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									Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust                           Board of Governors 14/11/07
Title: Keighley by-election Update                                                     Agenda Item 13
Author: Jacqui Maurice, Membership Manager                                                Document H

Keighley By-Election Update
1. Promotion Campaign

The Governor Working Group for Membership Development and Communications considered and
agreed a schedule of actions aimed at encouraging candidates to stand for election for the
Governor vacancy within the Keighley constituency.

The public notice for election was posted on 4th October in the Keighley News, Ilkley Gazette,
Telegraph and Argus and on the Trust web-site in accordance with the requirements of the
Foundation Trust’s constitution.

Further additional actions implemented were;
 Personal mailing to each Keighley Constituency Foundation Trust Member
 Personal mailing to key community/voluntary organisations
 Constituency wide leaflet distribution
 Governor Information Sessions held at Keighley Town Hall and Ilkley Town Hall hosted by the
   Chairman and the Chief Executive and supported by Governors
 Press releases to the T&A, Keighley News, Ilkley Gazette and local radio stations

2. Election Timetable

The time-table for the Keighley by-election vacancy had originally been scheduled to avoid
conflicting with Airedale NHS Trust who were scheduled to call for nominations during July with
their election results reported at the end of September. They have now deferred their application
for Foundation Trust Status and so suspended their Governor elections.

The Foundation Trust agreed the addition of five working days to the close of nominations as
proposed by the Electoral Reform Services (ERS), the Foundation Trust’s election scrutineers, in
order to accommodate disruptions caused by the recent postal strikes. Revisions to the timetable
are outlined below.

Close of Nominations                                             Fri 26 Oct 2007
ERS & Trust to publish Statement of Nominated Candidates         Mon 29 Oct 2007
Final date for candidate withdrawal                              Weds 31 Oct 2007
Trust to provide ERS with electorate data                        Friday 2 Nov 2007
Notice of Poll provided by ERS to the Trust                      Weds 14 Nov 2007
Voting packs despatched by ERS                                   Thurs 15 Nov 2007
Close date for election                                          Thurs 6 Dec 2007
ERS to provide final report of voting to the Trust               Fri 7 Dec 2007

Three nominations for the Governor vacancy have been received and validated and, an election
will be held in accordance with the schedule outlined above.

An induction period for the successful candidate will be completed prior to their attendance at the
next Board of Governor meeting scheduled for 23rd January 2008.

3. Conclusion

The Board of Governors are asked to note the contents of the paper.

Jacqui Maurice
Membership Manager
29 October 2007


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