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Requirements Conformance Checklist


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									                U.S. General Services Administration

                Leasing Delegation Authorization Request Application
                SPACE DELEGATIONS.

                                  General Purpose Space Delegation – Federal agencies may perform for themselves all functions
                                  necessary to acquire leased space in buildings when authority has been requested by an Executive
                                  Agency, and GSA has granted a specific delegation to that Executive Agency for the lease
                                  procurement, subject to limitations contained in FMR Bulletin 2008-B1.
                                  Special Purpose Space Delegation –An agency special purpose space delegation is a standing
                                  delegation of authority from the Administrator of General Services to 13 specific Federal agencies to
                                  lease their own special purpose space (identified in FMR §102-73.170 through §102-73.225), subject to
                                  limitations contained therein. Some examples include: the Department of Agriculture is delegated the
                                  authority to lease cotton classing laboratories, unimproved land, and space for agricultural commodities
                                  stored in licensed warehouses and utilized under warehouse contracts; the Department of Commerce
                Types of        is delegated authority to lease space for the Census Bureau, laboratories for testing materials,
                Leasing           classified and ordnance devices, calibration of instruments, and atmospheric and oceanic research,
                Delegations       maritime training stations and radio stations; and the Department of Defense Air Force is delegated
                                  authority to lease Civic Air Patrol Liaison Offices and land in incidental thereto when required for use
                                  incidental to, in conjunction with, and in close proximity to airports, including aircraft and warning
                                  Categorical Space Delegation - A categorical space delegation is a standing delegation of authority
                                  from the Administrator of General Services to all Federal Agencies to acquire specific types of space
                                  identified below (FMR §102-73.155), subject to limitations cited in FMR §102-73.230 through §102-
                                  73.240. Examples of space that would fall under this delegated authority include: (a) Space to house
                                  antennas, repeaters, or transmission equipment; (b) Depots, including, but not limited to, stockpiling
                                  depots and torpedo net depots; (c) Docks, piers, and mooring facilities (including closed storage space
                                  required in combination with such facilities); and (d) Greenhouses. Consult the FMR for complete
                1.    What is the name of the warranted realty contracting officer who will execute the lease for the Government?
                Please provide mailing address and telephone number, copy of ACMIS registration, and a copy of the warrant
                attached to this application.

                2.   All NOAA Warranted Contracting Officers have completed requisite Management Concepts Incorporated or
                     equivalent training (five course program) including:
                             a. 40 hour Federal Real Property Leasing or Basic Lease Contracting course?
                             b. 40 hour Cost and Price Analysis of Lease Proposals course?
                             c. 40 hour Real Estate Law or Federal Property Lease Law course?
                             d. 40 hour Techniques of Negotiating Federal Real Property Leases course?
                                                                                                           Yes        No 
                             e. 30 hour Real Estate Appraisals course?                                        Yes         No 
                     Completion of the course work is a prerequisite to the Department of Commerce issuing a Warrant to a NOAA
                     Realty Specialist.

NOAA Rev.                                                                                                      Leasing Delegation Application
GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                           v.1
                U.S. General Services Administration

                3.   How does your agency provide assistance and support to the realty contracting officer with legal issues?

                     The Office of General Counsel (OGC) under the Department of Commerce provides legal advice and counsel
                     regarding real property issues for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S.
                     Department of Commerce. An OGC attorney sits on a Lease Review Board which provides pre-award review of all
                     lease acquisitions, and is available at all other times to answer real property contracting officers’ questions.

                4.   How does your agency provide technical assistance and support to the realty contracting officer with code
                     compliance issues, e.g., fire and life safety, accessibility issues?

                     NOAA’s Project Planning and Management Division’s (PPMD) in house staff includes architects, and civil, structural,
                     electrical, and mechanical engineers who are available to provide technical assistance and support to real property
                     contracting officers (RPCOs).

                     In addition, NOAA Safety and Environmental Compliance Office’s (SECO) in house staff provides real property
                     contracting officers with technical assistance and guidance for occupational health and safety, and environmental
                     compliance issues.

                5.   How does your agency intend to analyze the proposed lease in accordance with the requirements for scoring
                     in OMB Circular A-11 Capital Lease Scoring?

                     NOAA has developed a very robust process to ascertain budget authority requirements for real property leases pre-
                     award. NOAA real property contracting officers are required to prepare an automated Lease Determination
                     Worksheet (LDW) and score the lease in accordance with the OMB A-11. The worksheet and the algorithms that
                     support it have been reviewed and approved by NOAA’s contract auditors, KPMG. The LDW is part of the
                     documentation that is forwarded to the Lease Review Board (LRB) in conjunction with the Board’s approval of a lease.
                     The LRB is comprised of the Director and Deputy Director of the Real Property Management Division, an OGC
                     attorney, a financial management analyst (with specific expertise in A-11 and the mechanics of the worksheet), and
                     real property contracting officers with different areas of expertise.

                6.   How is the agency prepared to handle post-occupancy lease administration issues as they arise? How will
                     the agency determine if the lessor is complying with all of the requirements of the lease? When issues arise,
                     how is the agency structure equipped to enforce provisions of the lease? Please respond to the questions
                     below and provide a narrative on an attachment.
                             a. Is there a lease management program in place? Are lease management inspection files
                                 maintained? See attachment.
                                                                                                                  Yes       No 

                              b.   Does written guidance exist on performing site inspections? Is a schedule established for
                                   periodic inspections? Are inspection results communicated to the lessor’s representative?
                                   See attachment.
                                                                                                                  Yes       No 

                              c.   Are records of environmental, health and fire protection, and safety assessments done? See
                                                                                                                         Yes            No 

                              d.   Is an inventory on leases maintained? Is there a computerized data base on complaints, records
                                   of inspections? See attachment.
                                                                                                                 Yes        No 

NOAA Rev.                                                                                                        Leasing Delegation Application
GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                             v.1
                U.S. General Services Administration

                            e.    Are there current occupant emergency plans and procedures in place?             Yes         No 
                                 See attachment.

                            f.    Is there a formal lease management training program required for those responsible for lease
                                  management? See attachment.
                                                                                                                Yes         No 

                SPACE REQUIREMENT
                7. Has the applicant prepared, executed and attached an Acquisition Plan for this procurement?
                                                                                                                  Yes         No 
                If no, please explain.
                8. What is the BOMA/ANSI office area square feet requirement? _____________ SF

                9. What is the delineated area in which the space must be located?
                10. Is the delineated area in a central business area in accordance with Executive Order 12072?
                                                                                                                  Yes         No 
                11. Did the applicant agency consider locating this office in a rural area?
                                                                                                                  Yes         No 

                12. How did the applicant determine the delineated area?

                13. Did the applicant agency check to determine if the delineated area includes a floodplain?     Yes        No 

                14. What is the anticipated annual rental for this space?   $______________per year

                15. What are the anticipated annual operating costs for this space? $______________per year

                16. What is the requested term for the proposed lease? What is the requested firm term?
                                                                   Term____________ years           Firm Term____________ years

                17. Is this a request to use the General Purpose or Special Purpose Leasing Delegation authority? Please
                    describe the type of space to be leased. Are there any special requirements for this space?
                                                                                         General Purpose       Special Purpose 

                18. Is there an associated parking requirement? If yes, how much parking? Total # of spaces _________________

                                                         Inside #_______ Surface #______ Secured #_______ Non-Secured #_______

NOAA Rev.                                                                                                Leasing Delegation Application
GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                     v.1
                U.S. General Services Administration

                19. Is this a new program or does this function currently exist in federally controlled space?
                                                                New Program           Currently Exists in Federally Controlled Space 
                If the space currently exists, please provide the address and whether it is a federally owned building or federally leased. If
                leased, is this lease in GSA’s inventory, and when does it expire?
                                                                                          Federally Owned Building          Leased Space 

                                GSA Occupancy Agreement (OA) Number___________ Current Lease Expiration Date:______________

                Address: No. Street___________________________________
                City, State Zip Code___________________________________

                20. Why is the applicant asking for authority to do this lease?

                    NOAA has the in house capability including the technical expertise to understand our customer’s unique programmatic
                    requirements and accomplish the action cost effectively within Federal guidelines. We are also able to meet our
                    client’s lease commencement objectives.

                21. Why does the applicant agency consider it in the best interests of the Government for GSA to issue this
                    delegation authorization?

                    NOAA has the organizational capacity to satisfy the technical requirements of its internal customer, and the ability to
                    evaluate and acquire the property that meets those needs.

                    Explain how your use of this authorization will be cost-effective for the Government. Include cost estimates.

                    The granting of the requested authorization will be cost effective for the Government. NOAA has internal resources
                    (engineering, architectural, environmental and security, etc.) that provide technical assistance and expertise to support
                    leasing actions. Additionally, NOAA has the in house contracting capability necessary to secure services, equipment,
                    and supplies (telecommunication network services, furniture vendors, moving contractors, etc.) to achieve successful
                    customer satisfaction on a turnkey basis. NOAA is centrally funded and does not pass on to their customers the cost
                    of these services.

                    In addition, NOAA does not charge its customer a fee for leased space or a fee for the processing of a Reimbursable
                    Work Authorization (RWA).

                    GSA charges a Public Building Service (PBS) fee of 7% based on the value of the annual lease contract as well as the
                    standard operating services that PBS provides for non-fully serviced leases. GSA also charges a 4% fee for the
                    processing of a RWA.

                    Granting the delegation authority to NOAA will save our Agency these fees, allowing us to invest more funds towards
                    our science mission.

                22. Is the applicant agency aware of the requirements of FMR Bulletin 2008-B1 including document submittal
                    requirements to GSA?
                                                                                                              Yes        No 
                23. What is the anticipated lease award date? ___________________________

                24. What is the anticipated lease effective date? _________________________

                25. How does the applicant agency intend to meet or exceed GSA’s lease cost performance measure?
                    During the market survey process, NOAA will develop a "Target Annual Rental Rate" range which will be based on
                    market comparable data information. Following award of the lease, NOAA will determine if the ultimate rental rate
                    negotiated is 9% below the market midpoint. Note that it is NOAA's policy to secure contract appraisals if the
NOAA Rev.                                                                                                          Leasing Delegation Application
GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                               v.1
                   U.S. General Services Administration

                       anticipated rental over the term of the lease (base period plus options) exceeds $75,000. If an appraisal is available,
                       the Fair Annual Rental included in the appraisal will be used to conduct the analysis.

                   From: AGENCY:                                                  For: AGENCY:
                   No., Street:                                                   No., Street:
                   City & State:                                                  City & State:
                   Zip Code:                                                      Zip Code:
                   Agency Bureau Code:                                            Agency Bureau Code:
                   Agency Contact:
                   Telephone Number:
                   Date of Request:
            Attachment with narrative answers to Question 6 a. through 6.f.
            Limited Acquisition Plan (for Leases Exceeding Simplified Lease Acquisition threshold)
            Copy of Contracting Officer Warrant
            Copy of ACMIS registration

NOAA Rev.                                                                                                            Leasing Delegation Application
GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION                                                                                                                  v.1

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