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									April 14 2009

To All Interested Appraisers:

Morrill County is accepting bid proposals for a complete reappraisal for all classes of real property in the county,
excluding agriculture unimproved.

A complete re-listing of real property will require physical inspections, measurements and photographs in
accordance with professionally accepted mass appraisal standards. Completion date should on or before Feb 10,
2010. Such proposals should include the services for attendance of informal and County Board of Equalization
Hearings, and Tax Equalization and Review Commission Hearings. Statistical information is available in the
Morrill County 2009 Reports and Opinions of the Property Tax Administrator. Any appraisal contract between
the county and outside contractors must be approved by the Department of Property Assessment and Taxation
pursuant to Title 350, Nebraska Administrative Code. Chapter 50, Assessment Process Regulations. Please
include educational background and references.

The following numbers of parcels are approximates according to the 2009 real estate abstract of assessment in
Morrill County:

                           Property Class:                    Approximate # of Parcels

                                   Improved                                       2,100
                                   Unimproved                                       625

                                 Improved                                          325
                                 Unimproved                                        100

                                   Improved                                       1,025

Additional information is available at the Morrill County Assessors Office, Morrill County Courthouse,
Bridgeport, Nebraska.

This information is approximate as of the 2009 parcel count. Cities in Morrill County include Bridgeport and
Bayard. Also included is the Village of Broadwater. Bid proposals must be in compliance with Neb. Rev. Stat.
Section 77-1301.01 and Title 350, Nebraska Administrative Code, Nebraska Department of Property Assessment
and Taxation Chapter 50, Assessment Process Regulations. Deadline for bid proposals is on or before May 8,

Please send your bid proposal for the complete reappraisal work in Morrill County to:

                                                  Steve Erdman
                                         Morrill County Board Chairman
                                                   PO Box 610
                                                                                            Bridgeport, NE 69336

Morrill County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Steve Erdman
Morrill County Board Chairman

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