BUYING A HOME?

                             That’s MY Realtor!

   Whether you choose new or preowned home, one of the most important
   choices you can make is your REALTOR. The right Real Estate
   Professional is someone who will listen to your concerns and needs.
   Someone who will keep you informed and updated from start to long after
   the sale is “closed”. With make sure you get fair price and terms. We can
   see the issues clearly while emotion may cloud your judgment. We relieve
   the stress and anxiety of this experience by handling all the details for
   you. Our focus is on YOU!

    Our services as your buyer’s agent are FREE to you. Our fees are paid
   from the seller’s proceeds at closing. We are committed to providing the
   highest quality service possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with
   all your real estate needs.

   I am a qualified Real Estate Broker licensed with the state of Florida. I am
   a REALTOR, GRI, and on the International Council.

Susan Kerlin, GRI

                             That’s MY Realtor!
Broker Owner
Broker Direct 407-739-4386
                         Company History

Personally I have been in central Florida since 1959. I have lived,
worked and raised my kids and grandchildren here. There is no
better place to live in the world.

Professionally I had worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years
and then into real estate with one of the big guys, Century 21, for
five years. During that time after much education, training,
seminars, and experience, I got my real estate broker’s license. I
was grateful for all they had taught me but felt something was

 I decided to open an independent real estate company with the
accent on the customer. I believe in good old fashioned personal
service. My clients can reach me at any time with any questions or
 I won’t just take a message and not be heard from again.

I have not hired dozens of newbies that don’t have experience. I
make sure each agent has the same high standard of work ethic,
professionalism and integrity.

We love Florida and we love what we do. Let’s make our dreams
come true with your home ownership.

                 That’s MY Realtor!
                            ***STEP ONE***

  1. The First and most important step to buying your home is to get
     preapproved with a lender.

  2. Then you will know how much house you can afford or the monthly
     payment you would like to stay at. We can then narrow down the
     correct price range.

  3. When you make an offer on a property and include the preapproval
     letter, you have a better chance of having your offer accepted. In
     most cases a seller will not accept an offer without it.

  4. If there is a mistake on your credit file, we can clear it up in time
     and not lose the home you really wanted.

You may use your own bank or mortgage person. If you need help, here
are several lenders I work with. They are qualified good mortgage people.
Please feel free to call any of them and ask questions. (fees, type of loans,
requirements etc) See whom you are comfortable with before you give
them your social security number. If you give your number out to several
and they check out your credit, this can lower your credit score. If you
are a first time home buyer only certain lenders cover bond or down
payment assistance.

                       That’s MY Realtor!

Wells Fargo Mortgage        MY Realtor!
    Contact Maritza Rojas 407-659-6833
            1st Time Home Buyers- Investments-Refinance
            FHA, Conventional, County Down Payment Assistance
            Streamline 203k (rehab loan)

Element Funding
   Contact Ken Natasi (407) 367-5578
           FHA, Va, Conventional,

Security One Mortgage
   Contact Valerie Jones (407) 681-9800
           VA, Conventional, FHA, 1st Time Home Buyers
           Bond- State and County Down Payment Assistance
           FHA 203K (rehab loan)

All of these lenders are very good at what they do. Please
feel free to call any of them. They can analyze your situation
and find the right loan for you.

                   That’s MY Realtor!

1. Get preapproved for a mortgage loan. Paying all in cash?- Get a
    verification of funds letter from the bank.
2. Make offer- this include price and contingencies such as it has to pass
    appraisal, termite inspection, home inspection, and getting loan
3. put 1-2% down in escrow
4. Get termite inspection (approx $85) within 7 days
5. Home inspection within 7 days ( approximately $300-500 depends on
    size of home)
6. If home is on septic and not sewer this usually requires an additional
7. A pool inspection can be part of home inspection but will be added
8. Request any repairs needed from home or termite inspections.
9. Get property appraised (approximately $400) usually this is handled
   by the lender.
10.Get homeowners insurance.
11.Goes to closing usually within 30 - 60days.
12. Bring cashiers check to closing for rest of down payment and closing
    costs. Title Agency will tell us exact amount. Closing cost and total
    down payment will vary by your Mortgage Company and type of loan
    you have. Usually down payment is 3-20% depending on your
    mortgage (some of the new programs have $0 down) and closing costs
    are about 6%. When you get loan they will send you a good faith
    estimate explaining the costs and approximately how much they are.
13.Closing usually is within 30 to 60 days and can be a mail away if you
    can’t be here.
I take care of ordering inspections and will be there when they are done
but this is money that comes out of your pocket then and not at closing. I
will stay in touch with both Title Company and Mortgage Company to
keep things running smooth. I will contact you to keep you informed of
progress and also let you know if they need any other forms or
documents from you.

1. Get Preapproved for a mortgage loan. Paying all in cash- Get a
   verification of funds letter from the bank.

2. I go with you and register you at the model center. DON’T register
   yourself! If you do this you loose the right to use a Realtor and your
   representation. People at model represent the builder.

3. Look over the models and get brochures with prices and floor plans.

4. You can go back as many times as you like and look over the property
   or ask questions. After the first registration,you can go back by
   yourself if you wish.

5. Pick out the home you like and add any options. This could take a
   couple of trips to their design center. Please allow a few extra days for
   this , don’t buy your home the last day of your trip.

6. Their agent will fill out the contract and put down all your options.

7. They usually have three inspections before home is through being
   built. You can attend these yourself but it is advisable to have your
   own inspector to attend also. This is an added expense but worth
   avoiding the headaches that can happen later.

8. If all inspections pass then house usually finished in 6-12 months.

9. Get homeowner insurance.

10.Sometimes they have inventory or Spec homes that they have already
   built available for sale but you have to take the options they have
                      That’s MY Realtor!
                    FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS

Are you a first time home buyer? If you haven’t owned a home in three
years, you qualify as a first time home buyer. This makes you eligible
for special interest rates on your mortgage. You may even qualify for
bond money or down payment assistance up to $25,000. This is based
on income and number of people in the home. You still need to have
good credit and qualify for a mortgage. I have a list of lenders that can
help you. They will check out your credit and if it needs a little help,
they can tell you what you need to do.

            Don’t let that dream of a new home slip away!!!

            Call us today and we can get the process started.

            Interest Rates are down! Home Prices are down!

  What are you waiting for????

                                That’s MY Realtor!

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