Ingleby Care Respite Hotel

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					            Ingleby Care Respite Hotel

The Hotel

               This is the hotel. It is in Galley Common
               which is a small village near Nuneaton.

               It has 3 bedrooms. They all have a double
               bed and lots of space for your things.

               They all have TVs too with Sky channels.

               There is a big kitchen where you can enjoy

               There is a large lounge for all the visitors to
               share. It has a big TV and lots of things to
               do. You can relax here and chat to people.
The area

           There are lots of fun things to do in the area.
           Here are some of them.

           You can go horse-riding.

           You can play bowls.

           You can go to the pub.

           You can go shopping

           You can go for a walk in the country.
How to book a room
               If you would like to stay at the hotel you can
               book a room whenever you and your carers
               want, as long as it is not already full.

               You just need to contact us.

How to contact us

               You can phone us on      01827 370 202

               You can fax us on   01827 370201

               You can send us an email at

                       HU       U

               You can write to us at
               Ingleby Care Respite Hotel
               66 Plough Hill Road
CV10 9NY

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