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									         B E N TL E Y
                         H.K. Bentley, A P P R A I S E R S
  H . K.                 Maryland • Virginia • District of Columbia • West Virginia
                                   H.K. Bentley, APPRAISERS
                                   serves the metro Virginia, Maryland, West
Real Estate Appraisals
                                   Virginia and DC markets including your
Real Estate Consulting
                                   national needs anywhere you require an
                                   appraisal through our affiliate H.K.
                                   Bentley National Appraisal Management.
Construction Inspections

Value/Market Assessments
                                   Our company uses the best technology
                                   available, allowing us to provide the

USPAP Consulting                   most reliable and efficient reporting in
                                   the appraisal business.
Development Consulting

                                   We have more than technology on our

Insurance Appraisals               side. Our 20 years of experience has
                                   given us an intimate knowledge of all
Land Appraisals
                                   areas in the greater Washington -
                                   Baltimore region. We can handle any

Estate Appraisals                  of your appraisal, inspection, or
                                   consulting needs.
First/Second Mortgage Appraisals

                                   H.K. Bentley is dedicated to providing

Review Appraisals                  great service and fair pricing. When you
                                   need appraisal services, think of H.K.
Feasibility Studies
                                   Bentley, APPRAISERS. We know we can
                                   be an immediate asset to your business.
PMI Consideration Appraisals

Farms & Rural Appraisals

                                                 H.K .
                                               REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS
H.K. Territories                 Virginia                      MD AD
                                                                V .C
 Covering a vast geo-            Arlington County
 graphical region, H.K.          City of Alexandria                           A

 Bentley has a qualified         City of Fairfax
 appraiser who knows your        Clarke County

     area. No need to juggle     Culpeper County
                                 Fairfax County
     a book of names and
                                 Fauquier County
      numbers. Let H.K.
                                 Frederick County
       Bentley handle all your
       appraisals - whatever
                                 Loudoun County           West Virginia
                                 Page County
          the location.          Prince William County
                                 Rappahannock County      We’re on
                                 Shenandoah County
                                 Spotsylvania County
                                                          your team
                                                          and we’ll deliver expert
                                 Stafford County
                                 Warren County            appraisals in new
                                                          construction, review
                                 Maryland                 services and general
 Our sister company, H.K.        Anne Arundel County
                                                          appraisals. Call us today
 Bentley National Appraisal      Baltimore County
                                                          to find out how we can
                                 Calvert County
 Management, links a network
                                 Carroll County           complement your effort
 of qualified appraisers
                                 Charles County           to originate loans with
 throughout the country. If
                                 Frederick County         efficient and thorough
 you are interested in an area   Howard County
 not listed, feel free to        Montgomery County
 contact us, we do it all.       Prince George's County
                                 St. Mary’s County

                                 District of
 Call toll-free 1-800-575-7513 for professional appraisal services.
               The Bentley Way

The Order                                   “We have perfected
Most of our clients order, through our      the appraisal process
web site, or by fax. However you choose
to order, you can rest assured that your
appraisal will get the professional
                                            to assure you fast
attention it deserves. We immediately
make contact to inspect the property.       turn around and
                                            professional service”
The Appointment

Our appraisers are linked to the
office with a Nextel radio dispatch
system, so we can find any appraiser
at any time. They also carry digital
cameras, producing clear, professional
looking photos that download to our
system in a matter of minutes. H.K.
Bentley insists that all appraisers dress
in a professional manner and act
accordingly. We can assure you that
our appraisers are a great reflection
of you in the field. Professional
attitude and the best technology
available - That’s the Bentley Way.
                                          The Delivery

                                          Today, we use the fastest and newest
                                          technology in the business. Our field
                                          appraisers use PDA's to collect data and
                                          digital photos. In rush situations, we send
                                          that data over cellular phones to our main
                                          servers to download and
                                          send to you. Reports are
                                          transmitted to you
                                          via email and
                                          suites. It is fast,
                                          nearly instant
The Processing                            and truly state
                                          of the art. No
Our high-tech equipment and appraisal     more FED EX,
software help keep our “paperwork” to     couriers, etc.
a minimum. The office is equipped with    If you utilize a special or proprietary
digital mapping, flood, census, photos,   system, our IT team will integrate our
and signatures. We utilize the newest     system to yours. Today, getting an
in technology both in hardware and        appraisal is fast, reliable and easy.
software. No one in the business is as
advanced as H.K. Bentley in new
techniques to improve and speed our
efforts.We can process each appraisal     An Extra Measure
quickly and error-free.

                                          At H.K. Bentley, we know how important
                                          it is for you to stay informed. We make it
                                          a policy to update our clients every step
                                          of the way, confirming receipt of orders,
                                          announcing appointment dates, and
                                          confirming completed property inspections.
                                          If you need more information on an order,
                                          just give us a call. Our fully computerized
                                          tracking system tells us the status of any
                                          case at anytime. The bottom line is that
                                          we want to make your business with us
                                          hassle and worry-free.
                                                                              H.K. Bentley knows this market.
                                                                              We work regularly in the counties
                                                                              in which these properties are
                                                                              common, meeting the unique
                                                                              challenges they present.

                                      USPAP                                   Great service and superb coverage
                                        Review                                of these areas are part of the H.K.
                                                                              Bentley pledge to bring outstanding
                                      If you are in the legal field, you
                                                                              appraisal services to your rural,
                                      know how often real estate
                                                                              estate or farm properties
                                      appraisals are used in your
                                      business. Appraising is a highly
    Asset Review                      subjective business; complicating       Inspections
                                      factors can lead to an incorrect

If you are in the process of          appraisal. The Uniform Standards        Our expertise is not confined
handling a non-performing loan        of Professional Appraisers Practice     only to appraisal services. At H.K.
and its real estate asset, you need   (USPAP) has very stringent              Bentley, we can also take care of
the services of a firm who has        guidelines. An appraisal that does      all of your inspections needs. We
experience in this specialized area   not meet USPAP requirements             handle finals, compliance
of appraisal. Our experience with     can cause quite a headache for          inspections, FHA repair inspections,
foreclosures and other collateral     everyone involved. H.K. Bentley is      and construction draws.
real estate is comprehensive. We      the expert at appraisal review and

provide you with a thorough and       compliance verification. We have        Everyday we have clients call for
accurate value and condition          the knowledge and experience to         last minute inspections. Our staff
reporting of the property. We         handle your most difficult cases        of appraisers are connected
conduct inspections to secure         and will provide you with a             nationwide with NEXTEL dispatch
property, evaluate its condition,     detailed copy of the appraisal          so we can respond quickly and get
assess the need for repairs, and      review. The nation’s largest lenders    the paperwork to you when you
determine marketability.              rely on us for their reviews. Let us    need it. We know how important
                                      become your source for accuracy         it is for you to meet closing
H.K. Bentley, APPRAISERS are the      and compliance.                         deadlines. When you can’t afford
experts when you need valuation                                               to wait, give us a call. We can
and inspection services on your                                               get it done.
collateral properties. We keep a      RURAL
careful watch over the field for       Appraisals
you, reporting concisely on the
status and the value of your          If you are actively lending on rural,
properties. For no-nonsense real      estate or farm property, you
estate appraisal and inspection       cannot afford to be without a real
services on foreclosure properties,   estate appraiser who specializes
call us today.                        in this area.
What Our Clients Say                                      Pricing

“One of the main reasons that H.K. Bentley has            Our fees do vary by region in the US.
earned my business is that they are always able           We strive to keep our fees very competitive
       to meet our deadlines and provide us with
                                                          within the market. If you are quoted a
          an accurate and professional appraisal.
            Even if I have a super rush order or          lower price, call us. We will never let a
             a property which presents special            deal pass because of a small difference in
              challenges, they do it right the            price. Our fees are determined by us to
                first time.”                              support a company and system that is the
                                                          best in the business.
                                        Kevin Darcey
                                       Vice President
                                       Allied Capital

                        “We appreciate the firm’s
                        professionalism and expertise.
                        Our underwriting staff calls
   the office directly with any questions and always
receives prompt answers.”

                                            Dottie Hall
                                         DE Processor
                                      First of America

“H.K. Bentley always provides us high quality
reports. We rely on them heavily for the simple
reason that they come through for us.”

                                            Scott Farr
                              First Midland Mortgage

“I have been fortunate to have a working
                                                                              BE NT LEY
relationship with H.K. Bentley, APPRAISERS for                        H.K .
over 17 years. Because of them we have been                         REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS
more successful as a company.”

                                     Philip M. Urick
                                     BB&T Mortgage

“In this business, people and companies come
and go. We have been fortunate to work with
H.K. Bentley through thick and thin, busy markets         tel: 1-800-575-7513
and shower markers, they are a constant and an
incredibly reliable vendor for us. You are a better
                                                          fax: 1-888-380-2020
company with H.K. Bentley doing your appraisals.”

                                          Jerry Reiner
                                    Regional Manager
                                                          DC, MD, VA & WVA, and
                             First Republic Mortgage      NATIONALLY ANYWHERE
                                        B E N TL E Y
                               H . K.
                             REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS

                  H.K. Bentley
              M a r y l a n d • Vi r g i n i a
             District of Columbia
                        We s t Vi r g i n i a

              tel: 1-800-575-7513
             fax: 1-888-380-2020

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