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					International Development
                    Degree Courses
                    BA International Development                             162
                    BA International Development with Overseas Experience    162
                    BA/BSc (deferred choice) International Development       162
                    BSc International Development                            163
                    BSc International Development with Overseas Experience   163

                    Related Courses
                    BA Spanish Honours Language with
                    International Development Studies                        199
                    BA French Honours Language with
                    International Development Studies                        199
                    BSc Environmental Geography and
                    International Development                                149

                    Further information
                    The Admissions Office
                    School of International Development
                    Faculty of Social Sciences
                    University of East Anglia
                    Norwich NR4 7TJ
                    Tel: (+44) (0) 1603 591894
                    Fax: (+44) (0) 1603 451999

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                                                                                            | International Development

Admissions Policy                       Teaching and Assessment                 Research Areas

We welcome applications from            Teaching methods include lectures,      The School is home to three
school leavers and those with           seminars, workshops and field           important research groupings:
alternative qualifications. We look     trips. Assessment is based on           Social and Human Development,
                                                                                                                          Key facts
for good academic qualifications        a mixture of coursework and             Political Economy of Development,
and also a strong interest in           examination, but projects and           Livelihoods and Environmental             In the top 3 Development
international development or some       workshop presentations are also         Change. All our faculty are actively      Studies departments in
travel or work experience in the        assessed. A dissertation in the final   involved in development through           Britain (RAE 2008)
developing world. Many of our           year is an opportunity for you to       the Overseas Development Group,
students have been involved in          research, in depth, an issue that       a charitable company within the           Opportunity to study or
local or school groups concerned        particularly interests you.             School, which works with many             work overseas for 3-4
with community development,                                                     national and international                months in year 3
environmental issues, or charitable                                             development agencies.
work. We invite suitable applicants     Career Prospects                        This keeps teaching in touch              At the forefront of international
to our Visit Days to learn more                                                 with development issues at                development teaching and
about the subject, career               Many graduates decide to stay in        grassroots level.                         research with 60 per cent of
prospects, and to meet current          the area of development: others                                                   the School’s research output
students and staff.                     use the academic and transferable                                                 deemed to be world leading
                                        skills gained for careers including     New Degrees                               or internationally excellent
                                        charities and NGOs, local and                                                     (RAE 2008)
                                        national government, community          The School of International
                                        development, teaching, social work      Development is always looking             Rated ‘Excellent’ for quality
                                        and journalism.                         to develop new undergraduate              of teaching
                                                                                degrees to compliment the
                                                                                interdisciplinary research                Interdisciplinary approach –
                                                                                undertaken at the University of           both social and natural sciences
                                                                                East Anglia. To find out about
                                                                                new developments within the               Specialist teaching from experts
                                                                                School please visit the website           engaged in development work
                                                                                                                          Excellent career opportunities

“Studying international development has
made me keenly aware of the social, political,
economic and environmental forces that are
transforming our world. More importantly,
it has also given me a real sense of personal
responsibility to continue to learn and share
what I have learned, in order to make a
positive difference. I cannot recommend
this course highly enough.”
David Rubyan Ling, BA International Development

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International Development             |

                                          The first year provides a general   Year 1                                students have been to the
International                             introduction to International                                             following destinations: Cuba,
Development                               Development and a grounding in      We introduce you to contemporary      Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Uganda,
                                          two main development themes.        issues in international development   South Africa, Madagascar,
                                          The degree is flexible in years     with a social science perspective.    Tanzania, India, Nepal, Vietnam,
                                          2 and 3 and allows you to           You will take Introduction to         Thailand, China, Cambodia, Fiji.
BA International                          combine a variety of modules        Development Studies alongside         If you decide to stay at UEA, there
Development                               on topics, regions and themes.      Key Skills for Development, Data in   are further choices from topical
UCAS code L921                            There is a free choice option in    Development Studies and start         courses such as: Human Rights,
BA International                          years 2 and 3 providing the         studying two main themes chosen       Gender and Development, Health
Development with                          opportunity to expand your          from: Economics for Development,      Population and Development, or a
Overseas Experience                       interests into other areas,         Social Anthropology and               free choice module. In the spring
UCAS code L922                            for example: languages,             International Development or          semester you will choose from
                                          environment, sociology and          Natural Resources and                 the range of options available,
BA/BSc (deferred choice)                  politics, economics, media,         Development.                          for example: Public Policy and
International                             art, music or culture.                                                    Welfare; Globalisation and
Development                                  About half of our under-                                               Economic Development; Resource
UCAS code L920                            graduates decide to spend 3-4       Year 2                                Development and Conservation;
A level (typical offer): BBB              months on Overseas Experience                                             South Asian Development;
International baccalaureate: 31           in the autumn semester of year      You will continue with your two       Sub-Saharan African Development.
Length of course: 3 years
                                          3, studying at a university         main themes in addition to a
Option to study or work abroad: Yes
                                          overseas, or working on a           choice of topical and regional        BA/BSc (deferred choice)
                                          development project. This           modules, for example: Health,         International Development
                                          provides some valuable insights     Population and Development;           If you are not sure whether to
                                          and practical experience which      Gender and Development; South         specialise in the social or natural
                                          employers value. If you stay at     Asian Development; Sub-Saharan        sciences you will follow the
                                          UEA you study the modules on        African Development. In addition,     common BA/BSc programme
                                          offer during that semester.         there is a free choice module         for the first half of the degree
                                                                              which can be chosen from any          programme which must include
                                                                              School of Study at the University.    Natural Resources for
                                                                                                                    Development along with either
                                                                                                                    Economics for Development or
                                                                              Year 3                                Social Analysis for Development
Course brochure: Tel 01603 591894                                                                                   (as above). Half way through your
or email
                                                                              You will write a dissertation         second year, you will choose to
                                                                              (research project) on a               follow either the BA or BSc route
                                                                              development topic of personal         (L921/922 or L790/791).
                                                                              interest, supervised by a member
                                                                              of our teaching staff who has
                                                                              expertise in the area of research.
                                                                              If you decide to take the Overseas
                                                                              Experience option, you will go
                                                                              overseas during the autumn
                                                                              semester to undertake
                                                                              development work experience or
                                                                              overseas study. In previous years

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                                                                                     | International Development

                                      As most students are new to          Year 1                              Year 3
International                         International Development,
Development                           the first year provides a general    We introduce you to contemporary    There are two compulsory courses
                                      introduction to the subject and      issues in international             on the BSc programmes, the Field
                                      a grounding in two main              development. You will take          Course taken at the end of year 2,
                                      development themes.                  Introduction to Development         and Resource Development and
BSc International                        In years 2 and 3 the              Studies alongside Key Skills for    Conservation in year 3. You will
Development                           programme of study widens            Development, Data in Development    also write a dissertation (research
UCAS code L790                        to include topical and regional      Studies and start studying two      project) on a development topic
BSc International                     modules to suit your particular      main themes: Natural Resources      with a scientific approach,
Development with                      interests. There is a free choice    for Development and one from        supervised by a member of our
Overseas Experience                   option in years 2 and 3 which        Economics for Development, or       teaching staff who has expertise
UCAS code L791                        can be taken in any School of        Social Anthropology for             in the area of research.
A level (typical offer): BBB          Study at the University. The         Development.                           The field course has been run
International baccalaureate: 31       degree is flexible and allows you                                        for many years and students may
Length of course: 3 years             to combine areas of interest that                                        visit either Scotland or Ireland to
Option to study or work abroad: Yes   link topics, regions and themes      Year 2                              explore topics such as rapid rural
                                      together. In addition, the free                                          assessments.
                                      choice option gives you the          You will continue with your two        If you decide to take the
                                      chance to expand your interests      main themes in addition to a        Overseas Experience option, you
                                      into other Schools to study          choice of topical and regional      will travel overseas during the
                                      languages, environmental topics,     modules, for example: Health,       autumn semester and can choose
                                      social and political topics,         Population and Development;         either Development Work
                                      economics, media, art, music         Gender and Development; South       Experience or Overseas Study. In
                                      or culture.                          Asian Development; Sub-Saharan      previous years students have gone
                                         About half of our                 African Development. In addition,   to the following destinations: Cuba,
                                      undergraduates decide to             there is a free choice module       Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Uganda,
                                      spend 3-4 months overseas in         which can be taken in any School    South Africa, Madagascar,
                                      the final year, either studying at   of Study at the University.         Tanzania, India, Nepal, Vietnam,
                                      a university overseas, or working                                        Thailand, China, Cambodia, Fiji.
                                      on a development project. This                                              If you decide to stay at UEA
                                      provides some valuable insights                                          during the autumn semester, there
                                      and practical experience which                                           are further choices from topical
Course brochure: Tel 01603 591894     employers value.                                                         courses, for example: Human
or email
                                         This programme concentrates                                           Rights, Gender and Development,
                                      on natural resources and                                                 Health Population and
                                      environmental issues in                                                  Development, or a free choice.
                                      development.                                                                In the spring semester you must
                                                                                                               take Resource Development and
                                                                                                               Conservation and also choose
                                                                                                               from the range of options available,
                                                                                                               for example: Public Policy and
                                                                                                               Welfare; Globalisation and
                                                                                                               Economic Development; South
                                                                                                               Asian Development; Sub-Saharan
                                                                                                               African Development.

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