super-zoom digital camera and digital SLR, the professional video cameras are
the most expensive;
2). Value of the Camera: normally expansive digital cameras costs more to repair even if they
are both the same type (such as compact digital cameras).
3). Faults: we categorized different faults according to our experience. Different costs are
associated with different faults.

This project involves: 1). design a database for a digital camera repair business; 2).a web
interface for customer to create an estimate according to the faults of his/her camera(s) and
checking/querying progress of his order; and 3). an admin panel for admin to manage the
system, processing orders, and updating customer with the current order status.

The project should use MySQL database and PHP programming language. You must provide
the original codes. Please use CSS files to control the display of the website and the admin

Notes: I tried to give as much details in this document as I can. There are minor changes to be
expected during the development of the project. Please bear this in mind when making your

I. Key Database Tables

The following are the structure (or full data) of the key database tables. There might be other
tables to be added to make the project a working system.

Table #1:      CameraType:

   ID          Category                               Image                  th1     th2     th3
   1           Compact Digital Cameras                compact.jpg            120     200     300
   2           Super-Zoom Digital Cameras             superzoom.jpg          300     350     400
   3           Digital SLR Cameras                    dslr.jpg               400     450     500
   4           Digital Video Cameras                  dv.jpg                 300     400     500
   5           Professional Video Cameras             pv.jpg                 2000    3000    4000

   1. Admin panel should have a page allowing admin to add more types.
   2. The repair cost is directly related to the camera type and the value of the camera (Table
   3. th1, th2, and th3 are thresholds levels. The costs listed in Table #5 are the basic costs. If
       the value of the camera (as in Table #3) is lower than threshold level 1 (th1), then the
       repair cost equals the basic cost. If between th1 and th2, the repair cost will increase
        10%; if between th2 and th3, the repair cost will increase 20%; if more than th3, the
        cost will increase by 30%

Table #2:      Manufacturers

   ID       Manufacturer      Logo
   1        Canon             canon_logo.gif
   2        Sony              sony_logo.gif
   3        Panasonic
   4        Fujifilm
   5        Olympus
   6        Nikon
   7        Sanyo
   8        Samsung
   9        Kodak
   10       Casio
   11       Pentax
   12       Ricoh
   13       JVC
   14       Sigma
   15       Leica
   16       BenQ
   17       HP
   18       Toshiba
   19       Agfa
   20       Konica-Minolta
   21       Kyocera

Admin panel should have a page allowing admin to add more manufacturers
Table #3:     Cameras

Weight (in Grams)

   1. Admin panel should have a page allowing admin to add more Model
   2. The web interface should include a function for the end consumers to add new models
       (if not present in the database), ManufacturerID, Model, Type, Value, and Weight are
       compulsory; customers should be given a drop-down list to select the manufacturers;
       weight default should be pre-populated. Please also check further notes under Web
       Interface section
   3. Weight defaults: Compact Digital Cameras = 300 (g); Super-Zoom Digital Cameras =
       1200; Digital SLR Cameras = 1600; Digital Video Cameras =1600; Professional
       Digital Cameras = 5000
   4. Image field is optional for customers and admin (default = no_image.gif), if the
       customer or the admin did not provide an image files, then use the default
       “no_image.gif”, if the customer/admin uploaded an image, then change the file name to
       “manufacture”+ “_” + “model”, for example, if customer uploaded a JPEG image for
       Canon A650, then rename the pictures as “canon_a650.jpg” (all in lower

   5. One task of the project involves collect date for 80% of the current and past models of
      top 11 manufacturers, including the model, weight and image of each camera.
   6. Value defaults: Compact Digital Cameras = 150; Super-Zoom Digital Cameras = 250;
      Digital SLR Cameras = 800; Digital Video Cameras =800; Professional Digital
      Cameras = 2000
Table #4:     FaultCategories
   ID     Category
   1      LENs
   2      LCD/Display
   3      Flash
   4      Power/Battery
   5      Others
Admin panel should have a page allowing admin to add more categories

Table #5:      Faults

FCID: Fault Category ID, as in Table 4
PT1: The basic cost of repairs for cameras Type 1 (as in Table 1). If the cost is 0, then this
type of faults does not applicable to this type of camera
PT5: The basic cost of repairs for cameras Type 5 (as in Table 1).

ID FCID Faults               Description                       PT1     PT2    PT3     PT4        PT5
1 1     LENs Stuck           LENs will not comes out           34.8    39.8   0       0          0
                             or retract
2    1      LENS Scratch     There are scratches on            39.8    49.8   99.8    99.8       299.8
                             the surfaces of the lens
3    1      LENS Dirty       There are dirt inside the         29.8    39.8   69.8    69.8       199.8
4    1      LENS MisAligned Lens mis-aligned and               0       0      69.8    69.8       199.8
                             stuck at one point
5    1      Faulty Cover     Lens cover will not open          29.8    0      0       0          0
                             or close
6    1      Unable to Focus  Unable to obtain clear            39.8    49.8   99.8    99.8       599.8
                             images under all or some
7    2      Cracked or Black There are cracks or black         34.8    34.8   59.8    69.8       199.8
            Patches          patches on the LCD
8    2      No Image (Menu The screen does not show            39.8    39.8   49.8    69.8       199.8
            Displayed OK)    any images although the
                             menus are displayed OK.
9    2      Black Screen     The screen is completely          39.8    39.8   49.8    69.8       199.8
                             black (no power)
10 2        White Screen     The screen powers on but          39.8    39.8   49.8    69.8       199.8
                             remains blank white
11 2        Abnormal         The screen power on but           39.8    39.8   49.8    69.8       199.8
            Display          display distorted images
                             or just colour lines/bands.
12 3        No Power         The flash just will not           34.8    39.8   0       0          0
                             switch on
13 3        Over- or Under-  The flash is too strong or        34.8    39.8   0       0          0
            Powered              too weak
14 3        Not Pop-up           The flash will not pop up     29.8   34.8   0      0      0
15 3        Other Flash          Any other flash-related       39.8   49.8   99.8   0      0
            Faults               problems
16 4        No Power             The unit will not switch      39.8   49.8   99.8   99.8   499.8
                                 on either on battery or on
                                 mains (via dock or AC
                                 adapter), excluding
                                 cameras suffer from
                                 sever water/chemical
                                 damage, i.e., the internal
                                 component has rusted or
17 4        No Battery Power     The unit will not switch      29.8   34.8   49.8   69.8   199.8
                                 on with a fully-charged
                                 battery (works OK on a
                                 dock or AC adapter)
18 5        Water/Chemical       Cameras suffer from           99.8   199.8 499.8 599.8 999.8
            Damage               sever water/chemical
                                 damage, i.e., the internal
                                 component has rusted or
19 5        Button(s)/Dial(s)    One or more                   29.8   34.8   49.8   69.8   199.8
            Fault                buttons/dials not working
20 5        Memory Fault         Camera will not               29.8   34.8   49.8   69.8   199.8
                                 remember the
                                 date/language settings
21 5        Over- or Under-      The picture taken by the      39.8   69.8   99.8   99.8   0
            exposure             camera under Auto mode
                                 is either too bright or too
22 5        Unable to Focus      The photos are always         49.8   69.8   99.8   99.8   499.8
23 5        Misc. Intermittent   Other inconsistent faults     49.8   69.8   99.8   99.8   499.8
            Faults               pls include more details
                                 in the “Details” form

   1. Admin panel should have a page allowing admin to add more faults
   2. The actually repair costs is calculated based on the basic repair costs (PT1, PT2, …PT5)
       and the value of the camera, if the camera value is higher, then the repair cost will
       increase accordingly (see note 2 under Table #1).
Table #6:     Customers


Customers_gender, customer_dob, and customer_fax are optional, others are all compulsory

Table #7 :     Address_book

     1. Entry_company, entry suburb, and entry state are optional, others are all compulsory
     2. When a customer try to make an order on the website, they should have a country
        drop-down list for them to choose their country, for UK/US customer, entry_state
        have state/county in a drop-down list, the default for the drop-down list is “- -“ for
        UK customers.
Table #8:     orders


   1. cc_number (credit card number) should be encrypted before saving to the database.
      Customer can edit their own credit card number, but they may only view the last four
   2. When a customer try to make an order on the website, they should have a country drop-
      down list for them to choose their country, for UK/US customer, entry_state have
      state/county in a drop-down list, the default for the drop-down list is “- -“ for UK
Table #9:      orders_products


   1. products_name is the full details of the camera (as in Tables #2 & #3) and faults (as in
       Table #5), for example: Canon IXUS 850 IS Serial No 8912653: LENs will not come
       out or retract (see section 2.1.1)
   2. faults_desc is the description of the fault provided by the customer.

Table #10:     Countries

Our service is currently limited to a few countries (see list below); at the moment we don’t
accept customers from any countries other than these listed in this Table. More countries
maybe added later via the Admin panel.

countries_id   countries_name         countries_iso_code_2 countries_iso_code_3
14             Austria                AT     AUT
21             Belgium                BE     BEL
57             Denmark                DK     DNK
72             Finland                FI     FIN
73             France                 FR     FRA
81             Germany                DE     DEU
83             Gibraltar              GI     GIB
84             Greece                 GR     GRC
103            Ireland                IE     IRL
105            Italy                  IT     ITA
122            Liechtenstein          LI     LIE
124            Luxembourg             LU     LUX
150            Netherlands            NL     NLD
160            Norway                 NO     NOR
170            Poland                 PL     POL
171            Portugal               PT     PRT
195            Spain                  ES     ESP
203            Sweden                 SE     SWE
204            Switzerland            CH     CHE
222            United Kingdom         GB     GBR
223            United States          US     USA
Table #11:    geo_zones


The geo_zones are used to calculate shipping costs and tax (VAT), the four geo_zones are
listed below:

geo_zone_id geo_zone_name           geo_zone_description

2      European Countries    EU VAT zone
3      Channel Islands       Channel Islands
4      UK Mainland           UK mainland
5      Norther Ireland       Northern Ireland
6      Friend Countries      Other Countries

Table #12:    zones

UK and USA customers have state/county pre-listed once the country is selected,

zone_id       zone_country_id      zone_code    zone_name
186 222       WLS          Wales
346 222       OXFO         Oxfordshire
345 222       NYOR         North Yorkshire
344 222       NWHI         North west Highlands
343 222       NUMB         Northumberland
342 222       NOTT         Nottinghamshire
341 222       NORF         Norfolk
340 222       NHAM         Northamptonshire
339 222       NEWP         Newport
338 222       NEAT         Neath Port Talbot
337 222       MONM         Monmouthshire
336 222       MERT         Merthyr Tydfil
335 222       MERS         Merseyside
334 222       MANC         Manchester
333 222       LOTH         Lothian
331 222       LINC         Lincolnshire
330 222       LEIC         Leicestershire
371 222       NIRE         Northern Ireland
328 222       LANC         Lancashire
327 222       KENT         Kent
326 222       JSY          Jersey
324 222       ISLE         Isle of Anglesey
323 222       HUMB         Humberside
322 222       HERT         Hertfordshire
321 222       HERE         Hereford & Worcester
320 222       HAMP         Hampshire
319   222   GWYN   Gwynedd
317   222   GWEN   Gwent
316   222   GSY    Guernsey
315   222   GRAM   Grampian
314   222   GLOU   Gloucestershire
313   222   GLAM   Glamorgan
312   222   FLIN   Flintshire
311   222   FIFE   Fife
310   222   FER    Fermanagh
309   222   ESUS   East Sussex
308   222   ESSE   Essex
307   222   DYFE   Dyfed
306   222   DURH   Durham
305   222   DUMF   Dumfries & Galloway
304   222   DOW    County Down
303   222   DORS   Dorset
302   222   DEVO   Devon
301   222   DERB   Derbyshire
300   222   DENB   Denbighshire
299   222   CUMB   Cumbria
298   222   CORN   Cornwall
297   222   CONW   Conway
296   222   CLWY   Clwyd
295   222   CLEV   Cleveland
294   222   CHI    Channel Islands
293   222   CHES   Cheshire
292   222   CERE   Ceredigion
291   222   CENT   Central
290   222   CARM   Carmarthenshire
289   222   CARD   Cardiff
288   222   CAMB   Cambridgeshire
287   222   CAER   Caerphilly
286   222   BUCK   Buckinghamshire
285   222   BRID   Bridgend
284   222   BORD   Borders
283   222   BLGW   Blaenau Gwent
282   222   BIRM   Birmingham
281   222   BERK   Berkshire
280   222   BEDS   Bedfordshire
279   222   AVON   Avon
278   222   ARM    County Armagh
277   222   ANT    County Antrim
276   222   ALD    Alderney
347   222   PEMB   Pembrokeshire
348   222   POWY   Powys
349   222   SHRO   Shropshire
350   222   SOME   Somerset
351   222   STAF   Staffordshire
352   222   STRA   Strathclyde
353   222   SUFF   Suffolk
354   222   SURR          Surrey
355   222   SWAN          Swansea
356   222   SYOR          South Yorkshire
357   222   TAFF          Rhondda Cynon Taff
358   222   TAYS          Tayside
359   222   TORF          Torfaen
360   222   TYR           County Tyrone
361   222   TYWE          Tyne & Wear
362   222   VALE          Vale of Glamorgan
363   222   WARW          Warwickshire
364   222   WILT          Wiltshire
365   222   WISL          West Isles
366   222   WREX          Wrexham
367   222   WSUS          West Sussex
368   222   WYOR          West Yorkshire
370   222   GLDN          Great London
372   222   MDX           Middlesex
373   222   ADN           Aberdeenshire
374   222   IOM           Isle of Man
375   222   Ayrs          Ayrshire
376   222   WMID          West Midland
377   222   EYOR          East Yorkshire
378   222   HL            Scottish Highland
379   222   --            --
380   222   BFPO          BFPO
1     223   AL   Alabama
2     223   AK   Alaska
3     223   AS   American Samoa
4     223   AZ   Arizona
5     223   AR   Arkansas
6     223   AF   Armed Forces Africa
7     223   AA   Armed Forces Americas
8     223   AC   Armed Forces Canada
9     223   AE   Armed Forces Europe
10    223   AM Armed Forces Middle East
11    223   AP   Armed Forces Pacific
12    223   CA   California
13    223   CO   Colorado
14    223   CT   Connecticut
15    223   DE   Delaware
16    223   DC   District of Columbia
17    223   FM   Federated States Of Micronesia
18    223   FL   Florida
19    223   GA   Georgia
20    223   GU   Guam
21    223   HI   Hawaii
22    223   ID   Idaho
23    223   IL   Illinois
24    223   IN   Indiana
25    223   IA   Iowa
26   223   KS   Kansas
27   223   KY   Kentucky
28   223   LA   Louisiana
29   223   ME   Maine
30   223   MH   Marshall Islands
31   223   MD   Maryland
32   223   MA   Massachusetts
33   223   MI   Michigan
34   223   MN   Minnesota
35   223   MS   Mississippi
36   223   MO   Missouri
37   223   MT   Montana
38   223   NE   Nebraska
39   223   NV   Nevada
40   223   NH   New Hampshire
41   223   NJ   New Jersey
42   223   NM   New Mexico
43   223   NY   New York
44   223   NC   North Carolina
45   223   ND   North Dakota
46   223   MP   Northern Mariana Islands
47   223   OH   Ohio
48   223   OK   Oklahoma
49   223   OR   Oregon
50   223   PW   Palau
51   223   PA   Pennsylvania
52   223   PR   Puerto Rico
53   223   RI   Rhode Island
54   223   SC   South Carolina
55   223   SD   South Dakota
56   223   TN   Tennessee
57   223   TX   Texas
58   223   UT   Utah
59   223   VT   Vermont
60   223   VI   Virgin Islands
61   223   VA   Virginia
62   223   WA   Washington
63   223   WV   West Virginia
64   223   WI   Wisconsin
65   223   WY   Wyoming
Table #13:     Shipping

zone_id        Weight         Postage        VAT
1              800            5.98           17.5
1              1800           6.98           17.5
1              8800           13.98          17.5

2              800            7.98           17.5
2              1800           9.98           17.5
2              8800           14.98          17.5

3              800            8.98           0
3              1800           11.98          0
3              8800           16.98          0

4              800            9.98           17.5
4              1800           15.98          17.5
4              8800           19.98          17.5

5              800            9.98           17.5
5              1800           17.98          17.5
5              8800           39.98          17.5

Table #14:     orders_status_history


1. Both customer and admin can add comments, if customer add any comments regarding the
order, it should automatically email the admin and customer.
2. orders_status_id is defaulted to 1.
3. If admin add a comment, he can make it available to customer or not by tick the
“customer_notified” option. If the “Custoner Notified” option is ticked, then the comments will
be emailed to the customer and the same comments can be viewed when customer log in to
check his order status.

Table #15: zones_to_geo_zones
This table associate countries/zones to geo_zones for tax/shipping calculation.

zone_country_id zone_id
Table #16     orders_status

orders_status_id   orders_status_name
   1                Pending
   2                Processing
   3                Shipped
   4                Cancelled
   5                Waiting Receipt
   6                Checked-in
   7                Repairing
   8                Card_Charged
   9                Under_Query
II. Web Interface
This is the website displayed to the public. It mainly does the following jobs: 1). collect the
details of the fault(s) to obtain estimates of the repair cost of the camera(s); 2). Collect the
customer details and credit card information to create an order (obtaining shipping cost
according to weight and customer’s region/location); 3). Allow customer to save/edit his
shopping basket; confirm/edit an order; edit/add addresses; tracking/querying order status; 4).
Saving customer’s shopping basket, orders, order status (updated by admin); order queries
(updated by customer);

2.1     Home page
2.1.1 Fault Diagnosis section
The homepage mainly consists of a form to collect the information on the fault(s) of the
camera(s). Starting from a Drop-Down list of Manufacturers (Table #2), once a customer
selected a manufacturer, then display a drop down list of the camera types (Table #1) that this
manufacturer has camera models (if the manufacturer does not have that type of cameras,
ignore that type), then another drop-down list appears with a list of models from the selected
manufacturer and camera type, after the customer selected the model, follows another drop-
down list of fault categories (Table #4), then a list of faults (Table #5). Then ask the customer
to provide a detail description of the fault (Table #9, faults_desc). At the end there should be an
option for the customer to specify another fault of the same camera, or add details of another
camera. This section are demonstrated as below:

Please select the manufacturer of your camera:
(drop-down list)      Sony

For example, the customer selects Canon, and then another drop-down list appears:

       Compact Digital Cameras
       Super-Zoom Digital Cameras
       Digital SLR Cameras
       Digital Video Cameras
       Professional Video Cameras

If the customer select Compact Digital Cameras, then another drop down list containing the
canon compact digital cameras appears (Table #3), for example:

       IXUS 800
       IXUS 850 IS
       IXUS 900 TI
       IXUS 950 IS
       Add New

If customer selects “Add New”, then pop-out a new window to collect the camera details
(Table #1 and Table #3), then update the details into the related Tables, refresh the previous
page, and auto-select the new model which has just added into the database.
If the customer selects a model, for example, IXUS 850 IS, then asking the customer to
provide the Serial Number of the camera (compulsory, customer can enter Not Available if the
serial number is no long available/readable), followed by a list of faults (Table #5) grouped by
Fault Categories (Table 4). Please only display those faulty with basic (repair) cost more than
“0” (basic cost = 0 means the fault does not apply to that type of camera). Once the fault was
selected, the full details of the fault will be displayed with a warning message:

Canon IXUS 850 IS Serial No 8912653: LENs will not come out or retract
Estimated Repair Cost: £38.28
Shipping Charges:    (to be added after you login or specify your shipping address)

Warning: The repair cost is an estimate only, the actual cost might vary 30% (If any changes,
you will be contacted and you can decide then whether to proceed or not). Shipping charges
will be added to the final costs. Shipping charges will be calculated after you specify your
shipping address.

Are there any other faults with the camera? (if yes then go back and display the fault list again;
if no, then display the message below, If multiple faults of the same camera provided and two
faults belongs to the same FaultCategories (Table #4), then the basic repair cost is the higher
one of the two; if the faults belong to two different FaultCategories, then the repair cost is the
sum of the two)

Please provide as much details as possible regarding the faults:

Do you want to repair another camera? (if yes, display the faulty diagnosis section again, if no
the proceed)

“Save Order”           “Check Out”            “Reset”

Save Order will put the order into customer’s shopping basket but remain on the same page;
Check Out will save the order to the shopping basket and forward the customer to Shopping
Basket page (section 2.2). Reset will negate the customers’ input and reload the homepage.

2..1.1 Know-How / FAQ section
This section allows the admin to explain what common faults of the cameras, how to look after
a camera, and other FAQs.

2.2    Shopping Basket

2.2.1 If the customer is logged in, then address details, telephone, email address, and the last
four digits of the credit card are all pre-populated., with two “Update” buttons, one for
updating addresses/tel/email, and one for credit card details, if the customer click any of the
“Update” buttons, a new window will pop out to collecting required information, after
customer confirm the new information, the pop-out window will close, the related tables will
be updated and original page refreshed with the new details.
2.2.2 If the customer is not logged in, then giving two parallel forms for customer to fill in; the
left hand side a simple form for return customers; the right side form for new customer. The
form for return customers ask for an email address and password to log in, once logged in the
page will be updated as 2.2.1. The form for new customers will ask the shipping and billing
country (defaulted to UK), addresses ( UK & US customer will have county/state in drop-down
list), telephone, email, password/retype password (for customer to log in again), credit card
numbers (compulsory), expiry date(compulsory), issue No (if available, not all cards has issue
nnumber), and security code(compulsory). The customer will then click “Calculate Total Cost”.

2.2.3 The shipping charges will be calculated according to the address/zones (Table #13), then
total cost (repair cost + shipping charges) are displayed.

2.2.4 There should be two buttons at the bottom: “Confirm Order” and “Edit Order”. Click on
Confirm order will first check if all the compulsory items has been filled in, then record details
into various database tables, for examples, orders (Table #8); orders_products (Table #9), and
orders_status_history (Table #14, ), the display the order confirmation page.

2.2.5 The order confirmation follows the “Confirm Order” of the shopping basket page. This
page first displays the following message to the customer (the order No is “CR” + orders_id):

Thanks for your kind order. You will not be charged until we have successfully repaired your
camera at the quoted price. If there are additional costs involved we will contact you again to
check if you wish to proceed. If we are unable to repair your camera anyway, it will be
returned to you absolutely free of any repair/shipping costs.

Please wrap your camera up and send it to: Allcam, 127 High Road, Chilwell, Nottingham
NG9 4AT, United Kingdom, Tel: 0115 8226589

Your order details are printed below.

Order No.: CR1
Billing Address                              Shipping Address

John Dowe                              John Dowe
127 High Road,                         120 High Road,
Chilwell,                              Chilwell,
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire            Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
NG9 4AT                                NG9 4AT
United Kingdom,                        United Kingdom,
Tel: 0115 8226589                      Tel: 01111111111
Email:          Email:
Products                                                               Price (GBP)
Canon IXUS 850 IS Serial No 8912653: LENs will not come out or retract 32.58

Faults Description: The camera was working fine till it was dropped
accidentally. The lens will not retract. When we tried to switch on the
screen displays “lens error” then switch itself off.

                                             Shipping Charges                  5.94
                                            VAT / Tax                           6.74
                                            Estimated Total Cost                45.26

       Revise Order

Customer may revise the order if the order status is pending (order_status not more than “1” as
in Table #16)

2.3     Log in
This page ask the customer to provide his email address and password in order to log in to
view his order history and make queries on status of his orders. Once customer logged in,
direct to the account page (section 2.4)

2.4    account
This page follows after customer log in from the “log in” page (section 2.3).

2.4.1 “My Orders” section
The account page first lists the past orders (& the order status) of the customer (limited to 20
orders per page). Customer can click on each order number to view the order status, he can also
add a comments for the order. The comments will be added to Table #14 orders_status_history
(a new comment will set the order_status_id = 9), and be emailed to the admin and the
2.4.2 “My Details” section
The account page then lists the lasted two addresses (if available). The customer can edit his
address book to make new entries or revise his old addresses. The customer can also change his
telephone no/email address/password/credit card numbers. The custom may only see the last 4
digits of his credit card numbers.
2.4.3 “Ask a Question” section
The last section of the account page is a simple form for the customer to contact the admin,
once submitted, the email containing the question will be emailed to both the customer and the
III. . Admin Panel

This is a password protected backend for admin to process/edit orders (including credit card

3.1 Home page
The admin home pages contains quick links to other admin task pages

3.2 Orders
This page list all the orders, one row per order, each row containing the order No; order date,
order status, and two buttons “Edit Order” and “Invoice” button; 20 orders per page (sort from
the latest to the oldest). On click “Edit Order”, a pop-out window will display all sections of
the orders for the admin to edit order details, make comments (with a checkbox option to notify
customer), and change order status.

3.3 Orders waiting processing
The page layout should be similar to section 3.2, but only list those orders waiting to be

3.4 Orders under query
The page layout should be similar to section 3.2, but only list those orders which customer has
made a query.

3.5 Customers
This lists all the customers according to their customer ID, one row per customer, and 20
customers per page. Each row should contain cusomter ID, first name, surname, email, joining
date, post code, and two buttons “View Customer” and “View Orders”. View Customer will
show the customer’s full address / telephone / email; and View Orders will show the
customer’s previous orders (as section 3.2 with customer ID filter)
There should also be a search form to search the customer by name (firstname and surname),
company, email address, and post code. Please always remove blanks in front of any search
phrase, for example if admin type in “ Smith”, please first change it to “Smith” then perform
the search. All searches should NOT be case-sensitive.
When comparing the post code, please remove any blank in the search phrase and those pulled
from the database, for example, if search for a customer with post code “ NG9 4AT”, then first
change the search phrase to “NG94AT”, the post code data pulled from the database should
also remove the blanks before comparison

3.4 Countries
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add countries (Table #10).

3.5 geo_zones
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add geo_zones (Table #11).

3.6 zones
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add zones (Table #12).

3.7 Manufacturers
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add manufacturers (Table #2).
3.8 Cameras
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add cameras (Table #3).

3.9 FaultCategories
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add cameras (Table #3).

3.10 Faults
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add faults (Table #5).

3.11 Shipping
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add shipping (Table #13).

3.12 CamaeraTyps
This page allows the admin to browse/edit/add camera types (Table #1).

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