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					                                     Join the Fun!   Join the Fellowships!
                                                     Discover what thousands of Rotarians call Rotary’s best-kept secret: Rotary Recreational and Vocational
                                                     Fellowships. Join the growing number of Rotarians who are sharing their favorite activities and their
                                                     professional interests through organized recreational and vocational groups within Rotary.

                                                     From Amateur Radio to Yachting, from Accountants to Travel Agents, Rotary Recreational and Voca-
                                                     tional Fellowships reflect the varied interests and occupations of Rotarians worldwide. Although their
                                                     objectives differ, Recreational and Vocational Fellowships share the same philosophical and structural
                                                     foundation. The fellowships are organized by Rotarians for Rotarians to develop new friendships and
                                                     advance opportunities for service.

                                                                        Explore International Friendship and Service —
                                                                                Join a Rotary Recreational and
                                                                                    Vocational Fellowship.

                                                     RECREATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS                                 Himalayas as well as undertaking more mod-
                                                     Recreational fellowships encourage camarade-             est expeditions with blind children. In addition
                                                                                                              to enjoying ski trips in exotic international des-
                                                     rie and shared experience among Rotarians.
                                                                                                              tinations, members of the International Skiing
                                                     With friendship at the core, recreational fellow-
                                                     ships like Ballroom Dancing, Caravanning,                Fellowship also arrange group outings for dis-
                                                                                                              abled skiers.
                                                     Home Exchange, and Yachting unite members
                                                     internationally through a common activity.
                                                                                                              VOCATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS
                                                     Members enjoy trips, competitions, tours, or             Vocational fellowships unite friendship and
                                                     educational activities. At the same time, recre-         service within the realm of related professions.
                                                     ational fellowships offer service opportunities,         Members participate in service projects and
                                                     many of which are directly related to their fel-         training and educational workshops, and also
                                                     lowship. For example, the International Fel-             exchange professional information. When Ro-
                                                     lowship of Flying Rotarians sponsors “fly-ins”           tarians join a vocational fellowship, they com-
                                                     to beautiful locales and also transports medical         bine personal and professional commitments
Rotary International                                 supplies to areas in need. The Mountain                  and broaden their experiences within Rotary
One Rotary Center                                    Climbing and Hiking Fellowship tackles the               and their professional fields.
1560 Sherman Avenue                                  challenges of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the
Evanston, Illinois 60201 USA

                                                   Explore International Friendship and Service
The international network of Rotarians in vo-      The following is a list of the official Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships. To request additional in-       (Please print clearly)
cational fellowships has grown significantly       formation on how to become a member, please complete the attached form. Please limit your selection of recre-
and has generated diverse opportunities for        ational fellowships to three, and list only that vocational fellowship which is appropriate to your profession.
service and friendship. Members of the Arts
and Communication Vocational Fellowship en-
joy artistic and cultural performances and sup-
port programs like “Adopt an Artist,” which is
                                                   RECREATIONAL                                                  VOCATIONAL
dedicated to the professional advancement of       s   Amateur Radio         s   Home                            s   Accountants/CPA       s   Medicine — Health
talented young artists. The Medicine — Health      s   Antique Autos             Exchange                            Chartered             s   Medicine —                  Vocational:
Vocational Fellowship visits medical facilities,   s   Ballroom              s   Horseback                       s   Arts and                  Plastic Surgery
holds professional conferences and seminars,           Dancing               s   License Plate                       Communication         s   Medicine — Special
and supports an organ donor program.               s   Bird Watching             Collecting                      s   Conflict                  Curatives                   Name:
Rotarians have always celebrated their com-
                                                   s   Bridge                s   Magic                               Resolution            s   Ophthalmology
mon bonds and cultural differences. Now they           Playing               s   Magna Graecia                   s   Dentistry             s   Paper Industry              Address:
can add a new dimension to their Rotary mem-
                                                   s   Canoeing              s   Motorcycling                    s   Disaster Managers     s   Pharmacology
                                                   s   Caravanning           s   Mountain Climbing                   & Responders          s   Police/Law                  City:
bership. Rotary Recreational and Vocational
Fellowships are one more meaningful way for
                                                   s   Chess                     and Hiking                      s   Education —               Enforcement
active Rotarians to share common interests and
                                                   s   Coin                  s   Music                               Secondary             s   Poultry
friendships across borders.                            Collecting            s   Pin Collecting                  s   Education —           s   Psychiatry/                 Country:
                                                   s   Computer              s   Railroading                         Special                   Psychology
                                                       Users                 s   Recreational                        Education             s   Retired/Active              Zip/Postal Code:
HOW TO JOIN                                        s   Cricket                   Vehicles                        s   Energy                    Duty Military
Each fellowship is independently run and               Curling               s   Rotarians on the                    Technology            s   Stockbrokers/
open to all Rotarians. Many fellowships re-        s   Cycling                   Internet (ROTI)                 s   Engineering               Securities Industry         Telephone:
quire minimal dues to defray expenses. If you      s   Egyptology            s   Rotary Heritage and                 and Applied           s   Tire Industry
are interested in receiving more information       s   Esperanto                 History                             Sciences              s   Total Quality               E-mail:
about a specific fellowship, please complete       s   Fishing               s   Rotary-on-Stamps                s   Environment               Management
                                                                                                                                                                           Rotary Club of
the attached form. RI will forward your name       s   Fitness               s   Scouting                        s   Finance/              s   Travel Agents
and address to the appropriate fellowship of-      s   Floral Designers      s   Skiing                              Banking               s   Venture Capital             District:
ficer who will contact you. Please print clearly   s   Flying                s   Sport Diving                    s   Fine Arts and         s   Veterinary Science
or attach your business card.                      s   Genealogy/            s   Travel and                          Antiques                                                            Complete and return to:
                                                       Heraldry                  Hosting                         s   International
                                                   s   Golf                  s   Wine Appreciation                   Trade

                                                   s   Gourmets              s   Yachting                        s   Law                                                                  Rotary International
                                                   s   Handicrafts           s   Yoga                            s   Manufacturing                                                   Intercultural Programs Section
                                                                                                                                                                                           One Rotary Center
                                                                                                                                                                                         1560 Sherman Avenue
                                                                                                                                                                                      Evanston, Illinois 60201 USA
                                                                                                                                                                                            Fax: 847-866-6116

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