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									City of Loganville                                           Job Descriptions
Job Title: Fire Captain/ Fire Inspection
Job Summary: This is supervisory, administrative and technical work that involves
directing, supervising and participating in emergency and non emergency responses,
training, prevention and maintenance activities at his/her assigned station. In addition,
the work involves inspecting residential and commercial properties to ensure that they are
in compliance with all national, state and local fire codes, and investigating causes and
origins of fires occurring in the City of Loganville. Work is performed under the direct
supervision of the Fire Chief.

Major Duties:
 Serves as the shift commander for assigned stations; supervises station officers
  assigned to shift; ensures employees report to work; reviews employees' time records.
 Enforces and interprets City and departmental policies; assigns duties and inspects
  work; assigns personnel and equipment to ensure adequate staffing at each station;
  exercises administrative command and supervision over all personnel of their
  companies; conducts employee performance evaluations; counsels employees on job
  performance and career development; initiates corrective action when needed.
 Maintains records of investigations and inspections and prepares reports as required.
 Receives feedback complaints from public concerning fire hazards and code
  violations and provides proper investigation and feedback.
 Examines plans for new construction as assigned and inspects existing structures for
  compliance with building codes and fire and life safety codes.
 Conducts on-site inspections of new construction of all multi-family dwellings and
  new and existing commercial properties to ensure code compliance with all national,
  state, and local laws.
 Completes inspection file maintenance; enters into computer system all inspection;
  maintains current files for every commercial business inspection.
 Formulates and puts into practice a comprehensive administrative program,
  specifically adapted to the companies and units under their supervision.
 Instructs and participates in training programs and drills to improve knowledge,
  skills, ensure the proper number of recertification hours are met for each fire fighter,
  and maintain an acceptable level of physical fitness and safety to include attending
  and instructing classes (fire prevention, codes and inspections, fire and life safety
  education, emergency medical care, equipment use and maintenance, fire fighting,
  extrication and rescue techniques, and hazardous materials), for all areas related to
  fire fighting and life rescue.
 Participates in various types of emergencies such as fires, accidents, medical
  emergencies, hazardous material incidents, explosions, and natural catastrophes;
  responsible for directing and supervising fire personnel at the scene of fires or
  disasters; implements the Incident Command System and assumes the role of the
  incident commander until relieved by a senior officer.
 Drives fire and emergency medical vehicles to the scene of an emergency; provides
  accurate and effective scene appraisals senior officer when necessary.
City of Loganville                                             Job Descriptions
   Participates in emergency drills, simulations, and training in the proper use of all
    equipment; studying street locations, buildings, and commercial areas in assigned
   Inspects streets businesses, residential and other developments for fire code
    violations; supervises and prepares pre-fire plans of buildings.
   Participates in safety and supervision training; updating knowledge of laws,
    departmental policies, rules, and regulations which pertain to driving emergency
    vehicles; assists in maintaining personnel training records.
   Ensures proper maintenance and testing of fire apparatus and equipment and the
    proper maintenance of such records; coordinates needed repairs and maintenance.
   Supervises and performs assigned hydrant inspections and maintenance; checks and
    measures water flow and static pressure; clears area around hydrant for easy access;
    lubricates and paints hydrants as needed.
   Reviews and completes incident reports; completes and files logs, reports, and other
    paperwork as required; maintains an adequate amount of medical and station supplies
    for each station.
   Ensures that records and reports are completed in accordance with the department’s
    Standard Operating Procedures, enforces the incident command system, and reviews
    these reports to assure accuracy and completeness.
   Ensures that the lines of communication are kept open between the senior officers and
    other personnel.
   Presents community fire prevention and safety educational programs; provides public
    with information on fire and life safety practices for home or business; conducts fire
    station tours.
   Participates in training programs, conferences, certification classes, to keep abreast of
    current trends in the field; attends officer staff meetings.
   Performs all duties of a Firefighter/EMT or paramedic.
   Performs related work as required.

Knowledge Required by the Position:

   Thorough knowledge of policies, procedures, and practices of the Loganville Fire
   Thorough knowledge of the city’s streets, fire hydrant locations, physical lay out of
    the city, and target hazards.
   Thorough knowledge of the water distribution system in the city.
   Thorough knowledge of apparatus capabilities, limitations, and maintenance.
   Thorough knowledge of emergency vehicle operation and use.
   Thorough knowledge of fire behavior, fire fighting strategy and tactics, and
    hazardous materials and operations.
   Thorough knowledge of emergency response procedures and the equipment to be use
    (i.e. extrication, fire fighting, serve weather, catastrophic incidents, rescue, etc.)
   Thorough knowledge of fire inspection and investigative techniques.
   Thorough knowledge of applicable building and facility fire codes and ordinances.
   Thorough knowledge of first aid and resuscitation techniques and application.
City of Loganville                                            Job Descriptions
   Skill and dexterity in operating fire vehicles, apparatus and life rescue equipment
    including ladders, hoses, pumps, and other assigned equipment.
   Skill in giving, understanding, and following oral and/or written instructions
    correctly, and responding to changing situations.
   Skill in problem solving.
   Skill in using fire fighting and rescue equipment and supplies.
   Skill in training, instructing, and evaluating personnel.
   Skill in counsel employees in career development.
   Skill in performing strenuous tasks under adverse conditions.
   Through knowledge and skill in establishing the Incident Command System.
   Ability to inspect businesses, buildings and facilities to assure compliance with fire
    codes, laws and ordinances.
   Ability to review construction plans for Standard Fire Prevention Code, Standard
    Building Code, NFPA Codes, and Life Safety Code requirements.
   Ability to identify fire hazards.
   Ability to understand and follow detailed oral and written instructions.
   Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
   Ability to apply standard fire fighting techniques to specific situations.
   Ability to exercise sound judgment in evaluating situations and making decisions.
   Ability to serve in a supervisory role when conducting fire investigations.
   Ability to follow established safety rules and departmental policies and procedures.
   Ability to analyze situations and initiate appropriate course of action.
   Ability to react quickly and calmly while under pressure in emergency situations.
   Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City
    employees, volunteers, and the general public.
   Ability to complete all mandatory certifications.
   Ability to operate the department's assigned vehicles, tools, and equipment in a safe
    and efficient manner.
   Ability to work in extreme weather and hazardous environmental conditions.
   Ability to meet and maintain the NFPA and OSHA medical and physical fitness
   Ability to climb ladders and work at considerable heights.

Supervisory Controls: Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Fire

Guidelines: Guidelines include federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, City of
Loganville building codes, other City of Loganville rules, regulations, policies,
procedures, Fire Department’s Standard Operating Procedures, and NFPA standards and

Complexity: Work requires analysis and judgment in accomplishing diversified duties.
Work requires the exercise of independent thinking within the limits of guidelines,
policies, standards, and precedents.

Scope and Effect: The purpose of this position is to protect lives and property through
City of Loganville                                              Job Descriptions
fire suppression activities, fire prevention and safety activities, and training. Successful
performance results in increased public safety and decreased property loss.

Personal Contacts: Contacts are typically with co-workers, fire and emergency victims,
other public safety agencies, and the general public.

Purpose of Contacts: Contacts are typically to give and exchange information, resolve
problems, and provide services.

Physical Demands: Firefighters must be able to see, speak and hear clearly in noisy and
stressful situations. Must meet required physical and medical standards. Must be able to
carry, drag, or restrain individuals or equipment in excess of 100 pounds. Varying work
schedules and shift work is required, and may be recalled for emergency duty as needed.

Work Environment: Most Firefighter work is performed in various indoor settings
including living quarters and office areas. Varying work schedules are required.
Hazardous tasks performed under emergency conditions may require strenuous exertion
under such handicaps such as limited visibility, exposure to hazardous or toxic chemicals
or gases, extremes in temperature, cramped surroundings, and contact with death,
emotional stress, trauma, contagious disease and terminal illnesses. Firefighters are also
exposed to extreme heat, contaminated environments, emotionally upset people, loud
noise, physical hazards from traffic, fire and falling objects, and atmospheric conditions
such as smoke, fumes, odors and gases. May be required to wear a hard hat, safety
glasses, ear plugs, respirator, rubber or plastic gloves and rubber boots.

Supervisory and Management Responsibility:
Responsible for supervising the lieutenant, driver/engineer, and firefighter positions and
other staff as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
Associate’s degree or two (2) years of college coursework; seven (7) years of fire
fighting experience, with three (3) years of progressively responsible supervisory
experience; must currently be certified as a Georgia Firefighter and meet all
requirements for Firefighter I position; must maintain State of Georgia Emergency
Medical Training certification; must be certified as an NPQ Fire Inspector I and II;
maintain annually 240 hours of City-mandated and 120 hours of State-mandated training
for firefighter; must obtain a valid State of Georgia Commercial Driver’s License;
satisfactory motor vehicle record; equivalent combination of education and experience is

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