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					                                                  Language Problem Solving
    Communication Workshops                                                                        Language Powerbook
                                                       Culture Corner
24 Communication Workshops                   Language Problem Solving 6 (p.78)                                               (p.53–60)
(p.76–77)                                    Grammar: past modals                          Vocabulary: physical appearance
Linking: exemplification (especially,        Culture Corner 6 (p.79)                       Grammar: modals for speculation; obligation,
particularly, for example, such as)          Bob Dylan                                     permission and prohibition
Speaking: discussing a photo                 Reading: profile of Bob Dylan                 Function: describing people
Speaking Strategies: speculating about       Listening: song                               Writing: a description
photos                                       The Times They Are A-Changin’                 Language Problem Solving: modals in the
Writing: describing a person                                                               past
Listening: a radio programme (matching)                                                    Skills Corner: Listening – matching

                                                         Review 6 (p.80)                   Exam Zone (p.61–64) Use of English;
                                                   Pronunciation: difficult sounds         Speaking; Listening; Reading; Writing

28 Communication Workshops                   Language Problem Solving 7 (p.90)                                               (p.65–72)
(p.88– 89)                                   Grammar: verbs followed by an -ing form or    Vocabulary: verbs get, have, make, take;
Function: asking for information             infinitive                                    collocation
Linking: review of addition, contrast,       Culture Corner 7 (p.91)                       Grammar: conditionals (zero, first, second,
purpose, exemplification and conclusion      School Factfile                               third)
Listening: a phone call                      Reading: magazine page                        Function: disagreeing and contradicting
Speaking: roleplay: making phone calls       Comparing Cultures: comparing the UK and      politely
Speaking Strategies: dealing with            USA school systems with your country          Writing: an essay
misunderstanding.                                                                          Language Problem Solving: verbs followed
Writing: a ‘for and against’ essay                                                         by -ing form or infinitive
                                                                                           Skills Corner: Listening – true/false
                                                         Review 7 (p.92)
                                                    Pronunciation: vowel sounds

32 Communication Workshops                   Language Problem Solving 8 (p.102)                                              (p.73–80)
(p.100–101)                                  Grammar: reported verb patterns               Vocabulary: careers; personality adjectives;
Linking: reason (because, due to, since,     Culture Corner 8 (p.103)                      do and make
as)                                          The Pop Music Business                        Grammar: reported statements; prepositions
Writing: a CV and a letter of application    Reading: article extract                      of time, movement, place
Listening: a radio programme – prices and    Listening: pop song                           Function: job interview
wages in the EU                              So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star?       Writing: a letter of application
Speaking: a discussion                                                                     Language Problem Solving: reported verb
Speaking Strategies: interacting in                                                        patterns
discussions                                                                                Skills Corner: Reading – true/false
                                                         Review 8 (p.104)                  Exam Zone (p.81–84) Use of English;
                                             Pronunciation: assimilation of ‘-ed’ ending   Speaking; Listening; Reading; Writing

36 Communication Workshops                   Language Problem Solving 9 (p.114)                                              (p.85–92)
(p.112–113)                                  Grammar: linking words                        Vocabulary: food, famous places, sport;
Linking: wherever, whoever, whatever         Culture Corner 9 (p.115)                      connotation;
Speaking: talking about photos; roleplays    Australia                                     Grammar: reported questions; question tags;
– everyday situations                        Speaking: information gap                     reported orders and requests
Listening: everyday situations               Listening: talking about Australia            Function: being polite
Listening Strategies: identifying style      Comparing Cultures: presentation about        Writing: linking words; direct speech; an
Writing: a personal letter (2)               another country                               informal letter
                                                                                           Language Problem Solving: linking words
                                                                                           Skills Corner: Speaking – photo description
                                                        Review 9 (p.116)
                                                   Pronunciation: difficult words

40 Communication Workshops                   Language Problem Solving 10 (p.126)                                            (p.93–100)
(p.124–125)                                  Grammar: verbs with –ing form and             Vocabulary: dates and periods of history;
Function: presenting                         to + infinitive                               feelings; verbs of movement
Linking: review and extension of addition    Culture Corner 10 (p.127)                     Grammar: wish/should have; relative clauses
and contrast                                 World Music                                   Function: giving reasons and examples
Writing: describing a place                  Reading: background on world music            Writing: a description of a city
Listening: a short presentation of a topic   Listening: song                               Language Problem Solving: verbs with -ing
Speaking: a presentation of a topic          Nomad                                         form and to + infinitive
Speaking Strategies: a presentation of a                                                   Skills Corner: Speaking – presentation of a
topic                                                                                      topic
                                                        Review 10 (p.128)                  Exam Zone (p.101–104) Use of English;
                                                     Pronunciation: word stress            Speaking; Listening; Reading; Writing

                                                                                                           Mini Grammar (p.110–124)


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