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									              Sub: Finance                                                               Topic: International Finance

              International finance requires calculation of swap and loan amount for
              Euros with given exchange rates.
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              Mayo Corp. plans to modernize its German manufacturing facility. The estimated
              financing needs are 30 million Euros. It finds it can get better financing terms if it issues
              $27 million of 6-year, 8% notes in the U.S. capital markets. Simultaneously, it enters into
              an agreement with its German bank for an equivalent Euro loan swap. The euro loan
              carries 10% interest rate. Assume an exchange rate of $0.90/Euro. Show me Mayo
              Corporation’s year zero, year one and year six cash flow in both Dollars and Euros for
              each year. Show me issue dollar loan, swap dollars for euro and net cash flow for each
              of these years. Also, inflows are show as positive values.


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