KS4 Evening for Parents of Year 10 Students

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					 KS4 Evening for
Parents of Year 10

 Thursday 5th October 2006
        Welcome to the Key Stage 4
       Parents’ Information Evening.

      The speakers this evening are:

        Mrs P Ashman, Deputy Head
Ms S Spivey, KS4 Co-ordinator, Assistant Head
   Mrs G Woodman, Careers Co-ordinator

           Key Stage 4 Curriculum
           Key Stage 4    post-16
           Study skills - homework
               Role of parents

         Data to Raise Achievement

               ‘SAM Learning’

            Y10 Work Experience



                                        % on coursework
  Name of Exam           Syllabus                               % on module         % final            Notes
                                        or investigations
                                                                   tests            exam
English Language       AQA ‘A’ 3702            40%                                   60%
English Literature     AQA ‘A’ 3712            30%                                   70%

Maths        Year 11    OCR 1962       10% Handling Data                             80%      NB Half of the exam is
             Year 10    OCR J 512       10% Investigative                                     done without a
                        (new 2 tier)                                                          calculator
Science                                                                                       [re-sits for absent Y10
Double       Year 11    AQA 3468               20%                  30%              50%      taken in Y11 if
Single       Year 11    AQA 3469               20%                  30%              50%      required]
Applied      Year 11    AQA 3861              66.6%                  -              33.3%
Core         Year 10    AQA 4467               25%                  75%               0%
Humanities              AQA 3071               25%                                   75%

History                AQA 3042 ‘B’            25%                                   75%
Philosophy and         OCR 1931B               25%                                   75%      2 exams papers
Geography               OCR 1988                20%                                  80%      DME in Jan Y11
French                  AQA 4652        There are 4 modules including the final               Module 1 = speaking
German                  AQA 4662        exam. These assess the linguistic skills     50%      Module 2 = exam-May
                                         of Listening, Speaking, Reading and                  Module 3 = written
                                       Writing with an equal weighting. Modules:              course work
                                           1] 12.5%      2] 25%     3] 12.5%
Art & Design –         EDEX 1027               60%                                   40%      Exam has 8 wk
Fine Art               EDEX 1028               60%                                   40%      preparatory period
Graphic Design         EDEX 1032               60%                                   40%

Drama                  EdExcel 1699           60%                                      40%
Music                   AQA 3271       25% composing                               50%
                                       25% performing                              25% Listening
                                                                                   25% Integrated Assignment
Applied (Vocational)     EdExcel              66%                   34%                n/a      Grade based on 3
GCSEs                                                                                           units:
                                                                                                2 coursework
                                                                                                1 exam
Business Studies           OCR                25%             25% June Yr 10          50%       2 exam papers
Design &
Textiles                   AQA                60%                                    40%       Students are required
                                                                                               to bring own materials
                                                                                               for projects in Textiles
Home Economics             OCR                50%                                    50%       Students are required
(Food Nutrition)                                                                                to bring own food for
                                                                                                  practicals once a
Resistant Materials        AQA                60%                                    40%           Materials will be
                                                                                              provided by the College
                                                                                                     at cost price

PE                      AQA 2680              60%                                    40%      Grade based on
(GCSE)                  AQA 2685         (PRACTICAL)                                          1 exam
                                                +                                             1 piece of coursework
                                        1 Fitness Project                                     4 practical areas
National Certificate       OCR               100%                                                One level of entry
in ICT                                                                                                  only
Single Award GCSE          AQA                60%                                    40%
ICT                                                                                 written
Media Studies              OCR                50%                                    50%      3 pieces of coursework
                                                                                                including 1 practical
BTEC Introductory                            100%                                     0%
           November 2006       December 2006      January 2007              February 2007

22nd Y10 Science Module Test                    Y10 French GCSE
23rd Y11 Science Module Test
                                               Coursework recording

                                               (date tbc)

                                               Y10 German GCSE

                                               Coursework recording

                                               (date tbc)

            March 2007           April 2007         May 2007                  June 2007

w/c 19th                                                              20th Y10 Science Module Tests
                                                                      26th Y11 Science Module Tests
Work Experience
7th Y11 Science Module Test
12th Y10 Science Module Test
             July 2007          August 2007     September 2007              October 2007

           November 2007       December 2007      January 2008              February 2008

           MOCK EXAMS

            March 2008           April 2008         May 2008                  June 2008

                                                            FINAL     EXAMS
                       REVISION RESOURCES

MATHS              Letts GCSE Maths Coursework Student’s Guide.
                   Available from bookshops.

                   Revision Guide for GCSE Mathematics
                   (at Foundation, Intermediate or Higher level).
                   Available through Maths teachers in the Autumn term of Year 11.
                   BBC Bitesize Revision.

SCIENCE            Y10 Core Science – CGP Revision Guide - £3.00.
                   Double & Single award Science AQA Revision Guide – The Terminal Examination (Y11)
                   (Foundation and Higher) – available for £3.00 each through Science teachers.

                   AQA Student Workbook – The Terminal Examination (Y11)
                   (Foundation and Higher)
                   BBC Bitesize Revision.
                   Applied Science Revision Guides – can be ordered for £3.00 through Dr Keeble

ENGLISH            CGP Revision Guide for GCSE English.
                   Available from bookshops.
                   BBC Bitesize Revision.
                   Reminders issued by staff
                   AGA ‘A’ revision guides available throughout the college

MODERN FOREIGN     Letts or Longmans GCSE Guides.
                   Available from bookshops.
LANGUAGES          Textbooks.
                   Exercise book notes.
                   Revision sheets provided by staff.
                   Practice for the oral examination by arrangement with set teachers.

GEOGRAPHY          Past Exam Questions booklets.

HISTORY            Exam Revision sheets and/or booklets.

RE                 Course booklet for Islam and Christianity
                   Pearson Student Handbook for Religious Education

ART & DESIGN       Gl56 Art and Design (Lonsdale Revision Guide)). Available for purchase at a discount
                   from Mr R Marsden.
                   Useful websites listed in exam papers.

TECHNOLOGY         Revision books available for Aome fc, Textiles, Graphic Design and Resistant Materials
                   through the College.
                   Letts/Longmans Revision Guides – these tend to be general to DT as a whole.
                   BBC Revision Guides.

BUSINESS STUDIES   BBC Bitesize Revision
                   OCR Textbook
                   Past Exam Questions

PE                 The essentials of GCSE PE – available for £3.00 through PE teacher.
                   School Revision Guides
                   BBC Bitesize Revision
                   Past Exam Questions booklet

Music              Revision Guide/Areas of Study
                   CGP (Co-ordination Group Publications)

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