ROBERT C. MCMILLAN, MBA, CIA, CAE Speaker Humorist Motivator by stephan1


									                             ROBERT C. MCMILLAN, MBA, CIA, CAE
                               Speaker * Humorist * Motivator
                                                                                        Robert C. McMillan
                                                                              “A Catalyst For Maximizing the Potential
About Robert C. McMillan, MBA, CAE, CIA                                         Of a Generation Through Inspiration”
A Dynamic Speaker and Business Executive Who Delivers
Value Based Motivation and Information Resulting In Improved

A Change Catalyst Improving Attitudes, Morale and Personal
Performance Resulting In Improved Productivity, Business
Results and Effective Change Management Strategies.

 A Charismatic and Creditable Motivator Who Applies
Over 15 Years Of Corporate Management Experience In
Customizing Speeches, Presentations, Workshop and Seminars
For Clients.

A Former Comedian Who Toured and Performed With
Sinbad Formerly Of The Bill Cosby Show and Now Delivers
High Energy, Powerful and Life Changing Messages Using His                                  SPEAKING TOPICS
Natural Humor and Characterization Talents.                                                    • LEADERSHIP
                                                                                         • CHANGE MANAGEMENT
A Provider Of Third Party Validation Inspiring The                                          • EMPOWERMENT
Next Generation Of Leaders To Reach There Maximum                                       • PROJECT MANAGEMENT
Potential By Delivering Transparent Speaking Presentations To
                                                                                             • TEAM BUILDING
Audiences and Sharing Personal Life Lessons/Stories.
                                                                                     • ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING
                                                                                     •BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION
        Background and Education
                                                                                 Some Of Robert’s
• Robert Speaks From His Own Leadership Experience Working
Over 15 Years In Corporate America. With Broad Exposure In                    Effective Presentations
                                                                    Translating Corporate Challenges Into Opportunities for
Managing The Challenges Of Change In The Areas Of Information
                                                                    Individual and Team Success!
Technology, Finance, Strategic Planning, Project Management and
                                                                    If you are to be successful, losing or quitting is not an option
Internal Auditing, Robert Creates An Instant Connection With The
                                                                    and your people must be able to meet and exceed customer
Audience and Delivers Energetic, Innovative and Creditable          expectations. How can one lose if they never quit? Robert’s
Presentations with Practical Application and Humor To Magnify His   shares how to turn obstacles into opportunities for success!
Message.                                                            Building Effective Teams and Organizations Improving
                                                                    Business Results!
•MBA, Certified Internal Auditor and Chief Audit                    There is no feeling in the world like meeting a business
 Executive                                                          objective for a customer with little to no perceived value
                                                                    realized from the customer. Best in class metrics exist for a
•Member Of The National Speakers Association And Toast              reason, learn how to bring value to the customer by building
Masters International.                                              effective teams and organizations!
                                                                    Embracing Change To Increase Performance and Profits!
     Partial Clients and Customers                                  Change is recurring reminder that things do not remain
                                                                    constant. Like the weather, you can not change the direction of
• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maryland                                the storm but you can put on a rain coat. Learn when to where
• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Washington, DC.                         your rain coat and when to swim through change! Robert’s
• Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware                                message explore how to leverage change improve attitudes
• Call Me About Your Next Planned Meeting!                          and competencies.
                             PHONE: (1866) 442-1381 or (410) 245-2823
                         ADDRESS: P.O BOX 249 HIGHLAND, MD 20777-0249

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