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                      At Southern Co-operatives, we are looking for members
                      to strengthen our close links with the communities we serve

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If you share our commitment to co-operative
values and principles and you’d like to help
put these into practice read on...

 Did you know?
   tackling poverty and inequality wherever it exists.

   our huge range of Fairtrade products – which includes
   all Co-op brand coffee, tea, drinking and eating chocolate

   to develop our business through member engagement.

   ethical trading, animal welfare and the environment via the food
   ethical policy, the largest poll of ethics indication in the UK.

               carbon emissions. All of Southern Co-operatives
                 electricity is 100% green, generated only
                by windfarms or hydropower.

                  Co-operative Values
                   We believe in self help, self responsibility,
                   democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

 Member benefits
 The benefits have been significantly improved for 2008. In addition
 to the existing package there is also now a ‘lifestyle package’
 that has free access to an online (internet) scheme offering:

   furniture and much, much more

   electricity costs and health cover

   Co-operative Legal Services.
    You can do even more as a member of Southern
    Co-operatives, because you’ll be able to participate

    meetings, help to decide which community projects
    we support and a whole lot more – plus you will
    be entitled to some special membership
    privileges such as social events and activities.
      Did you know?
      Our members, customers, and colleagues
      are all drawn from local communities,
      and as a Co-operative Society, we recognise
      the importance of maintaining close
      and mutually supportive relationships
      with these communities.
      We are pleased to support the Southern
      Co-operatives Foundation, which makes
      donations to local groups working
      to benefit the community.
      The foundation operates 5 funding schemes
      which make donations of between £10
      and £10,000 to community groups and
      organisations that demonstrate or reinforce
      co-operation or mutuality.
      As a member you can support the foundation

      Ethical Values
      We believe in honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

      People Values
      We believe in co-operation, equal opportunities, teamwork and the importance of people,
      including our customers, staff and communities.

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      Please complete the application form
      and take it to a Southern Co-operatives store, together with a payment for
      £1 or send it to:
      44 High Street, Fareham, Hampshire PO16 7YT with a cheque or postal order
      for £1 made payable to Southern Co-operatives Ltd.

      In consideration of my application to join Southern Co-operatives Ltd. (the Society),
      I represent to the Society:

      (a) that I will be bound by the registered Rules of Southern Co-operatives

      (c) that I understand that the Society wishes me to confirm such support
          by entering into the following agreement and that if this application
          is not satisfactorily completed the Society is empowered to refuse
          my application for membership.

      Accordingly, in consideration of my admission to membership of the Society I agree with the Society

      charity or charities, established for the benefit of the community in the trading area of the Society, as the

      defined below) to which I may otherwise become entitled as a member or former member of the Society
      at any time before, or within three years after, my membership of the Society ceases. This agreement is
      irrevocable and authorises the Society to make over to the Trustees any such benefits without further
      notice to me and is made on the understanding between myself and the Society that it will hold my
      conversion benefits and the contractual rights arising under this agreement on trust for the Trustee which
      trust the Society will by admitting me to membership thereby confirm and declare.

      Conversion benefits’
      ‘Conversion benefits’ for the purpose of the above agreement means any distribution of cash or transferable
      shares (including any bonus issue or conversion of existing share) or other benefit having a monetary value
      (save for my entitlement to repayment of any sums paid by me to the Society as the nominal value of my
      shares and the repayment of any sums loaned to or deposited by me with the Society together with any
      accrued interest thereon) arising under or in connection with or as a consequence of (whether immediately
      or at some future date or dates) any conversion of the Society into, or amalgamation of the Society with or
      transfer or engagements to, a company incorporated under the Companies Acts or any other Co-operative
      society or societies one or more of which societies is not a member of the Co-operatives UK Limited, under
      the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 or any re-enactment there of provided always that nothing
      in this definition shall be construed as extending to the purported exclusion or limitation of my inalienable
      statutory rights as a member of this or such other societies.

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       Application for Individual

       Title              Forename(s)


       Postcode                                      Home tel

       Signature of Applicant
       I the undersigned, hereby apply for membership of Southern Co-operatives Ltd.
       and accept the Agreement (opposite).
       I agree to invest £1.00 in order to open a Share Account.
       I understand that the Society, unlike banks and building societies, is not subject
       to prudential supervision by the Financial Services Authority.

       Please add me to the postal voting database*

      Member Donation Scheme
      I agree to assign to Southern Co-operatives Foundation, the registered charity associated
      with the Society, but to no other person, the full balance in my Share Account
      on the event of my membership of the Society ceasing

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       Code of practice
       The Society abides by a Code of Practice which requires it to provide a statement
       to its shareholders of the nature of their investment and any change affecting it.
       The position you occupy as a Shareholder of Southern Co-operatives Ltd. is no different
       from that of a shareholder in any corporate body in the sense that, if Southern
       Co-operatives Ltd. fails, you may not have all, or any of your subscription returned to you.
       If you have any questions regarding the code please address them to:-
       The Secretary Southern Co-operatives Ltd, 44 High Street, Fareham, Hants PO16 7BN.
       Subject to the Rules of the Society, your subscription is withdrawable without penalty.

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      About the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)

      Statement of Co-operative Identity



      1st Principle:

      2nd Principle:

      3rd Principle:

      4th Principle:

      5th Principle:

      6th Principle:

      7th Principle:

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      If you like what you‘ve heard so far, please think
      about joining us – because people who think
      like we do are changing things for the better for
      local communities all over the world.
      If you would like more information about becoming a member of Southern Co-operatives,
      please ring us on 01329 223046 or send an email to

                                           Southern Co-operatives Ltd
                                           44 High Street, Fareham,
                                           Hampshire PO16 7BN

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